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A few days after the incident....kowalksi finally came home.....or at least the other three tried to get him there....

Rico:Kowalski..,c'mon...'s us... U can't remember the zoo...or any of us..even.."sniff" your best buddy....

Kowalksi: I told u!! "Shoves Rico away" I don't know this place or any of u!... Why can't u let me leave this place!

Rico looked at him....and began to have tears stream down his cheeks...he went and sat down to calm down.....skipper went up to kowalski..

Skipper: look..."shows one of his inventions" you made this invention....for us to find easier routes to...
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posted by spmana123
Skipper and Marlene searched high and low for Rico in every place they would think where Rico would be, but had no luck. They searched threw New York, going threw each ally way, store and street, seeing if they could find him, but still no luck.

Skipper: ugh....where is he?

Marlene: who knows?

Skipper then turned around and stopped Marlene in her tracks and got up in her face.

Skipper:who knows?! Who knows?! Don't you care about him?! I don't pag-ibig you?! I never had!! But Rico did!! He had a happy face on every time he came home!! He cared about you, hell, he wouldn't shut up about you!!

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posted by anna446
as marlene as getting to tahanan julion came.he told marlene about the prom he's planing
marlene:wow a prom.
julion:yes a prom and I was hopeing that if I be the prom king wich I am sure I'll be then can you be my prom qween?
marlene:no but thanks for asking.
julion leaves
(at the penguins habitat)
julion: hello silly penguins I am to be asking you to come to the prom I am hosting?
skipper:*spit take* what but we are...
julion:marlene is going to the prom.
skipper:fine we'll comences operachin:prom night.
(at the party)
skipper:men keep a eye out for marlene.
marlene:hey guys.
(descritchen:marlene is...
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