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One Direction's new single isn't even out yet, but it's already breaking records.

One Direction just announced the news of their new single late last week, but it's already got fans rushing out to buy it.

Last Thursday, they announced the name of their new single, “Live While We're Young”.

The song doesn't even come out until October 1 st , but the band is letting fans pre-order it. And guess what? It's already the fastest-selling pre-ordered single ever.

The lads have been shooting the music video for their new single, and a few mga litrato of the shoot have been released, like the one below. It looks like they're having a lot of fun in the shooting...though we're not sure what Liam is doing with that banana! xD Lol
"Will you marry me?" I smiled. I nodded because I couldn't say anything. He put the ring on my finger. Wow.... I hugged him and he kissed me. Everybody clapped.
"I pag-ibig you..." He whispered.
"I pag-ibig you more!" I laughed. We walked over to the side of the Eiffel tower. I looked down and got dizzy. I fell back a little but Liam caught me.
"Are you okay?" I whipped my eyes and nodded.
"Yeah just got a little dizzy...." He smiled and kissed me on the fore-head.
"Hey isn't that Zayn?" He pointed to the ground. "Yeah but who is that girl?" I asked looking down.
"I don't know.... Hannah? Maybe he...
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posted by Niall1D123
Alright this is my frist fanfiction so don't forget to comment

Ok so before I start here is a little "get to knowing the chacters"

Alright the main chacters is my dad (not my actual dad)

Tom(my chacters Riley's dad): is dynamice and confidant never shys away from striking a conversation with someone however he is very impulsive and quick tempered

Is also


alright here we go!:

Riley's Dads POV:
I saw her overt thier I had no idea my daughter was so lonely in school I know it's wrong to "spy" on her in schoolbit she seems so lonely in school she's not...
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Zayns POV:
From living life,I had learned many things.
I walked on to the plane,I going back to Britain,To spend some time with my family.Leaving my wife and children behind,was a big decision,I had made it in such short time.I hadn't divorced her through,I loved her but I was upset.I took my upuan in 1st class.There was no one else in 1st class,Til a young attractive woman walk in.She had brown hair,And green eyes,And wore a short white skirt.
"Um,Is this upuan taken?"She asked.
I looked down at my wedding ring,I secretly took it off.
"No why it isn't."I told her.
"Hi,My names bridget."she smiled....
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posted by SapphireCat22
I stared at Louis. "Are you serious?" I asked him. His soft smile told me he was. "But, why me?" Louis looked at me. "Because you're a great friend." I paused. So he only thinks of me as a friend. Well duh girl, you just met today! "I would pag-ibig to go Louis. But..." He raises an eyebrow. "But?" I sigh. "I don't have enough money to buy a dress." He laughs. "Money isn't a concern, just buy a dress and I'll take care of it." I smiled. "Could I bring my sister? Ava?" Louis nods. "Maybe Niall could ask her to go." I laughed. "She would pag-ibig that. She has the biggest crush on him!"

"So is it a yes?"...
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posted by harry_ginny33
Note: o.k everyone..this chapter came really really late but i have been too busy to write it..and got a lot of things to do..but anyway here is the new chapter..i hope you guys will like it though its not gonna be very exciting..anyway enjoy <3
After Lucy and her two best mga kaibigan entered the school, they were amazed at how big the school was.

It had three floors and two playgrounds, on the first floor there were classrooms and lockers of course and it also contained the aklatan and the cafeteria and the music room too.

On the segundo floor there were two labs across the hall and classrooms...
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posted by SapphireCat22
I jammed my hands into the pockets of my jeans and slowed to a walk. So now I had no job. I would have to go job hunting. "Isabelle?" I stopped and turned around. Louis and the other boys had followed me. Shocked gasps rippled through the crowded sidewalk. "What?" I asked. "It's One Direction!" screamed a girl. A wave of girls started running towards them. Louis mumbled under his breath and looked at the guys. "Bail and meet back at the place." he said, grabbing my hand and pulling me into a run.

