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Louis's P.O.V.

Today, the boys went looking, but I was to sad to go out today. It was around 4:30 when I started pacing. At about 5:00 there was a knock on my door. I opened it and my mouth dropped. It was Selena in Emily in....Towels? I hugged them both and pulled them inside. They sat down on the couch, crying. "I'm so glad you guys are okay! The other boys are out looking for you now. They should be back soon. Harry's probably going to make them come back because he is hungry." I said, rolling my eyes. Selena and Emily were still crying. "I sat susunod to Selena. "I can't imagine what you guys...
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Selena's P.O.V.

We seared around for a awhile, trying to find something that could rip our blindfolds open. We felt a sharp thing probably sharp branch on a tree, so carefully we hooked the back of the blindfold on the branch and tore it off. Once mine was off, I looked around. "Emily. Were in the middle of the woods." I said, watching her as she rips her blindfold off.
We then cut the ropes off of our hands sa pamamagitan ng making them fray from the puno branch. We walk around for a few hours, trying to find some kind of major highway, but we had no luck. A few times some cars went by, but whenever we put...
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Louis's P.O.V

"Whats wrong?" Liam asks me. "Well, other than the fact that I just got a threat note from Hannah, nothing." I handed Liam the note. He took a minuto to take it in, then looked at me. "We need to find her." He says, handing the note to Harry. All of the boys examine the note. "Why would Hannah do this?" Zayn asked. "She's still mad at me for breaking up with her." I responded. I looked at the ground. "This is my fault...." I sinabi quietly. Liam put his hand on my should. "Its not your fault man. Hannah is just crazy." Niall looked around. "Anyone seen Emily?" He asked, going out...
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Selena's P.O.V.

Early in the morning, to early, about 7:30 a bus came to take the boys to their interview. Neither Emily or I were up yet. They had to hold the bus for about 20 minutos while we showered, got ready and dressed. As we entered the bus, I looked at the driver, and he didn't seem happy. "I'm sorry.."I said, quickly walking past him. There was a mesa in the back with a big "U" shaped cushion. I sat in the middle. Louis sat on one side of me and Emily the other. Soon enough, everyone whipped out their phones. I think I fell asleep, because when I woke up, no one except the driver...
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posted by MadisonFontenot
Harry got into the bath tub then I did. He held my hand with one hand and touched me with the other. I turned around and wrapped my legs around him and bounced. I kissed him on the lips and he slipped his hand down my back and then on my butt. We got out of the tub and dried each other off. I got into my pjs-link
I laid down on the kama and Harry laid sa pamamagitan ng me. He kissed my head.
"I pag-ibig you," He whispered.
"I pag-ibig you too.." And with that we fell asleep.
When I woke up I pagtunaw bacon, eggs, butter, and so much more. When I walked into the kusina Harry was cooking some french toast.
"Yumm.." I said...
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Selena's P.O.V.

That last araw past sa pamamagitan ng so slow. We tried to make the araw go sa pamamagitan ng quicker, but we failed at that. Soon, we were so bored we started throwing papkorn at each other. Around 7 PM we tried to go to sleep. We ended up staying up till about Midnight. Finally we fell asleep, and I knew the araw I would see Carrot Boy would come. We woke up that morning and got dressed. I had my British-Irish shoes delivered a few days nakaraan and Emily had her "Up All Night" 2012 Tour sando on. The konsiyerto wasn't until 7:30, so we took a drive. I drove this time. We drove around town and laughed at all the...
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posted by MadisonFontenot
I hair sprayed my curly hair and walked out of my room. I was wearing a dark red kaktel dress and black flats. Niall was in his room, probably doing his hair. I knocked on the door and he quickly opened it. "Ready?" I asked. He nodded and grabbed my hand. We walked out the door hand in hand. I didn't know where everybody is, well except for Zayn, he's in London.

