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 Mr. and Mrs. Scott
Mr. and Mrs. Scott
I`m conducting this interview on behalf of Steph (tvfan5) because she is too overwhelmed with school to do it herself.

Okedoke =] Let's do this shiz. (warning, this may contain satire, sarcasm and general humour)

 That`s me inside your head
That`s me inside your head
1. Why are you a Leyton fan?
Hmmm... I'd have to say because they rock out loud as far as couples to. I have a thing for angst and LP own in that section! Plus I pag-ibig the fact that Lucas had the biggest crush on her for years. They're just so open and honest with eachother! They don't need no big fancy speeches or gesutures. They're happy with just eachother =]

2. What do you think Leyton did in their infamous summer together after Season 2?
Bow chicka wow wowww! No, I wish. They're probably just hanging out. I can see them just sitting in Peyton's bedroom listening to music talking about shit that doesn't really matter! I bet they had like, a girly sleepover with marhsmallows and unan fights and cute stuff like that.

3. Did you like Peyton with Nathan and Jake?
I LOVED her with Nathan cause they were BEYOND hot! And I loved their friendship! At first I hated Jeyton, but they were SOOOO cute! But of course, my one true pairing is Kermit the Frog / Peyton

4. Since you`re such a crazy music junkie, give Leyton a song for each Season.
YAY! Right, song for each season... hmmmm
Season 1 - Layla sa pamamagitan ng Eric Clapton. If you don't know the story, then shame on you! But basically, it's similar to how Lucas felt in season 1, or atleast the start, how Peyton had "got him on his knees" and was "begging darling please," and how he "gave her consolation when her old man had let her down (...almost died). Like a fool, he fell in pag-ibig with her, turned his whole world upside down." and how they tried to "make the best of the situation [cheating]" and how he didn't want her to say they'll never find a way, turn all his pag-ibig in vain.... oh look, I practically typed out the song xD
Season 2 - Wish you were Here sa pamamagitan ng kulay-rosas Floyd. "Two Nawawala souls living in a isda bowl" just about sums it up. They were lost... she was anyway, even though they lived in the same town, same school, they barely remembered eachother, but they totally missed eachother <3<3
Season 3 - Hhmm.... Wonderwall sa pamamagitan ng Oasis. This is a total cop out sa pamamagitan ng the way =P . But yeah, he did save her. Saved her from herself (again) with the whole Ellie situation, saved her from bleeding to death. He's her Wonderwall... and I can't think of any other songs xP
 Obsessed with her legs
Obsessed with her legs
Season 4 - GAH! Too many! Errrm, I'm gonna put all the options on shuffle and see which one wins.... The Who it is! See me Feel me sa pamamagitan ng The Who. I remember that one scene where Lucas & Peyton are lying on the kama and he's all "You heal me" or something, plus he "healed" her with the whole Psycho Derek situation so... yeah.
Season 5 - I refuse to narrow this one down. I've got two.
Ten Years Gone sa pamamagitan ng Led Zeppelin. "Ten years gone, still holding on"... yeah, that one was the obvious choice. And Also, Don't Cry sa pamamagitan ng mga baril N' Roses. "Don't you cry tonight, I still pag-ibig you". Yeah, Peyton cried a LOT in Season 5, and Lucas still loved her, so if he'd just played that song instead of being a stubborn JACKASS we wouldn't really have all the crap.
Season Six - All araw and All of the Night, sa pamamagitan ng The Kinks. Uber happy! Crazy asno happiness about people who cannot madala to be apart ♥

5. Should Luke tell Peyton about halik Brooke during the 4 taon jump?
...Nahh, it's not like it meant anything =P. It didn't, and it'd just re open closed wounds. Same way Lucas doesn't know Peyton proposed to Jake ... (I think... he does seem rather omnipotent in his book)

6. Did you like the way they got back together in Season 6?
The airport scene was SEHR cute, but come on! You don't just PROPOSE to someone over the phone! And Yay Peyton! You're all forgiving and stuff but if you're not gonna make him work for yourself, atleast do it for us!

