It was a normal araw for me, I was playing out with my mga kaibigan and I saw this freaky shadow pass across the pavement, "I just need to go check something out!" I told them, then sprinted down the street. I soundlessly crept towards the corner, and poked my head around, and saw it. It had three heads, with blood-stained teeth, and eerie jet black fur. My favourite subject happened to be Greek Mythology so I knew what it was: Cerberus. I gasped and it turned towards me, growling and lumbering forward, all three heads ready to tear me apart. It lunged , and I threw my hands out in front of me, waiting for it to bite, but nothing happened. I frowned then taking my hands from my face, I saw that it was nagyelo in mid-air. I slowly walked away, then glanced at my mga kaibigan down the street, they were moving really slow! That was when I started running. I was freaked out, so I ran and ran until I reached the old presa fields. I was always curious what they looked like now, so I decided I would walk around them, forgetting about what just happened, but as soon as I stepped on the damo of the fields, the scene changed immediately. I was on a camp, and everyone was staring at me, "Hi... you don't own any Cerberus do you? I mean-" I started off, but was interrupted sa pamamagitan ng a dude who's legs were furry, and he had hooves for feet (Satyr, I knew this from Greek myth too) "It's okay, you might be a demigod. This is what happens to us most the time anyway. We'll send a message to your... parent? and tell them you've found out." He calmly walked away, and two boys with curly brown hair greeted me with a smile, "Hi! I'm Travis and this is Connor, we'll give you a tour of camp then it should be time for the bonfire!" Travis cheerfully said. They gave me a tour of camp then as they said, it was time for us to go to the bonfire. They lead me to the Hermes mesa (they explained everything about the Greek-gods) then I started chatting with some of them, they're nice people, but I know one of the many things Hermes is the god of, so I kept my stuff safe. That was when it happened, a chaotic purple hologram of a clock appeared over my head, and I frowned, "What's that?" I asked, "You've been determined." Someone said. "By a god?" I asked again, "No, I think You're a son of... Kronos."