Alicia POV:

BREAKING NEWS: One Direction's Louis Thomlinson is now engaged to his long-time girlfriend, Alicia Houston!

I flipped the pages on the Teen Choice magazine. I felt somebody halik my neck. "Hey Lou," I turned around. I was...
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posted by alexastephens

Alexa's POV

"Hannah just tell me what the hell happend!" i walked downstairs to Hannah storming towards the living room tears running down her face with Niall running after her.

"i will tell you when i want to!" she growled turning to me and gesturing for the garden. I noded and shut the door behind us, i turned back to Hannah.

"what the hell happend here!"

"it was school, they hurt me" she pulled back her hair to ipakita her eye,which was a shade of red and purple " then he came, my" she cut of looking away

"what? what happend? come on tell?" i turned her back to face me.

"my boyfriend,...
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posted by alexastephens
 ages not related to story
ages not related to story

Hannah's POV
I had school this morning and i was all over twitter, the mga litrato of me and Niall at the train station had made it to twitter and Facebook. School was gonna drag seeing as i was still at Niall's. It was 6 am and i had to be in Oxbridge sa pamamagitan ng 10!

"Niall! do you know where i can borrow some clothes? i have school in a few hours and i need some clothes!" i peered round the door of the bedroom to see Niall layed on the bed.

"NIall!" i yelled throwing a unan across to him, he sat straight up and sighed

"yes Hannah!" he smiled sitting straight up and crossing his legs.

"do you have...
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posted by MadisonFontenot
"So what do you have to ask me?" I sinabi breaking the awkward silence between me and Louis. I dug my toe in the cool after noon sand. We were at the tabing-dagat behind my tabing-dagat house, where I was staying. He took my hand, "Alicia, I pag-ibig you.... madami then words can even describe, and I..." He smiled and looked at the sand and back at me. He looked so cute in his stripped sando and red pants, which he always wore for some reason. The sunset was beautiful, I was with my best friend... I am so happy. He walked closer and then got down on a knee. I smiled. "Will you marry me?" He asked, still holding...
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Justin Bieber's “Boyfriend” music video was highly anticipated, and got millions of nakakita in just the first 24 hours it was online.

Justin landed a record for the most number of nakakita in an hour, but now One Direction has broken it!

The music video for their latest single “Live While We're Young” got nearly 4 million views in 24 hours! The video actually came out earlier than it was supposed to.

One Direction are officially the kings of VEVO...for now, at least :D
The susunod araw Niome met everyone at their house. She didn’t talk much.
Niome(to all): Can we leave now?
Liam: Just a minute!Let me have my breakfast..
Niome: Sure.. I will wait For you guys..
Eleanor: I’m sorry Niome….
Niome: It’s ok!Because you all are my friends
Eleanor: why can’t I be like you? And are you joining us tomorrow?
Niome: Yes! And I’m very much excited about that!
Harry: Does that mean we are going to have a celebration?
Eleanor: Yes!
Niall comes to talk to Niome but Niome neglects him. He felt as if he was rejected.
He looked very sad the whole day!
The girls went to the mall...
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posted by fiestagirl12345
Madison's P.O.V

I was laying with Harry watching The Vow. I saw him tearing up in the accident. I smiled and wiped the tear. He smiled and mess up my hair.

Ruby's P.O.V

I got out the paliguan and got dressed and went down stairs. I saw Madison and Harry watching a movie crying with tissues I laughed. And went in the kitchen. I was eating some berries when Harry came sa pamamagitan ng me. "Come with me" he sinabi with that Britain deep voice. I nod and we went to the park hand and hand. Madison was at the jungle gym playing around. I ran and played with her to.

