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 ....And There Was Yelling...
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This Penguins of Madagascar litrato might contain sign, poster, teksto, pisara, cockateel, cockatiel, cockatoo loro, and nymphicus hollandicus.

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The penguins were outside early in the morning, practicing like always. Skipper was shouting out commands when all of the sudden, they get an urge to peek at Marlene’s habitat. When they look over, she looks very sad and bored.

“Skippa, what’s going on with Marlene?” Private asks innocently.

“I have no idea, Private.” Skipper turns to Kowalski. “Kowalski, options!”

“Well, uh…we could go ask her if anything is wrong…?”Kowalski answered, but it sounds madami like a tanong than an answer.

“Right, let’s go!” With that being sinabi the penguins spring into Marlene’s habitat....
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