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posted by chattycatty
look in the mirror please
if you dont you wont find the beuty
thats hiding in you

you say your ugly you cry all night
you slam the door on my face one night
when i tried helping you out

look in the mirror i know you are beutiful you just got to beileve in your self.
but you probaly wont why cant you see the beuty thats waiting to arrive
the boys would want you oh carolyn i hope u relize that .

this is no joke you are beutiful in my eyes but in yours ur a monster
why cant you see what eye see
i hope someday you will believe me.
posted by HouseMindFreak
The Cure

Good and evil
pag-ibig and hate

The balances of life
Makes everything flow just right
Until misery takes control of your world...

Misery is a parasite
Feeds off other's to become stronger
It hunts for those who are happy
Only to bite and infect them
With it's disease

It penetrates deep into your mind
Death and despair flood the thoughts
The virus spreads your soul

You are sick with misery
You don't want to infect
Forced into isolation
A weak body and a weak mind
There is no cure for you to find

Until the araw comes when an antidote called Love
Finds it's way inside
And kills the virus

But cures are hard to find
Like any pag-ibig is...
posted by juicyjossy9
my puso beats clear and frees me
to see, feel, hear, touch and taste
your eyes, your lips, your hands
you are everywhere

a touch, soft and tender
a whisper, full of desire
a gasp of sweet surrender
as passion fuels the fire

and though we still have far to go
that's alright, we'll take it slow
and though the days are often long
with you here I can be strong

there's no time in life to judge
only time enough for love
so as another night slips by
let’s dance beneath the sky

in our secret garden
pag-ibig took power over our will
progressively, gently, tenderly, lover to lover

love, you’re all I ever needed
and I want you now. now being forever.

this is my eternal vow.
posted by luna73
i walk up and stand
listening to the soft sobs around me
some are my own
i see you there helpless and white
there is sadness and pain in your eyes
i wonder if its from the ropes around your arms
or if its for what is to come
as they come up they bring your demise
the blade comes down i turn and run
when i hear you scream i stop
my poor dark lovely angle

soft breezes of comfort
spiral around me and lift my hair
i begin to stumble blindly down the path
picking up a dark feather that has fallen at my feet, imell the harsh sent of death and blood
it mixes with the soil of the earth
i feel water as i taste salt...
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posted by sunshinedany
~ 2 of my paborito pag-ibig poems ~

by William Butler Yeats

When you are old and gray and full of sleep
And nodding sa pamamagitan ng the fire, take down this book
And slowly read, and dream of the soft look
Your eyes had once, and of their shadows deep;

How many loved your moments of glad grace,
And loved your beauty with pag-ibig false or true,
But one man loved the pilgrim soul in you
And loved the sorrows of your changing face;

And bending down beside the glowing bars murmur, a little sadly, how pag-ibig fled
And paced upon the mountains overhead and hid his face among a crowd of stars.

LOVESONG sa pamamagitan ng Ted...
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posted by twilightvixen09
1 When I see you I know life was made for living.
2 When I see you I don’t want to die.
3 When I don’t see you I sleep and dream about you.
4 It’s the truth I am telling poets don’t lie.
5 Sometimes I think I can’t survive with out you.
6 Sometimes I think I want to give it all up.
7 Everything.
8 Everything but you.
9 When I see you I know life is about sharing.
10 When I see you I know why caged birds sing.
11 When I see you I know why it is I am caring.
12 About love, life, and every living thing.
13 And now that we are in this puwang together.
14 I really want this to last forever.
15 When I...
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posted by stellie
I can't believe
That u're gone.
I can't believe
U've moved on.

You sinabi I'm
The only one,
But now
She's the 1.

U sinabi u pag-ibig me,
U wanted to marry me.
But now u're gone
U've moved on.

How do u expect me
To ilipat on without u.
U're my sunshine
My only smile,
But now u're gone
U've carried on.
Without me.

U've closed the door,
U broke my heart
Into pieces no 1 can fix.
Please come back
And be mine forever.
Please fix my heart
So I can be free.
There's someone out there
Who'll want me soon.

But I'll run back only to find
U don't want me
U've moved on without me.

I want to hear u say
U pag-ibig me again
So I won't be scared
Like I'm right now.

