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Part 2: Stormy night.

Bella’s POV:

The wind was blowing very heavily outside. The storm was becoming stronger and stronger. But Hannah was sleeping soundly on the kama susunod to mine. I felt rather cold so I couldn’t sleep. In fact I had so many things to think about. Who gave me the Christian Louboutin heels? Why did I see “Handsome” when Zayn saved me? How could Zayn save me while he couldn’t swim? I kept asking myself all suck questions. When I was about to put the earphones on to prevent my ears from the noise of the storm, there was a strange sound near the door. I sinabi scaredly:
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Chap 16:

Part 1: pag-ibig for her.

Bella’s POV:

I hardly opened my eyes after a long old dream. The first thing I saw was Niall’s face. His face was very pale and worried. He held my hands tightly and sinabi in tears:
“Bella, I shouldn’t have left. I shouldn’t. I’m sorry. I’m terribly sorry, Bella.”
I sinabi under my breath:
“Ok, Niall. I’m okey, now.”

Actually I still felt very bad. All my body was sore and achy. Niall came to stroke my face gently, saying:
“Bella, I promise. I will be always beside you. I will never leave you again.”
I nodded lightly, asking:
“Who saved me, Niall?”...
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Zayn why u so sexy?
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