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 Skipper's Girl
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This is interesting. A girl ibong dagat that Skipper met that looks exactly like Skipper...
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ibong dagat
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 Teardrops On My Guitar...
Teardrops On My Guitar...
Marlene and Skipper were BFFs, until that Kitka came along. When Skipper dates Kitka, Marlene remembers her times with him. Marlene sings 'Teardrops On My Guitar', in her version!

Skipper Looks at Me, I Fake a Smile so he Won't See.
That I Want and I'm Needing Everything that we Should be.
I'll Bet she's (Kitka) Beautiful, that Girl he Talks about.
And she's got Everything that I have to Live Without.

Skipper talks to me, I Laugh 'cause it's so Damn Funny!
And I can't even See Anyone when he's with Me
He says he's so in Love, he's finally got it right!
I Wonder if he Knows he's all I Think...
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Source: ME :3 S2E41
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Lily looked at Private's house, it was huge, and she saw a sign on the door to 'Get out'. She ventured on anyway, and walked slowly up the steps to the house. 'Well we can look for Kowalski and get the crime scene investi- WAIT!! Where's Lily?!' screamed Private. 'She must've walked out to investigate while we were arguing!!' yelled Skipper. 'God dammit Skippah!!! Stop stalling me!!' barked out Private, he then inched toward a golf club. 'So what? Is your mother even there?' asked Skipper. 'She's a bit grotty right now, sitting in her chair!!' yelled Private, grabbing the golf club. 'Wait,...
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He's good. XD
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The Secret to Happiness

By EppogirlXD

It had just been another araw in the HQ,

When the little ibong dagat smiled wide,

His little eyes shone and twinkled,

And his feathers gleamed and sighed.

Then a tall ibong dagat came out,

Of the door to his lab,

He saw the ibong dagat smiling,

And so went to him to jab.

It broke the small ibong dagat out of,

His little reverie,

Why are you smiling like that?

The tall ibong dagat asked curiously.

Why Kowalski, Private’s eyes still shone,

I’ll tell you, it’s quite simple,

He whispered the secret into his ear,

And his smile grew a dimple.

Kowalski grinned back at him,

His eyes sparkled too,...
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