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 Zayn, Liam, Harry & Niall
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This isang direksyon litrato contains kalye, lungsod tanawin, and urban na setting. There might also be carriageway, business suit, hip boot, and thigh boot.

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Source: Liam ,' PARADE photoshoot for pasko 2012
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Okay,some of them are short,some are not! A few might be missing! Sorreh!

You sighed,glaring at Louis from across the hapunan table,"Shut up,Louis. You're just jealous of my dog's sexiness" "NUH-UH! I don't have a dog..but mine is sexier!" Louis poked his tongue out
Harry stood up,"Hey,(Y/N),can I talk to you outside?" "Sure" You nodded,"Anything to get away from this bum" "Be jealous of my bum and Larry Stylinson" Louis exclaimed. "Not for long" You heard Harry mutter. You walked out to the deck of the ship you and the boys were on. "What's going on,Haz?" You asked,worried the slightest...
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