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Janni posted on May 31, 2008 at 11:54AM
So I do not know if anybody has discussed this yet. And I want to apologize for my english.

I think that everyone know about the 82 letters Brooke wrote to Lucas during her summer vacation. The letters said how much she wanted to be with. Ok, so Brooke wrote 82 letters. But in episode 11 Season 5, when Peyton came into C/B with an envelope Brooke said something about if that was letter number 86 of those letters she wrote during her summer vacation, Peyton could keep it.
So if that letter had been letters number 86, that means that there are 3 more letters that we still do not know about.

I read on that Mark said that we would get to know more about them in season 6.

How do you think they will be written in the script? /When will they talk bout it( if that make sense)
And when do you think Brooke wrote those 3 letters?
And do you think that Lucas has read those 3 letters?

Tell me what you think

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sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas brucas4ever said…
omg that really cool<33
maybe they were talking about the letters lucas wrote to brooke? but idk.. that would be really cool if it was true