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Julian (to Brooke): Get ready for my greased lightning!
Brooke: Before you say another word, you should both know that I just have just
Brooke: I was just arrested and explored sa pamamagitan ng a woman with a mustache and man hands
Mia (to Haley): Speaking of slutty, congratulations on being pregnant
Haley: You sinabi the basketbol hoop was like my uterus?
Nathan: He caught me totally off guard. He was like a ninja...Like a three foot
Julian (to Brooke): This happens all the time. I sleep with a girl and then the
Alex: sa pamamagitan ng the way, I plan to make him happier than you ever did. So you should
Julian: "You need to get Alexander’s dingo out of your wallaby and fix it."
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Haley: "I feel like me...and I feel like yours."
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