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the annual calendar 2016
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This isang direksyon wolpeyper contains mahusay bihis tao, suit, pantalon suit, and pantsuit. There might also be damit, overclothes, legging, leging, binti takip, and pantleg.

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Source: One Direction Best song ever 2013
ONE DIRECTION Flying blue iphone + RARE stage video - Louis calls my Mom !
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Chapter 6-Niall's P.O.V.
Niall put Raven on the sink's counter and was looking for a washcloth. Raven was kicking her feet, back and forth. He finally found it and wet it under the faucet. He started to dab the make up off Raven's forehead.
Raven swatted his hand away and said, "Niall, what are you doing?"
"Taking the that make up off, why," he replied. He tried to make her stay still, but she still was moving.
C'mon, let me take that nasty make up off, Niall thought, frustrated.
"NO! Niall, I need it," Raven declared.
"No, you don't," Niall sinabi back.
"Yes I do," Raven protested against...
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Chap 3: My frightening surprise
Part 1: Who is he?

Isabella’s POV:

I had just sinabi goodbye with Niall. Before he went, he even gave me a halik on my cheek and whispered: “ Good night, hun. Thank you so much for today.” I was into the way he whispered. He was so childlike and cute. All of a sudden, when I opened the door, Hannah shouted at me impolitely:
“Bella! Where have you been all this evening?”
I spoke in a very low voice:
“Uhm. At Vicky’s house…as I told u…”
She smiled contemptuously:
“You are such a LIAR! Vicky came to our house tonight and joined my party. Bella, tell me...
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Louis is sinabi to have met student and part time model Eleanor Calder after a friend of his band mate Harry Styles set them up on a date.

A friend close to the One Direction member speaking to The Sun described the leggy brunette as 'gobby but laidback'.

'Louis can't believe his luck,' they added, 'He is in awe of how fit she is. They've been out on a few secret dates so he's getting stuck in.

'She is a couple of years older than him but the lads in the band think she's the female version of Louis. She isn't afraid to bend the rules - just like Louis. It looks like she could be serious girlfriend...
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*NEXT DAY* Nialls Pov !

This is it , im gonna do it tonight , ium just going to halik her before we go see the movie .


Waaaaasup Guys ? I sinabi
Nawthin much you ? ;) Niall sinabi wi a wink ,
Why does he keep winkin at me :/ Hmmmmm… its really worryin me now , Aweel :L

I cant wait to Maria Gets here ,, whoopwhoop ,
(Btw maria is Niamhs Bestie From before she moved)

Shit I better ask Niall when Liams getting here , (Liam Is nialls friend from his old school )
NIIIAAAAALLL !!! Whens Liam Coming ? (:
Niall : In like 10 mins why ? whens Maria Coming...
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