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PurpleMonkey82 posted on Apr 20, 2011 at 02:37AM
Ok, so the idea is to choose a theme and whoever wants to join in sports an icon of the winning theme for 3 days or so.
At the end I put all the icons into a pick and we vote on the best one.

No anti icons.
No bashing other people's choices/icons, etc.

Theme 1: Your OTH OTP
Winner: Jessica4695

Theme 2: Happy & Fun Times
Winner: ashesandwine

Theme 3: Mother's Day
Winner: othobsessed92

PurpleMonkey82 (Rochelle)
Rolemodel2011 (Chandler)
kellyerin87 (Kelly)
energizerbunny (Nikky)
rorymariano (Amber)
othobsessed92 (Maham)
xoheartinohioxo (Holly)
freakiin_ruby (Francy)
Leytonfan4ever (Kimberly)
ashesandwine (Cat)
Jessica4695 (Jess)
123Naki456 (Nad)
bdavisrocks (Sam)
alwaysforever (Brenda)
marissaandryan (Nikki)

Future Theme Suggestions:
School shooting arc (3x15-3x18.)
Your favourite cast member.
Rivercourt scenes.
Season 1 icons.
AU couples.
Group scenes.
Opposite ships (e.g BL fans with LP or BJu icons, etc...)
Favourite friendships.
Costume episodes.
1940's episode.
Rain scenes.
Beach scenes.
Saddest One Tree Hill scene.
Your favourite character.
Your least favourite character.
Choosing icon for another participant.
Icons with text.
Scenes that take place at Tree Hill High.
Hospital scenes.
Favourite season icon.
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