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EPISODE 5.13 - "Echoes, Silence, Patience and Grace"

Tentative Air Date - April 14, 2008

General Spoilers

-Nathan and Haley are in marriage counseling.

-Dan has brought Jamie home by this episode.
Filming Reports

-We saw Paul Johansson and Jackson, and when I was coming in, I saw Chad, but didn't see him the rest of the day so he'd probably done a scene before I got there. I also saw Michaela once, when I first got there also. The only ones really in the scene were Jackson and Paul, it was at Jamie's preschool. The only extras they really used were the kids, and their moms, and then these two people who were the teachers. We were at St. James Parish, it's Jamie's preschool (Source: Lauren711 @

- The actress that plays Lindsey was still on set in this episode and they were doing her make-up and fixing her hair. (credit JJJoy23 S

Side Summaries

-Scene 20: Parole Office. Dan's parole officer, Sam, is giving Dan his instructions; he must not leave the state without permission for the first six months, and he must get a job. Dan jokes that running for Mayor again probably wouldn't count. Sam continues that Dan can have help if he needs it. Dan then shows Sam a picture of Jamie, and asks Sam if he has children, to which Sam responds he's Dan's case manager: "This isn't The View." Dan responds that he just thought it might be nice if they got to know each other, as he hasn't spoken to many people for a long time. Sam then gives Dan an envelope containing his prison earnings from the past four year: $3,437. Taking $100 from the envelope, Dan hands the rest back to Sam; Dan is trying to pay Sam to talk to him. Settling himself in, Dan begins to talk about Jamie.

-Scene 21: School Playground. Dan visits Jamie. When Jamie asks if you can really go to jail for not cleaning your room, Dan responds that you can't - but he did know someone who was in jail for not eating their peas. Jamie doesn't believe him.

-Scene 23: Peyton is speaking to Max the record store guy. It sounds like the store is doing poorly, or may have closed. Max asks Peyton how long she has been home. She replies that she has been back for a few months. Max then asks if she has heard any good music lately, and when she answers yes, he notes that she didn't get it at the store. Defensively, Peyton responds, "Oh, so it's my fault." Max then reassures her that it's nobody's fault, he even gets his music online now, too. Peyton then tells him the store was worth more than that. Max hopes so: he'd like to think it had something to do with Peyton's cool new record label. That makes Peyton smile, but the smile soon fades. Perceptively, Max asks Peyton if she thinks about Lucas a lot. She's surprised, but replies, "Every day."

-Scene 24: Brooke's House. Brooke ignores her cell phone because she is meeting with Patricia, who is from an adoption agency. Patricia asks Brooke if she is sure she's ready to be a mother. Brooke responds that she is. When asked why, she answers that all a child needs to succeed is a loving and safe environment. She can give a child that. Brooke is then asked if she considers herself a success: sure, she's done pretty well. When Patricia subsequently asks Brooke if her own home life was safe and loving, she pauses, before saying that it wasn't. Patricia then asks if Brooke thinks she will ever marry. Brooke isn't sure... maybe if she meets the right person. Patricia then checks her notes, before asking if any of the men in her notes might be the right person: Owen the bartender? ... Chase Adams? ... Lucas Scott? Brooke is surprised. End of Act 2.

-Scene 25: Start of Act 3. Brooke's House. Brooke paces while Patricia watches. Brooke doesn't understand what Lucas has to do with her wanting to adopt. Patricia intuitively notes that Brooke said her friend, Peyton, is a mess because Lucas almost got married. Lucas had a relationship with someone else, Peyton is now hitting the bars... maybe Brooke is looking for love somewhere else? Brooke is annoyed that Patricia is questioning her reasons for wanting to adopt, and tells her that she's completely wrong. Patricia then asks Brooke if she has ever used drugs. Brooke says she doesn't use drugs, but Patricia brings up Brooke's past life- the fact that she was arrested for shoplifting, and notes that Brooke recently took a drug addict named Rachel Gatina into her home. Brooke doesn't understand where Patricia heard all of this, until she finally realises that Patricia must have spoken to her mother.