Please turn around
I'm waiting behind u
For u to come back
And be mine again.
posted by gamer495
A silver glint in your eyes; heartbeats clean.
A simple chord enrages me; warm smiles.
The melody plays slow; performed quite keen.
I stop midway, but memory redials.

The octave jumps to brilliance; intense.
They pag-ibig attention and thought; quarter notes.
Continuous trills and glissandos; dense.
Already chosen hum no other votes.

To accidentals for wit; humor dark.
Yet, the madami necessary; balance sweet.
Some kindness with speed; held out at the hark.
Released the pedal to kill the soft beat.

All are strong to my heart’s will; every song.
The echoes beneath that for which I long.
mga kerubin and demons were circling above me
through the thorns to the stars
The only one who doesn't know happiness
is the one who couldn't understand its call

I am Calling Calling now, Spirits rise and falling
To stay myself longer...
Calling Calling, in the depth of longing
To stay myself longer...

Stand alone... Where was life when it had a meaning...
Stand alone... Nothing's real anymore and...

...Endless run...
While I'm alive, I can try not to fall while flying,
Not to forget how to dream... how to love
...Endless run...

Calling Calling, For the place of knowing
There's madami that what can be linked
Calling Calling, Never will I look away
For what life has left for me
Yearning Yearning, for what's left of loving

To stay myself longer...
Calling Calling now, Spirits rise and falling
To stay myself longer...
Calling Calling, in the depth of longing
To stay myself longer.......
added by irena83
posted by bookworm103
I walk along the sidewalk and look about my self

across the rushing kalye I see her


she wraps her scarf around her face to shut out the world

she thinks that the world will take her and break her to pieces if she does not hide

so every araw she hides behind her yellow scarf to keep out the evil

and the good that she does not dare hope to see

weeks pass and months too

and still she cowers behind her yellow scarf

not daring to see good fearing to see evil

until one araw as I walk along the sidewalk again

and I see it that sick yellow scarf refusing to see evil blind to good...
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posted by irena83
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Fearless puso beats
in my chest,
strong and proud,
sensitive and fragile.

Collecting all these words
you gave as if
those are significant,
but your puso has never
spoken to me.

Empty words you gave,
the depth that lies in them
you treaded,
though I still remember that
glow in your eyes,
I still remember,
though your false love
is spreading its wings
only in dreams of my own

It was me who left,
and yet
I'm still trying to forget,
still trying to erase every
moment of happiness
we lived.
And my puso is not weak,
even though it's lonely,
loneliness itself doesn't fear me,
for it loves me,
loneliness chose me.

Loneliness is jealous,
won't leave me be,
loneliness is in pag-ibig
with me,
filled within my heart,
it has chosen me.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
added by sweetangel2know
Natalie talks about her latest album 'Leave Your Sleep'; mga tula sa pamamagitan ng various poets adapted to music.
mga tula
natalie merchant
leave your sleep
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posted by Hellowittykitty
I have my oriental flower
My white makeup on
At last, I forgotten to take a shower
pag-awit to the song PONPONPON

I'm a geisha girl
With my blush on right
A geisha girl
Is one who roams at night

My reflection stares straight back at me
Who is that little girl that I see
She may appear happy
But with that cold steel blade through her heart
Nothing but a dab a sympathy

Here and there
I flap my fan
The dragon's yungib decorating my story
It is still unfitted however
For an ancient girl with a descending line of love
But unlike me
They have sad endings

I'm a geisha girl
Who is unlike the others
I will never ever bother
I'm a geisha girl
Who has the mark of red seas
I have heard that pag-ibig lives on

No one has never done
The unthinkable
I'm the distinct one
Imaginable care and dares
Geisha from the disturbed past
But like a graceful eagle
I still flap

Just a freeboard
Geisha girl
With that little girl
Staring back at me
posted by Cherry9090
I do not belong.
They do not see.
They can not feel the pain.
The pain of being alone.
I am dead to this hateful world.

All I ever wanted was love.
To have someone hold me.
Tell me they pag-ibig me,
Someone I can trust.
Someone who will never let go.

All I see.
All I feel.
Is this hateful world.
Full of people who lie.
And use you.
They hate and most do not know why.
They think hurting people and the people they pag-ibig makes them stronger.
It might.
But it hurts us real bad.

I do not belong here.
I am not apart of this world.
I do not feel what others feel.
I do not see what others see.

I am full of love....
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