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This isang direksyon wolpeyper contains business suit, mahusay bihis tao, suit, pantalon suit, and pantsuit. There might also be pantleg, mahabang pantalon, mahabang pantalon, damit, and overclothes.

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i saw angie 1 look and she started running was it that bad i thought i quickly pulled away from the halik leaving the bar i texted her saying

angie <3 <3
where r u it was a drunken mistake come back

no reply

she must hate me man i messed up
i asked everyone if they have seen her they all sinabi NO.

the only person i have not asked was the lead singer{A/N harry styles} i ran up the stage asking him if he had seen her he sinabi no why i explained how she was my girlfriend i told him EVERYTHING. from how we met to how we split up he started laughing what are you laughing at i asked im laughing at you he sinabi one mistake sheesh i muttered can you find her ok he sinabi simply thank the lord
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Anna's POV:
I ran and got in my car and drive to my dads house.
Courtney was home.I ran in and hugged her.I was shaking.
I told her the whole thing.It was the first time I saw her in a month.
"I missed you."she told me.
As I ate her spaghetti,I was starving.
"I missed you to,"
"I'll help you through this,Just don't try to cut yourself again.Niall is a jerk too,So I don't care."
I hugged her.
"I wouldnt try it again,I'm just so glad your not mad at me."
"Well at the worst times,Were going to need each other."
Courtney's POV:
I loaded my shot gun,And hugged Anna good bye.
I got in my car,and...
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posted by lalalalou
Elizabeth stayed at Harry's house that night and he brought me to school the susunod morning. "Have a great day!" "You too" she sinabi back to him they kissed then she walked into school. Everybody was staring at her but she didn't care she was happy and that is all that matters to her. "So how was it?" hasmin walked up to her. She is a little prissy asong babae that always got her way. "How was what?" she didn't even look at her she just opened the locker and got my stuff. "The sex silly!" "Sex? What the....I am still a virgin" she slammed the locker shut and walked away and hasmin walked with her....
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Eleanor’s POV
Oh god my sister is fangirling over those 5 boys again! Oh sorry I’m Eleanor, I’m 19 and I am on holiday in England with my younger sister Alice, she’s 15. We live in the USA sa pamamagitan ng the way. All she seems to do is yell and scream over One Direction! It’s really irritating and kind of annoying! I don’t get it, I never get it. She spends all of her money on merchandise and all I ever seem to do is drive her around to get it. As you’ve probably worked out I don’t really like them! They are all about themselves; they could be spending all their money on anything other than...
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A taon later...

Aria POV:

I was walking down the isle. Straight a head of me was Harry.
"And who gives this women?" The minister asked.
"I am.." My dad sinabi chocking back the tears. He let go of my hand and I walked in-front of Harry.
'Love you' he said. I smiled.
"Alright so you made your own vows?" The guy asked.
"Yes," Harry sinabi still looking at me. He took my hand, "Aria... ever since I laid my eyes on you, I knew you where the one for me, it was pag-ibig at first site. We had our ups and our downs but we got through it... together." I smiled. It my turn, don't mess up!
"Harry, my sweet Harry....
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