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Setting: London
plot: the girls all moved from the us to london. they are in 12th grade in high school. its a week till summer is over and school starts. so they hear all this news about one direction in london that they had no idea about in usa. so they went on internet and started to really like them. they entered a contest to see them. excitin? how will this end??

Gianna: 17 years old in London who loves one direction. Her whole family thinks she’s obsessed with them but she doesn’t listen to them. She’s kind of short. She’s only 5 feet 3 inches tall. (In United States measuring...
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Part 2: Blind love.
Zayn’s POV:

Niall and I were standing in front of Vicky’s door. After I rang the door kampanilya a few minutes, she opened the door. She were wearing exactly the same dress that she wore on the night I met her in Nando’s. She looked so terrible with her Gusot hair, ringed eyes and pale lips. As soon as she saw me, she cried her eyes out and grasped my arms:
“Zayn, Zayn, finally you’re here. I think of you araw and night. Zayn…Zayn.”
I immediately pulled her down on the floor as I didn’t want her dirty hands to touch me. Vicky sat on the floor, yelling:
“Why are...
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One Direction's Louis Tomlinson and Liam Payne had a lovely time frolicking about in the water as they learnt to surf on Sydney's Manly tabing-dagat yesterday. Unfortunately all that rough and tumble ended in tears for Louis who only realised his underwater wardrobe malfunction on his way back up the beach.
We've all had the odd palda tucked in your knickers moment, but we'd imagine being followed about sa pamamagitan ng a horde of paparazzi might make it a little madami tricky to sort yourself out.

Although he was wearing a wetsuit, Louis looked a bit embarrassed about letting it all hang loose as he came out of the...
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Valentine's araw is great for young and famous guys like the team from One Direction? Actually, not quite that simple.

Niall Horan admits that there is no partner for Valentine's Day, but sinabi that he would like his company makes Miranda Cosgrove. Liam Payne remained mysterious, but he sinabi that Kim Kardashian has something that he really likes. Zayn Malik did not say so, in finding only "Maybe I'll have date,maybe not."

Harry Styles says he has solved the problem - his partner will bandmate Louis To Tomlinson! "You're cute," sinabi Harry Louis. Louis just laughed and replied: "It seems that my partner is Harry. I have no choice ".

Where guys will be the 14th February? Of course, the most glorious city in the world of romance, Paris! "I pag-ibig this city," sinabi Malik.
Tanya’s P.O.V:

It’s been 4 days since Mickie was knocked out sa pamamagitan ng Melissa, and she still hasn’t woken. Melissa must’ve hit her REALLY hard! Because she usually wakes up the very susunod day. I decided to ask Melissa.

“Mel?” I whispered as I walked into her bedroom.
“Yeah?” she answered.
“I was just wondering how hard you hit Mickie the other day?” I asked.
“I didn't hit Mickie, she collapsed.” She told me.
“Oh shit!” I roared.

“Tanya call the ambulansya love!” my mom spoke with a tone of panic in her voice.
“Why mummy?” I questioned.
“It’s Mickie- she’s collapsed....
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Kate’s P.O.V:

Grrrr! Im very annoyed at the moment. Why does harry want to know where leah and niall are? Its not like they’ve been tied up and kidnapped or something like that! They can take care of themselves... kinda. I got leahs number and rang it. I put it on speaker so harry could hear. There was no answer. For god sake, i know she is sad and all but she doesn’t need to INGORE my phone calls! Im going to kill her when she comes back. That is, IF she comes back!

“will you call her again?” harry asked. “no.” I told him. “will you call niall?” he asked. “only if you get...
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posted by 1dfan28716
ok so im trying tagahanga fic agien

