One puno burol Episode Quote Competition :) {Round 4}

Elbelle23 posted on Aug 18, 2010 at 08:11AM
Okay so I have seen this on other clubs and thought we could have one here.

So you put in a quote from the episode that I put up for round 1, 2 etc.
The quote will go in a pick for a competition, if you win you get 2 props. It will also be posted on the forum.
Let me know what you think.

Round 1: 1x01 "Pilot" link First of all, you don't know me. Second of all, you don't know me- Peyton Sawyer.
Round 2: 1x02 "The Places You Have Come to Fear the Most"" link "Hey, you're art matters, it's what got me here" Lucas
Round 3: 1x03 "Are You True?"link
Round 4: 1x04 "Crash Into You"

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One puno burol 69 ang sumagot

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