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posted by Mclovin_69
( JC's P.O.V )
" Dude...." A hush voiced whispered, I groaned pulling the unan over my head and rolling on my stomach. " Dude get up " the voice said. I layed there for a minuto trying to process what was happening, what had happened last night? what the heck did i do?, and who the heck was talking to me?. All these tanong filled my clouded brain when finally I felt a jab in my side, " Ow!! " I yelped out as the unan was pulled from over my head as I curled up into a ball in an attempt to sooth the sharp pain in my side and somewhat defend myself. My hazel brown eyes traced up to a tan...
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posted by Mclovin_69
The loud music surrounding me caused ringing in my ears. My head began to hurt, I wasn't sure if it was from the amount I drank or if it was my anxiety getting to better of me from the looks I was receiving. I know, you're probably thinking why i'm here if it's obvious enough that I dont like parties. This wasn't my ideal way of spending my new years, it was my friends.

It came to my suprise when he came up to me, " What's your name beautiful? " he shouted over the music making me just able to hear him. He was obviously drunk. " Fey! " I answered him. Dark green met hazel brown, a smile crossed...
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