alerm clook gos off

cassey: i dont what to get up

mom: cassey get down here now

cassey: *mumbles* you just dont get it do you

mom: cassey now or eles

joe: yah cassey nooowwwww

cassey: *mumbles agine* i hate my brother

cassey gos down stairs
mom: your gonna get it

cassey: how * in a reley scard way *

mom: well you will see

dad: take it easy on her

cassey: bye

cassey walks out door

amanda: uy its looser ha ha ha

cassey: well at leat i dont wher so much make up i look like a clown

amanda: well at lest i dont need make up like you do

Buse pulls up

at scool

cassey: uy thay look like one direction
posted by canal
"Harry, Louis wake up it's time to go" Mendy sinabi shaking both of them. "No" Louis moaned. "Who's stubborn now?" Mendy asked still shaking Harry. "Still you, Mendy" Louis sinabi adjusting his suspenders on his shoulders walking away. Mendy just sighed. "What are some things Harry wouldn't want to miss" Mendy thought out loud. "Got it" Mendy smiled after a minuto of thinking. "Harry, wake up or no sex tonight" Mendy smiled. "I'm up" Harry shouted. "I knew it'd work" Mendy laughed. "Meany" Harry murmured halik Mendy on the forehead. "Hey, i didn't say there wouldn't be sex" Mendy winked walking...
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posted by aanikamerchant
Chap12: at the ball dance. 

Aaliya'sPOV: I didnt wanted to go to ball . The ball began at 9:00 pm to 12:00 pm. I locked the door of the kendi tindahan . Today again in was only cz Shenali was with Liam. Today I closed the kendi tindahan at 9:00 pm . I reached tahanan and zed was right there standing vth a parcel. 
Aaliya: wat is this 
Zee: I buyed it for u 
Aaliya: me 
Zee: yes 
Aaliya: Bt y 
Zee: today u have a ball dance 
Aaliya: wat is in it 
Zee: open it 
Aaliya: wow it's a gown 
Zee: u liked it 
Aaliya: I pag-ibig it Bt who gave you this much money 
Zee: I collected it 
Aal: stop lying 
Zee: I can't...
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uy read and comment thxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Zaras POV

"uh I feel sick today " I sinabi to my BFF Naina. " Really ok oh no calm down shall we take her to the doctors" Naina sinabi to Anna. "Yah lets go" sinabi Ana worriedly.

On thy way there I felt better when I brought a coffe on the way. " Listen I'm fine I wont be sick, evn if I try besties" I said. " Ok well I could sure use a walk though, I think we have got a blankie in the boot. We could sit and talk about Ana's birthday in 2 days OMG cant wait" Naina sqeauld excitdley. " Defo" I said. "Cant wait LOL" Ana said.
We sat down and talked about the outfits...
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isang direksyon
One Direction
Shae's P.O.V.

We all had a great time at the park but we all knew that the night was going to be boring.
"what are we going to do for the rest of the day?" I asked.
"Probably nothing, those mean girls are at the school so we can't go there" Shannon sinabi with her arm around Harry's.
"What is with you guys?" I asked.
"Can we tell shae?" Shannon asked Harry.
"Yeah I already told the rest od 1D" Harry sinabi to Shannon.
"Well at breakfast Harry asked me out" Shannon sinabi really fast to me.
"Really!? OMG that is so cool, well Niall asked meout before breakfast" I sinabi back to her.
We kept talking for the...
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posted by mehparty3
A week later, I performed my week three song on the X Factor. I had chosen the song "Because of you" sa pamamagitan ng Kelly Clarkson, because it has been such an emotional week.
Ever since I told my biggest secret to the world in that interview I've been getting a lot of compassion. I was a bit sick of it. I want to compete fair and square. But I knew that was NOT going to happen.
I sat backstage, listening to my iPod when I saw a pair of shoes stand susunod to me. I paused my music and looked up to see Simon. AGAIN. "Hi, Simon." I said, realizing a cameraman with one of those huge cameras on his shoulder was...
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posted by fiestagirl12345
Alex's P.O.V

I woke up Harry's arms around me protectively. I try to get up but I failed. "hey were are you going babe"says Harry smiling. "oh I got hungry wanna make breakfast before Niall gets up?" I. Say giggling. '"yeah come on". We both get up and get ready we head to the kusina and start up. When I get a text;nim waiting for you and you're going to get it and I will get pretty boy to. I get done pagbaba fear runs through me a tear streams down slowly. I quickly wipe it but madami keep coming I go in the bathroom locking the door. I call my ex "LISTEN STOP STALKING ME AND TAUNTING ME WANNA...
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posted by 1Directionluv1D
Ok another long one! :) hope u like it!!

