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 1D's 'Fabulous' magazine photoshoot!!! ♥
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This isang direksyon litrato contains business suit, suit, and suit ng mga damit. There might also be mahusay bihis tao, suit, pantalon suit, pantsuit, tatlong piraso suit, and pinstripe.

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Allyce's P.O.V
i walked into Starbucks as the kampanilya above the door jingled.I saw Annabell with a girl with wavy brown hair.She waved me over and i sat down to the chair susunod to her."Hey Annabell!" i said."Hey Allyce this is my sister Ruby (Fiestagirl12345)" Annabell sinabi with a grin."Hello" Ruby proclaimed as she reached out her hand for a shake. I shook her hand as i said"Hi i'm Allyce" We all got our coffee and got to know each other.I know that she just turned 18 she wears glasses and she loves to pull pranks.By the time we finished talking we were basically best friends.She is also very cheeky.She...
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Hello Guys please read the pamagat this is a NOTE! anways school just started and i'm really so i can't upload as much now so i'll try to update on weekends or when i have no school.i just got into 6th grade and it's very different so yeah i'm not sure where to go and then when i get tahanan i have to do homework and it's really stressful so please understand! i'll try to upload tomorrow if i have time.Maybe when it gets madami into the taon i'll be used to the school.i am claustrophobic and the school's really small for a 6th,7th,and 8th grades.anyways please understand.OH and also when this story...
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Sunday DID come, after all.

After everyone, all dressed up and ready to go came over to my house, I took a picture of each of us. We literally looked like the 14 taon old girl version of One Direction.

I looked at my watch. 30 madami minutos until they came... I snatched a baby carrot and bit into it. I couldn't wait any longer.....

15 madami minutes. 10 madami minutes. 9 madami minutes. 6 madami minutes.

Soon I was counting down the seconds. 5...4...3...2...1...! We all flicked our heads toward the door. "Okay guys, they will come in any segundo now." I sighed, snapping my suspenders. "So just play it cool,...
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Niall Horan Fanfic Chapter 11: Don’t Wanna Be Torn
    The ride to the airport went sa pamamagitan ng very fast. I cried the whole time and when I got there I had a major headache and was not in any mood to go through all this stuff to get on a plane and leave the only person I truly love. I did anyway. I had too. When I finally got in line with the rest of my crew we were about to board the plane. I heard yelling and then I felt someone like jump onto me. I fell over.
“What the heck is wrong with you!?” I screamed.
“Sorry babe.” I heard a sweet Irish accent say.
“Niall? NIALL!”...
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I sat there in Physics, distressed sa pamamagitan ng my looming thoughts. I couldn't concentrate, so I stared at the clock counting down the segundos til class ended. I had to get out of this class. I couldn't sit here for another 15 minutes. I raised my hand.
"Yes Ms. Al?" The teacher asked.
"Can I go to the bathroom?"
I walked out of the class and walked to the bathroom. I fixed my hair and make-up and headed back to class feeling madami calm. But as soon as I saw Niall's face, I wish I didn't come back to class. I walked slowly toward him and sat back down.
He saw the look on my face....
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Part 3: Too rude to me.

Niall’s POV:
I had called Bella over 20 times for the last 2 hours. I had been walking in and out the rooms in worry. What happened to my Bella? Then being too worried, I immediatey went to her house. When I knocked the dor, Mr. Lockwood ran to open it for me. He said, panting:
“Oh God, luckily, you are here, Niall. Come on in”
I asked:
“I had phoned Bella for 20 minutos but she didn’t answer. What’s up with her?

He sinabi desperately:
“I wish I knew. When Bella came tahanan this afternoon, she immediately got into her room and didn’t go out from 3 o’clock till...
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Chap 10: Scandal.

Part 1: Paparazzi

Bella’s POV:

I tiredly woke up and unwillingly wore my uniform in. Honestly, I really didn’t want to go to school that day. I was exhausted and felt a bit lazy. But going to school was my responsibility, so I still had to do. I had just sinabi goodbye to Hannah to go to my class. But I felt so strange as if all the students were looking at me. They even gazed at me and whispered to each other. I rolled my eyes around the room and wondered so much. It was very weird with me because the students in that school only cared about the queen-bee and hot boys. I had...
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 Made by: Vampire_Lover97
Made by: Vampire_Lover97
Here's the new part :)))))))))

“What are you doing here?” She yelled looking angry at us.
“We were just….he gave me back my towel.” I ipakita her the towel.
“So he gave it to you and then you kissed him for thanks?” She raised an eye brow.
“We didn’t kiss…” Liam looked at her confused.
“Yes, but you wanted.” She yelled at us.
“Maybe…” He added smiling.

She looked so pissed at him. I guess she wanted to kill him. When I saw that I walked to her to stop her from freaking out.
“Victoria calm down.” I hugged her and she still looked at Liam mad...
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Part 6

Louis P.O.V

I was still at school finding the girl from the party last night.There was still no sign of her.But I heard Liam calling my name so i went over him and he asked me to go together Niall's house with him and some girls.They were Kelly,Holly and Ashley.I knew that Ashley like Niall and he likes him back.And i teased Kelly.She would be mad at me but she keeps on smiling and so did Liam too.I am still thinking about the girl that i have met.And soon we all arrived to Niall's house and we went to Niall and ask him how he's feeling now.

Zayn's P.O.V

I am still in my room and i am so...
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Niall’s P.O.V:

“One time, when me, harry and Niall went for a weekend away to Scotland. Me and harry woke up really early and went swimming. Niall was still asleep when we came back so to wake him, we threw our wet boxers at him!” Louis chuckled.
Everyone burst into hysterics. I, on the other hand, was less than amused.
“Aw that’s so mean!” Mickie giggled.
“I think it’s funny.” Kate spoke, which caused all of us to turn in her direction.

She had a beautiful bunch on mga rosas in one hand and a scissors in the other. She began to snip the roses, petal sa pamamagitan ng petal as she let them fall...
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Interviewer: As the renowned prankster of the group, what prank has Louis the larker pulled on you?

Harry: Oh gawd. I’m always falling asleep when we’re on tour and wake up to find straws shoved up my nose.

Liam: During the X Factor tour and in the middle of a live performance, Louis jumped on Harry’s back and the pair of them ran circles around me whilst I was trying to sing. It was most distracting!

Zayn: It gets worse! Last night he poured warm water over my hand whilst I was sleeping as he heard somewhere it makes you wee yourself. It didn’t work thankfully! He’s such a doofus....
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Kate- A normal girl from Ireland who moved to London and works in a designer clothes shop.

Harry- A cute curly haired boy from Cheshire but lives in London. He is a brilliant lawyer.

Mickie- Harrys girlfriend- but for how long?

Leah- Kates gullable friend.She loves having fun and doesnt see the wrong in anyone!!

Louis- Harrys closest friend. He loves carrots and his girlfriend Hannah!

Zayn- He is vain but still nice. Him and Kate get on well because the both pag-ibig makeup and looking at themselves in the mirror!

Liam- Liam is very serious and sometimes quiet. He works in a factory building aeroplanes.

Niall- Niall loves having fun- like Leah. He has the loves people- like Leah and believes everything every one says- like Leah.

Kelly- Zayns weird and annoying girlfriend.

Lily- Liams lovely quiet girlfriend.

Hannnah- Louis girlfriend. WARNING: She may get injured!