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lizisme posted on May 19, 2008 at 02:07PM
does anyone else think that oth needs better story lines?
i am really bored with them right now
and i am sick of all the love triangle stuff...
i don't know if i will watch the sixth season because i am bored with it.
i love the show but the need to make it exciting again
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sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Leyton4ever said…
It depends. I find some of their storylines to boring, and some just plain stupid. But then I find other storylines to be good.

For example wtf did they do to mouth this in season 5. i don't really like mouth but i don't dislike him either. but his storylines this season were stupid at worst and boring at best. his storylines didn't coincide to the other characters at all really. i mean either give mouth better storylines or get rid of the character lol.

What always bores me is Haley. It's like they can't find anything interesting for her character. and even stuff that might be interesting with another character. still aren't interesting with her. maybe her whole character is just boring. i mean at least nathan was likable this season, though he has a huge boring factor too. and i'm beyond tired of naley and their boring problems lmao.

though i hated the whole brooke and baby storyline at least it was kinda interesting.

I was actually quite interested in what they did with both luke's and peyton's characters this season. I love skills as always. I think they could of done more with Rachel though I don't like her, she is at least interesting. I'm glad to hear that she'll be back as a regular on season 6.

All i know is if dan's dies they are making a big mistake.