"Why are you being so nice to me?" I asked as we ran. "Because you were so nice to us." I sigh....
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posted by MadisonFontenot
I walked tahanan with the others. When I got there I took a paliguan and changed.


I sat on my kama read The Lucky One. I heard a knock on my door and it opened. I looked up.
"Oh sorry I was looking for the bathroom..." Niall..I think.
"It's down the hall to the right.." He was about to shut the door.
"Hey...Um...I'm sorry for yesterday."
"Forgive and forget!" He smiled and shut the door. I closed the book, slipped off my shoes and laid down under the covers. I fell asleep but woke up an oras later. My mouth was really dry so I went down stairs and got me a glass of water. When I got down stairs...
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posted by Mikaela-Styles
Katie's Pov:
"It's only a few months" I smile and hug my best friend Tess. "But it will fell like forever!" Tess puts on a fake smile and hugs back. "KATIE!!"My mom yells. "I have to go Tess" I try to pull out of the hug. "NO!" Tess yells in my ear. "KATIE HURRY UP OR YOUR GOING TO MISS THE PLANE!" My mom yells and Tess lets go. "I'll call every night" I tell her and pick up my bags. She nods, I know as soon as I leave she'll start crying. "I'll miss you" I tell her one madami time. She nods again and I smile at her as I shut the car door.
I was the first person on the plane,...
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Ronnie's POV:
It was the teams 1st game.
I sat on the bleachers anticipating the game.I was nervous,I wanted them to win.Then I heard the rumble of feet hitting the groun and the band starting to play.The team ran out of the locker room,Derek leading them.The crowd rose and cheered.
The team went on the side lines.I got up and walked down the steps,Derek smiled.
"Theres no way we can't lose,Your my good luck charm."He told me.
"I know,I'm just lucky to have you,"
I had to stop and remind myself we weren't dating....yet.
I bent over the fence,And got close to him then we appeared on the score board....
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posted by fiestagirl12345
Ally's P.O.V

I was in my room packing everything up and moving up-north. i didnt know anyone famouse uy i always hit the books. i combed my brown wavy curly hair i thought i was hideouse i had brown wavy curly hair icy blue green eyes red lips tan and short i was 18. "ALLY HURRY UP WERE GOING TO MISS THE PLANE" my mom yelled i sighed and went downstairs. i went to the air-port and dozed off.

Harry's P.O.V

i was on the plane across from the most beutiful girl ever. i didnt want ot wake her so i didnt. i was in a band One Direction but we split up personal reason's. so i am going up-north with...
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Deniesse's POV
I hold back my tears. My wrist hurts like hell. Harry is dragging me to the villa. I don't want to cry especially in this situation. I don't want Harry to think that I'm a weakling. But, i can't really help it. I let the tears stream down my face.
When we're already inside the villa, I saw Gemma at the living room. The boys are not there maybe playing xbox again. Harry saw her and when he was about to drag me upstairs, Gemma approaches her.
Gemma: What the hell, Harry styles! You're hurting her!
More tears are now streaming down my face. It really really hurts like hell right now....
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Deniesse's POV
C'mon, Deniesse. Think of an excuse! Hurry! Zayn's being suspicious now.
Deniesse: Zayn, m-maybe you're j-just.. dreaming.
He leans in so our faces are a few inches away from each other.
Zayn: I dream about you every night since the araw I met you at the plane..but it's different. I don't think it's a dream.
I turned away.
Deniesse: I didn't enter your bedroom last night.
I lied again. I hate lying to my friends.
Zayn: You sure?
His face is now centimeters away from me. He stared at my lips. I'm gonnnaa melt right now... He leans in but I turn away so his soft lips landed on my cheek-...
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Deniesse's POV
I woke up around 6:30 a.m. I woke up early. Haha. When I went downstairs to drink some tea, the light were still off so that means, they're still asleep. I brought the tsaa upstairs to my bedroom placing it on a tray. I put it on the mesa near the balcony then I sat down. I took a sip of my tsaa feeling the fresh breeze. I pag-ibig the beach. Really. After drinking I took a paliguan and dried my hair. This is what I'm wearing: link . A grey sando and a kulay-rosas ruffled skirt. I'm wearing white flat sandals. I head to the beach, removes my flat sandals, and kicks the sand. I faced the horizon....
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Deniesse's POV
Deniesse: you mean.. my bedroom is between harry and zayn?
Gemma: yeah. why? Harry's your boyfriend anyway.

