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posted by rico911910
..YOU tatlong bagay TO THE susunod PAGE.......................
Yet the room was still drowned in silence. Untill
priviate begian to ask
"what just happend?" as they sat susunod to Skipper, Kowalski still holding his flipper as he wipes away tears with his other flipper. The answer was very clear to them that they had not a clue what happend. Then Kowalski felt his flipper holding Skipper's flipper tightning. They than looked at Skipper hows eyes were slowly opening. As his eye's opening madami and madami as he slowly looks around the room. With his eye site a littile bit blery then every theng coming into veiw slowly he noteices the puso rate mushien with the red line going striat than jumps down to a littile v. Than going striat up into a big upside down v before reterning back into a striat line and then repeting. Skipper than looked at his team with tears still strecking from there eye's.Skipper was very confused. Then he softly wisperd madami confused then ever
"what am I doing in the hospital?" the three penguins were astounded sa pamamagitan ng his qeustion. Now Kowalski confused because of Skipper having no idea what happend to him this morning. As Skipper sits up whating for an answer.
"So" begian Kowalski looking at the other two penguins Priviate and Rico siting right acrouse from him."You have absauloutly know clue what happend to you at all this morning?" they looked at Skipper who was taking off the oxagen mask and laying it beside him so he could talk madami clearly.
"What happend to me this morning?" Skipper than says in curitousity. No one answerd him instead they just looked down trying not to remember or bring it up in this typ of situation.
"ok, well then can you atless tell me how long I will be in here?" Skipper asked looking at Kowalski like he would know.
"Well Skipper" he poused for a moment. "Well when we where wouching and trying to find out what was going on. I think I heard one of the docters say somthing about you having to stay here for a couple of..........TO BE COUNTINOUD..............
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Source: artsy
(this artikulo is rated PG13 some contents in this parigraph my be disterbing to others parent guidents and fewer discoution is advised thank you and injoy)
S: Alright team! Are we all set? good. Kowalski how much time do we got left?
K: will crash land in 5,4,3,2,1.
S: Wow...nice timeing Kowalski.
P: The plane it the target skippar.
S: Nice work team lets see if whoever was driving the plane is alright.
K: Rico can i have a littile help lifting the top.
R: Hua.....
P: dayami skippar look there penguins like us.
K: What are they doing flying in a milltary plane?
S: They its Manfriada and Ujonesin!...
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Skipper's Replacement
Chapter 1: Three Confused Penguins
    Skipper has packed the last of his things in a greatly oversized suitcase, filling it to the brim so that it had difficulty closing. It was full of the latest and most deadly military equipment in the base for enemies could be lurking in the very shadows of the Bahamas. You can't be too ligtas on vacation, Skipper thought as he dragged it off his bunk and it fell to the ground with a clatter, waking up Kowalski.
    Kowalski rubbed the last of the sleep from his eyes and blinked sleepily. "Your...
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(this artikulo is rated PG13 some contents in this parigraph my be disterbing to others parent guidents and fewer discoution is advised thank you and injoy)
M: Rilly? The screaming was Skipper? Hau. WEll what was the dream about?
S: I don't rilly remember actshally.
K: whats that nose?
S: What nose? I don't here any thang.
K: It sounds like a millitary fitting plane going two-hundred point fourty-seven seconts per minite trough tuktok speeds and geting closer.
S: How do you now all that Kowalski?
K: Look behind you.
S: Right. Qickly men we got to stop that plane! Camence opration "Qick Stop"!Go!GO!!GO!!!...
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(this artikulo is rated PG13 same contents in this paraghraph my be disterbing to others parent guidents and feawer discoution is advised thank you and injoy)
Mfa: Skipper were are you! I need help over here!
S: Well I need help over here to but you dont see me coplaning manfradia!
Mfa: Yay! but your not going up ageinst theirten thousend of these stuped mutans are you!
S: Well no, but these ones are much madami toupher then the ones your fitting!
Mfa: Haha! Yay right!
S: What you think you could do better!
Mfa: Well yay I can! Skipper you fit like a sissy!
S: Huuu!!! Wate untill i get over there you...
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King Julien tells marlene to forget about love!!!!
posted by Penguin11
 Can they save her?
Can they save her?
*The penguins are all asleep until someone bursts in*

Marlene:Guys, wake up! Hurry! Come on Doris needs your help!!!

* Kowalski jumps out of kama and since he was in the tuktok bunk, tries and sucessfully completes pulling the others out of thier bunks*


Marlene: Somethings wrong with her head, Kowalski!!!
*she says in an dramafied voice*
Marlene: Somethings not right.
Im making it longer.
*They all go to Doris's habitat*

Doris:Hello! Would you like some oatmeal?!?

Kowalski:Firstly, No. Secondly, you dont have a way to get oatmeal.

Skipper:He's right.

Doris:Oh, you all are just jealous because I can make oatmeal and you cant!

Private:No, we just came to rescue you!


Doris:Why would I need rescued if im fine?

*Kowalski shakes his head doubtfully*

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 Oh yeah!
Oh yeah!