-Scene 26: Andy's Yacht: Andy asks Lucas if he has spoken to Peyton since the wedding. Lucas shakes his head. He says that Jamie went missing, then he had to deal with Dan, and then he left. He never had a chance to speak to Peyton. Andy then asks what Lindsey was talking about on the altar. Lucas' book, a comet... Exasperated, Lucas says it doesn't matter that Peyton's car is a comet. If the guy in Lucas' book had seen a white bronco, everyone would be saying that Lucas loves OJ! Andy then asks what kind of car Lindsey drives, to which Lucas responds, "That's not fair."

-Scene 27: Brooke's House. Brooke doesn't think it's fair that Patricia spoke to her mother. Patricia responds that they always speak to family members. Brooke then goes on to say that everything Victoria said is just sour grapes because she was recently let go from Brooke's company. Patricia notes that without a CEO, Brooke will be very busy. Will she have time to look after a child? Brooke tries to argue, but is cut off by her cell phone ringing - for the 17th time since Patricia arrived. All applicants are asked to take six months off work to smooth the adoption process, and Patricia isn't sure Brooke will be able to do that, being a single parent household. Brooke asks Patricia if she was from a two parent household. She responds that her parents divorced when she was 12, and then goes on to ask Brooke about her own childhood - is she from a two parent household? Brooke replies that she's sure Patricia already knows the answer to that. When Patricia tells Brooke that she'd like to hear her account in her own words, Brooke answers that she came from a no parent household. Because of the way her parents treated her, she knows what kind of parent she doesn't want to be.

-Scene 28: Olivia's Office. Nathan and Haley are in marriage counseling. Haley states that she would rather give some things up than become an absentee parent. Olivia notes that Haley's attitude towards having to choose may be part of the problem. She goes on to tell Nathan and Haley that they have individual dreams and passions, and that they may love themselves more, and resent each other less, if they occasionally act like selfish twenty-two year olds. Nathan argues that he doesn't resent Haley or Jamie: they're the best things that have ever happened to him. Haley agrees with that. They are the best things that ever happened to him.

-Scene 30: Start of Act 4. Jamie's room. The scene opens with a close-up on Chester, Jamie's pet bunny. Jamie says that he has brought Chester for show and tell, and that Chester is his best friend ever; his nanny, Carrie, used to be his best friend, but she tried to take him away and color his hair, so his best friend is now a tie between Aunt Brooke, Uncle Skills, and Chester... oh, and Grampa Dan, who brought him home when Carrie tried to take him away. From Jamie we go to...

-Scene 31: Parole Office. Dan's picture of Jamie, and a scar on Dan's hand. Dan tells Sam that he got the scar helping his son, Nathan. Family's important to him; it's all he has left. Sam notes that Dan went to prison for killing his brother, but Dan argues that he's a changed man. Sam tells him that very few of the people he sees are truly changed, and most of them end up back in prison eventually. Dan agrees that he's still an angry, and potentially evil man, but he wants to use that for good - like he did when he saved Jamie from nanny Carrie. As Dan gets up to leave, Sam hands him back the envelope of money, telling him he can't keep it. Dan responds that the money should go to charity, before winking and saying "Good talk, Sammy," as he exits.

-Scene 32: Brooke's House. Brooke realises the interview hasn't gone well, and as Patricia collects her things, Brooke asks whether she passed. Patricia responds that she's sorry, but no, she won't be recommending Brooke for adoption. Patricia tells her she's very young, and that her mother also said she'd be a terrible candidate. Brooke fires back that it's a shame Victoria wasn't interviewed before she had a child.
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sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas blisslikethis said…
i still think it's totally insane that Brooke wants a kid. i mean, i love her, but seriously.. Brooke, a mom? i don't think so.
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas jaybird said…
Thanks for this and I think Brooke would be a great Mum but she needs to get with the Owen and then have her own Baby... and shes so good with Jamie...
I love her, thanks again
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Leytonfan4ever said…
No Problem.
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas mands said…
i think brooke would be a great mom. i agree with jaybird though.
thank you so much for posting this :)
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Leytonfan4ever said…
Your welcome.
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas sweetsolitude99 said…
Thanks for posting this! I don't think I would like Brooke as a mom.
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Dancergirl said…
I think that Brooke would be a wonderful mom, single or not. She has grown up to know what not to do, and with her mother not there anymore, she would be great. And LUCAS AND PEYTON NEED TO GET BACK TOGETHER. And Nathan and Haley, need to come to their senses, and get back to their normal selves. Parents and loving couple.
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Lila856 said…