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lucysmileyface posted on Apr 01, 2008 at 10:55AM
it is just me or season 5 is kindda messed up? i mean, other than little jamie-whose scenes litteraly are worth watching, the rest of isn't working for me...c'mon, one thing is lucas falling for someone else but to get married??..and don't even get me starting about nate and hales..other than a kiss or maybe two (except for the flashback scenes)nothing else...and on top of that, haley asks for a divorce...please..i want to see what i used to see in oth: a naley fairytale (it supposed to be always and forever...not always and whatever)..i want to keep dreaming...after watching the show i want to feel good not depressed..i get a lot of that from daily work days
but that's just me..

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sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas lizisme said…
i really don't care about naley but i feel like brooke has changed(she is my favorite person in the show) i miss the old episodes brooke is more insecure and different this season her personality has changed. and for the nate and haley she doesn't deserve nate she is so annoying she is such a hypicite. i love skills this season(and every season) but i like how he has more scenes. but yeah its good this season but the old episodes were so awesome
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sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Laurra said…
i love series 5 ;)
i dont really care about naley either! they bore me!Haley :@ at least the nanny made them more exciting!
leyton :D i hate lindsey but i love the story line! hes marrying someone else but he loves peyton! the wedding was amazing! with the comet and everything! i think it gives leyton more of an edge!
cant wait till it comes back on!
lucas will mope over lindsey but after that *fingers crossed* we will have LEYTON! :P <<333
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Laurra said…
oh and i love skills this series too! hes moved up into my favourites! ;) "whats your plan?"
peyton : "what plan"
skills : "to steal lucas back" (something like that)
i think hes a leytoner too! :D
brookes cool aswell but ive always liked her!
i loved peyton before (my fav character) but i love her even more this series! i like lucas less! (gordd, i hope he gets better)
haley - ugghhhhhh
nathan - this hottys gone boring - we need more basketball with him!
mouth - uggghhhh
jamie - hes so cute :D
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sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Leyton4ever said…
Actually I love season 5. See I don't really care about Naley. In fact I kinda wish they'd break up for good, even though I know that will never happen. Of course I don't think they should have gotten married to begin with. To me they are not a good couple and they never have been. and on top of that, haley has got to be the most boring character on the show and Nathan isnt much more interesting than she is.

brooke i've never liked so I don't care really what happens with her at all...i do have to say though I don't like the whole baby storyline and i think she's better this season than in previous seasons but i still dont like her.

i love peyton this season, i think she's better than she was in the past, however except for season 1 i've loved peyton anyway.

as for Lucas he's still my favorite character, and his behavior this season is typical Lucas behavior, I'd say he's probably the least changed character from season 4. I still love him.

Skills has been one of my favorite characters since season 3, i love him, i think he's funny, and yea skills is totally a leytoner, he always has been. just another plus for skills lmao.