first steps
omg! I haven't gotten done just yet but I want to later on I think they so pretty if their the tiny studs.

I hear different things form pain some say it hurts like hell other say it makes you tear up and the some say I don't feel it but I guess it depends on the person

I also heard keeping it clean it a asong babae bc of the inside of your nose is not the most clean place for one that snot and booger get clustered on the back of the ring

then again a lot of ppl say its easy and as along as you keep it clean then you should have no issue with it

its same way with losing the ring ive heard it hell keeping the ring in your nose then some say it stays so idk what tell anyone only that I want one lol

here a cleaning guide for anyone thinking of or has a nose piercing
segundo steps
third steps
fouth steps
fifth steps