I reciently got my Industrial/Bar/Scaffold Pierced. I wanted to give a review and answer any tanong anyine might have. I went to Body Revolutions in Cleveland and I only have good things to say about them. They were very clean, nicely located, and their professional body piercers were very kind and helpful. My piercer went into the back room and set up and in a few minutos he called me back to begin. Before he began he cleaned and marked my ear.
Then he lined up the needle and bam, the first hole was pierced. The first hole was the lower one, it wasnt bad pain wise. Then he lined up the same needle and pushed it though the segundo hole. Now, I wont lie, that hurt. And not just a little. Alot. The other part that stung was when he slid the jewlery in. The piercing was over, and I was unbelievably happy!
I want to first answer the most common tanong people have when it comes to this piercing.

Q: Did it hurt?
A: No, it did not hurt. It stung. I find that hurting and stinging are to different types of pain.

Q: Which hole hurt more?
A: The segundo one, or the one higher up. I think it was because it was not only creating a new hole, but it was also being dragged though the first hole.

Q: What gauge did you get it pierced at?
A: 14G, the regular Industrial size.

Q: Should I get it pierced?
A: Yes, I think its a great piercing.

I want to say that if you are really considering getting it pierced, please please please think about it first. I didnt know what I was getting myself into until now. My ear has been pretty sore and it makes it harder to wash my hair, put on and take off my shirts, and even to sleep. Plus I'm a dancer and after a light practice my Industrial started to bleed a little. And one last thing, keep it clean at all times. Clean it 2-3 times a araw and don touch it unless your cleaning it. It will all pay off in the end.

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