7. Did you want Luke to fight harder for Peyton after Season 5?
Like I sinabi hooray for forgiveness, but at the same time, boo! Peyton went through COMPLETE hell and Lucas "got dumped" then tried to jump in the sack with the susunod two girls he saw. It would have been nice to see him work for it a little.

 EPIC hugs
EPIC hugs
8. Who`s your paborito of the two?
Peyton, hands down! Luke's cool and all, but P.Sawyer pwns my heart! Who couldn't pag-ibig a sarcastic sweet mapait cheerleader?

9. If you could change one Leyton moment, which would it be?
...mean tanong much! I would probably change the 506 fight so that the book actually whacked him right in the face. Or the 507 scene... it was unnecassary and made Peyton look a little... mehh. Like, I swear Lucas wasn't the ONLY reason she came home! Plus she didn't have to halik him... a hot kiss, but the nakaraan times you had decent excuses (shot in the leg, almost dead dad)

10. Which is your paborito Leyton kiss?
Well, I loved 112 cause it was BEYOND hot! And really unexpected! Like, I knew something would happen, but I didn't think an almost death in a motel would trigger it. And just before they kissed, I loved how when they hugged, Luke PROPER smelled her hair. Aww, young pag-ibig ♥

11. Are you excited they are expecting little Leyton?
YES! Aaaww we get a mini LP! It's all cool, as long as they don't become as boring as Naley... that'll never happen though, they're chaos junkies <3

12. What would you name their daughter?
 Cookie dough pag-ibig
Cookie dough love
LAYLA! I'm still rooting for that name! Not only cause of the song, but it sounds KINDA like Leyton... well, they both have an "l" and a "t" in them. Failing that, they should name it after someone awesome... I'm thinking Sarah xP

13. What song should they dance to at their wedding?
Oooh, good question! I'm probably gonna end up making them a playlist now. Right, well their first dance should be Metallica, Nothing Else Matters. Cause it's slow, and sweet and romantic, but it's epic sa pamamagitan ng default, cause it's METALLICA! Then they should have a COMPLETE contrast to that and start headbanding to some Vintage AC/DC... then they can play some other epic songs.

14. Where should they go on their honeymoon?
I'd say somewhere with good sights, but like they're gonna see any of them! So, I say a nice tabing-dagat resort where Peyton can ipakita off her body, Lucas can get turned on, and then they get freaky! So, Turkey link Plus they can do some touristey stuff aswell they run out of condoms or something.

15. Who should be the Godparent`s to their baby?
Me, obviously, annnd Kermit the Frog. (what's up with all the Mupped references... whatever, I watch the Muppet show). No, but seriously, Haley and Skills, cause they make a dynamite duo. Haley isn't a godmother, and Brooke is, and Skills is AWESOME with Jamie... he'd spoil the little girl rotten!

 He`ll always pag-ibig her
He`ll always pag-ibig her
16. Why do you think Leyton are destined to be together?
Because the boy saw the comet, and suddenly his life had meaning! Their personalities just, click, they get on great, killer chemistry and they save eachother.

17. What word best describes Leyton?
SOULMATES! I don't realllly belive in the Soulmate BS, but LP are the exeption that prove the rule!

18. Are you sad about no Leyton in Season 7?
HELL NO! I'm TOTALLY psyched! Thanks to the CRAPPY Hiatus's I've discovered that I can live without LP, and I don't want a BRILLIANT couple to be bought down on a mediocre show. Besides, just cause something's over doesn't mean we can't appreciate them, like we do with Jim Morrison!

19. What`s your paborito Leyton quote?
Ermmm, let's go with "I wanna be selfish with you" Very sweet, and a subtle STFU to all the haters who call them selfish. EPIC

20. What`s your paborito Leyton moment of all time?
I ADORE their first meeting. Peyton was so snarky and Lucas was SO cuute trying to talk to her! But it was amazing how much they connected! Just one look at the screen and you think "Those two are gonna be married some day" and they are! Just EPIC!

Anyways, this has been an AWESOME interview, and thanks to whoever voted for me =]
 They`re gonna live happily ever after, all 3 of them
They`re gonna live happily ever after, all 3 of them
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