Oh i forgot about Harry's plan. I fake smiled. Gosh, i hate for not telling the truth to my best friend.
Deniesse: Yeah, right.
Harry got out of his bedroom. Plan time!
Harry: Hey, babe.
He was about to halik my lips but I turn away so his soft lips landed on my cheeks. I can see disappointment in his face. He gave me the you-are-breaking-our-plan look. I saw Zayn going upstairs. He looks at us. Gemma clears her throat.
Gemma: I gotta go, guys. Nighty night!
She hurried to her bedroom...
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The boys have dropped a bombshell overnight, revealing that a spankin' new single, 'Live While We're Young' is coming this October.

Harry, Niall, Louis, Liam and Zayn made the announcement in a video message this morning, after teasing fans on Twitter yesterday with a 'big announcement.'

"We want to say a massive thank you to you guys," Louis Tomlinson said. "'Cause we wouldn't be where we are today without you, so thank you."

The new song has been described as "an immediate, energy-packed song mixing rock undertones with smooth harmonies, and [is] about living for the moment," MTV reported.

Not long after the single drops on October 1, the band's segundo studio album will be released in Novemeber — seeing the boys collaborate with the likes of Ed Sheeran and Tom Fletch
~okay now breathe!!
Zayn's POV
I took a sip of my frap. A few minutos later, I finished eating. Harry's not yet finished. He's such a turtle. Maybe he's thinking about the red- haired girl, a.k.a Deniesse Marielle Alexander. No. He must not fall in pag-ibig with Deniesse or else my puso will break into pieces. I pag-ibig Deniesse.
I noticed a kulay-rosas cloth beside my plate and when I picked it up, i realized it's a handkerchief. I unfold it and sees a stitched letters "D.A." at the bottom of the handkerchief. D.A.? What does that mean? Come on, Zayn. Think. D.A....Aha! Deniesse Alexander. I grip it tight and smelled it. Sweet...
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Deniesse's POV
A few days later...
Mom told me go around London streets since she's not always at the house because of our business. She don't want me to get bored.
The reasons why I don't want to go around London is because I don't know anyone here, except for Zayn. Thinking about Zayn makes my feelings hurt. But what's the use of staying here in London if I don't go out.
Around 8:30 a.m., after breakfast, I took a paliguan and changes my clothes into this: link . The weather is cold. I think I have to drink coffee.. Aha! Starbucks! I got inside the car and drives.

Zayn's POV
We're at the poolside....
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Zayn's POV
The boys and I are at the living room. Oh I forgot to ipakita you our flat. i hope you don't mind if i'm going to put many links.

House: link. & link.
Living Room: link.
Dining Area: link.
Bedroom: link.
Bathroom: link.

There are five bedrooms in the house with the same design. Yeah, i know it's boring to have one design.

We're now watching football. Of course my best friend, Harry, chose the channel since he wants to watch David Beckham playing football. If you ask him who he wants to see, dead or alive, it would be David Beckham..
The boys are now shouting because David's team won. I just...
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posted by MadisonFontenot
I walked out the door and the boys where standing out side. I walked over to them.
"She sinabi we are in Rio...." They looked at me confused.
"How did we get in Rio?" Liam asked. Zayn pulled out a sheet of paper from his pocket. It was the fight paper that they gave us.
"Please enjoy the fight from Brazil Planes...." He read. He put it back in his pocket.
"We got on the wrong plane...." Louis sinabi laughing.
"That's why I couldn't find Shelly!" I exclaimed.
"I wonder if she's worried?" Zayn said. We all laughed.
"I'm gonna go look around..." I walked away.

Mariana POV:

I walked out of the hospital...
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