Isabella’s POV

So all of us were meeting up to go to get some breakfast. We decided to go to Starbucks and get some tsaa and coffee. Only Stacy likes coffee. The rest of us like tea. So we meet up down the kalye and now we are walking to breakfast. Gianna told us about her run yesterday and that feeling she had but we told her she was crazy... as we always do as a joke. We order what we want. I want a hot green tea, Stacy got a vanilla cappuccino, Shawna got blueberry hot tsaa with sugar, Natalie got just hot regular tea, and Gianna got granada hot...
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posted by DiamondYJ
Tammy's P.O.V:

I flopped on a kama that had been made out for me. "So girls." I say smiling. "The guys seem pretty chill." Rosie looks at me and nods. "Yeah, they're alright." Bianca and I exchange a lot. "Rosie, are you okay?" asks Crystal, coming over to her. "Yeah, I'm fine." she answered. Leah shook her head. "What's up?" Rosie sighed. "Nothing. It's just... awkward between me and Niall. And I don't know why." I smile really big and say, "WELL. You are obviously into him, and he is into you. So therefore, you both are denying your feelings to yourself!" Rosie glares at me. "I don't like him."...
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posted by DiamondYJ
Tori's POV:

I lean against Louis in the jet as we all head to Australia for the first concert. He's sleeping, mumbling something about carrots. I feel Niall's gaze on me, but I don't give him the satisfaction of knowing that. I simply close my eyes and let my thoughts run wild.

He blew up on me for no reason. It isn't my fault that I care if Louis got hurt. He's like a brother to him, so he should care madami than I do! I sighed at that. I sounded like a kid in my mind. Maybe it was my fault. No, don't play into his trap, a voice tells me. I feel a tap on my shoulder. I open my eyes and blink....
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posted by DiamondYJ
Tori's POV:

I looked at Nikki, who was tossing clothes at me. "You have to look perfect, Tori!" she declared, handing me a soft kulay-rosas shirt. "Put this on." I looked at the sando and then handed it back to her. "If it's okay with you, I think I'll wear my clothes for my date." I stood up and went to the dresser. Nikki huffed and said, "Fine."

I glanced at her over my shoulder. "So, Niall seems... into you." I say carefully. She sighs and flops backwards on her bed. "No he isn't. He hates me. I'm letting all the fame get to my head." I turn around, a black tank tuktok in my hand. "My best friend has...
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posted by 1Dluver19
Saphire's POV
We finally got to a resturaunt called "The soro and the hound" so we could grab something to eat and sort everything out and get to know each other. We got inside the resturaunt and right away harry sinabi we'll pay, and i thought that was very gentle man like. I think I like harry,he is very sweet to me for some reason he walked susunod to me and talked to me the whole entire way to the resturaunt. When we sat down i wasn't really hungry so i ordered a salad,but so did everyone else. I got to know harry while we were eating but i also got to know everyone else. Harry was the sweet...
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she looked amazing.i was speechless.i then finally sinabi "you look amazing" she blushed.she looked so cute when she blushed.she then sinabi "well you look handsome yourself" she sinabi with her arms around my neck.we then kissed and i led her to the limousine.we were all talking and laughing.
so far i'm having the time of my life and we weren't even at the prom yet! we got there about 15 minutos later.Jenny,Karen,and Miranda texted me saying they'll be running a little bit late.the guys were just being foolish dancing all silly.i laughed so much.Karen,Jenny,and Miranda...
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posted by 1Directioner001
Author's note: a big thank you to TasteDaRainbow for correcting my mistakes! Lovely girl :) <3

Niall P.OV.
Amy is with me to Ireland for some modeling. Ash asked me to make sure she is okay.
I was about to go after our group hug when someone grabbed me sa pamamagitan ng the arm. I turned and saw it was Ash
-"Could you make sure Amy’s okay for me? There is something going on and she won’t tell me. If you could try to know what it is too it would be great,"she sinabi with a sigh.
-"of course babe don’t worry I’ll do my best,"I replied.
I gave her a halik on the forehead and got in the plane....
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