Madison P.O.V

Me and Ruby were playing together laughing...
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Niome just now came from school and was changing her uniform. she took her phone and saw that she got 8 new messages.
She opened it one sa pamamagitan ng one and saw.
Message 1
From Niall:
Hey this is Niall!
Message 2
From Niall:
Wat doing? XD
Message 3
From Eleanor:
Hey gud evening…don’t forget this Sunday!
Message 4
From Zayn:
Vas happenin’?
Message 5
From heather:
Hi…. :-D
Message 6
From Liam;
Hi… it’s me save my no.
Message 7
From Louis:
Gud eve mummy gal….
From Harry:
It’s Harry here!
She replied everyone “hi! Gud evening ”
The susunod moment she sent it she got a call from...
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I’m sorry..
Niome: it is going to be the best araw at school… wow! My first araw at school has come.
Their uniform was a white sando and black palda for girls and white sando and black pant for boys. Boys and girls have to put black tie.
Niome got ready so soon and went to school in a taxi. The time she got down of the taxi Zayn saw her and sinabi “Hi!”
Niome: where are the others?
Zayn: They are at the canteen…
Niome: OK come let’s meet them there
They both go to the canteen and meet everyone there.
Liam: This uniform bumagay you well
Niome: And even for you all. You all look smart in this! And...
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posted by mehparty3
Everyone was in the hospital lobby, anxiously waiting while Eleanor was giving birth. Louis was in there with her, and it was very quiet. Harry, unfortunately, was still drunk. "So she's having the baby now?" he asked for the thousandth time. "YES," everyone sinabi in unison. We had been waiting in the lobby for about an hour, and I was scared. I've been in this situation before, but only with my step-mum. Not with one of my closest friends. Niall saw how nervous I was. He held my hand and kissed it. "It's okay," he said. "She'll be fine," A man in scrubs finally came out and said, "Are you friends...
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hi...frnds im gonna write a new fanfic from tomorrow onwards named as "Sooooo cute..."

I want you all to sugesst names for the characters of my fanfic.....

the names should start from the letters

and the ride is gonna start from tmrw...enjoy
and it would be only for a week.... and later i might write one artikulo per week...
i'm now currently busy with my exam which is to be held tmrw so could anyone send me an image for my article? plz....u can send the image to this mail id:

Thanks for ur kind help :D
posted by GabriellaAdams
 "For God's sake have mercy on me"
"For God's sake have mercy on me"
I was stuck in between what fate wanted and what i wanted.The future was in my hands,i just couldnt balutin my head around why my destiny was so poor.
I sat on the sopa questioning myself about it.
Should I let it happen?And if I did would i ever forgive myself?I was always telling others,bad things happen for a reason,but was just another excuse?
There were no anwsers,simply because life has no anwser,just tanong and sometimes you have to take a risk and leap with no fear.
"Daddy,look what drew."Kenna sinabi with a smile.
She wobbled in the living room,holding a picture.
She gave it to me,it had...
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posted by mehparty3
"Tell us!!" Liam shrieked. Louis and Eleanor had just came back from the doctor to find out what the baby's gender was. "Yeah, come on! You've kept us waiting for too long." Ruby responded. Louis looked like he was about to explode with happiness. "It's a girl," he finally blurted. Harry jumped up with joy. "I KNEW IT! Zayn, you owe me 10 bucks." he sinabi as Zayn flinched. "I NEVER bet on this!" he said. Harry sat down and patted Zayn's back. "Just messing with you, man," he laughed. I leaned over and squeezed Eleanor's hand. "You guys are gonna be GREAT parents." Eleanor squeezed my hand back....
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posted by MadisonFontenot
Alicia POV:(Three months later)

I was pacing around my room.
"How am I going to do this? What will he think? He will hate me for not telling him!" I thought to myself.
"Girl sit down!" My roommate, Lilah said. I sat on my bed. She sat up on hers. "What's going on?" She asked. Spring vacation was coming in a week and I have to tell Louis something, important.
"I have to tell Louis!" I said. She moved the magazine she was looking at.
"Oh," She looked down. "It will be fine, I mean, it's kinda obvious , you sing like her, and you have her last name!" She said. I smiled and looked at my computer,...
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