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 OTRA Tour - San Diego
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This isang direksyon litrato contains konsiyerto. There might also be guitarist, gitara player, and tambulero.

posted by DiamondYJ
Skylar's POV:

I was angry. I won't deny it. I grabbed my bag and started shoving my clothes into it. "Sky..." says a voice. I turn. "Yeah Lou?" He smiles softly. "Look. I don't know what is going on with your emotions... but could you please give Niall a chance?" I bit my lip. "He asked you to say this to me? To beg for him?" I shake my head and slip on my dyaket and shoes. "Well... not exactly. But we need you to. I need you to." I stare in his eyes, compelled to help him. "Why?"

Louis grabs my hand and shuts the door. "Look, Skylar. Niall quit One Direction. We need him. We have a tour, and...
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Credits: One Direction
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posted by AliKat16
As we all know Zayn has left 1D. He says it's because he didn't like all the attention or something like that, but I'm a bit confused. He says that, but a few days later he records something with Naughty Boy. I honestly don't know what to think. He'd obviously receive media attention for that. Although I am a bit disappointed, I don't know what really to think because I'm not a mind reader. But in the end, no matter what Zayn is up to, I will always pag-ibig and support him. But I'm curious; what does everyone else think?
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I wake up to the sound of my phone buzzing. That means I have a text. The text is from an unknown number. I look at the text and it says....

" Go to the run-down alley soon "

I don't know who it is at first. But then I realize it's probably Niall. He probably doesn't want fans chasing us. I respond saying "ok" and I quickly take a shower. I get dressed and I run downstairs. I grab a piece of toast. I bolt out of the door.

The alley isn't far away from my house. I probably got there in 10-15 minutes. When I arrive, I see two people snogging. I look closely and I see it isn't Niall there....
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posted by klg83199
At the styles house
Anne(Harry's mom) - Mackenzie I'm going to pick up your brother and the boys are you coming?

Mackenzie- no mom I'm waiting on Imani to get here
Anne- ok I'll be back in half an hour

15 mins later Imani was at the door
Imani - hello my British friend
Mackenzie - uy my American bestie
uy the boys are there way would if NIall recognizes me
Imani- Kenzie isn't that what you want

Mackenzie - yes but harry didn't no that me and Niall were

Anne - Kenzie sweety were tahanan
Harry - Ahh KEnzie sis!
Mackenzie runs down stairs with Imani walking behind
Kenzie jumps in his arms and yells Harry

One direction - sister?
Imani - Harry you bozo give me a hug
Harry - looks who finally a big girl
Imani - shut it styles

Harry - anyways these are the guys
Niall , zayn Liam , and Lou..

Imani - NIall you bastard hug me
Niall - Imani I've missed you and kenzie

Harry - wait Niall how do you no Imani and Kenzie?
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Everyone were dressed in black for Niome’s funeral.
Niall’s eyes were red and puffy because he was crying the whole night.
Niome’s mom and dad walked towards Niall after the funeral.
Mr. Getcher: Niall, Niall Horan from One Direction right?
Niall nodded.
Mr. Getcher: Niome is a very big tagahanga of you. She had so many pictures of you in our house and always used to say that she would pag-ibig to marry you if she gets a chance…
Niall: Mr. Getcher? Are you very sure about that?
Mr. Getcher: Ya, I am sure.
Niall: But she never told me that she knew that I am from One direction.
Mrs. Getcher: She knew...
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posted by DiamondYJ
Skylar's POV-

Highschool. My least paborito place. The good news. It was the last araw of school. That made me extremely happy. Last araw of hell. Then looking for a job would begin. I was only 15, but I needed to get money so I could pay my mom's hopsital bills.

"Skylar West." I look up to my teacher. "You're wanted in the main office." I feel my stomach twist into a knot. "Sure thing Mr. Benton." I got up, grabbing my bag, ignoring the snickering kids in my homeroom. I slowly walked down the hallway. My thoughts drifted back to last summer. I met the most incredible boy... and I'd admit it,...
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I was very confused on what I just did. Why would I leave Louis? Why would I leave my friends? Why did I care so much that Zayn quit? Did I have feelings for Zayn that I didn't realize until now?

I was so Nawawala in my own mental interrogation that I had walked directly into someone. "Oh I'm so... Zayn!" I exclaimed, feeling mixed emotions as I see him smile lightly. "Hey babe." I get Nawawala in those beautiful eyes until I remember, Zayn abandoned his friends. I took a step back.
"Zayn, we need to talk." He gestured to a nearby bench and we sat.

"Well... what do we need to talk about?" he asks. "Us."...
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posted by 1Dluver12
sorry kindve short! another chpt is goin up in a bit tho!
Julli’s POV
I stood there frozen, unsure of what to say.
“ I-I - I, those are old Harry, come on…” I sinabi trying to pull him to the door.
“No, why are you doing it?” he asked demanding an answer. I felt the tears forming in my eyes.
“ Please, don’t make me talk about this, not now Harry. Ill explain, but with time… Now, I just want to thank the guy’s and get some sleep. Are you coming?” I sinabi . He hesitated for a moment then nodded.
“ Alright then come on…” he sinabi and we stepped out.

Louis’s POV
We were all...
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One Direction just announced their brand new single will be called "Heartbreaker"! The song, which is off their segundo album, will be released November 27! So start counting down, TWIST readers! The boys are still busy recording their as-yet-untitled album, but they can't wait to share their music. Niall Horan recently tweeted, "Recording one of the songs we wrote today! Excited!" While One Direction is Pagsulat their own material, they also have other artists helping them out, such as fellow UK singer Ed Sheeran! "I wrote a couple of songs when I was 17 and now One Direction wants them for their susunod album," Ed sinabi in a kamakailan interview. "I'm going into the studio in August to produce the tracks for them." So cool!