-Darren, Leader of the Marshport Gym:

Rock and Ground types


Ryhorn: Ground/Rock, Level 13

Drilbur: Ground, Level 9

Sudowoodo: Rock, Level 12

-Paige, Leader of the Southedge Gym:

damo and Poison types


Sunkern: Grass, Level 17

Cherubi: Grass, Level 18

Bulbasaur: Grass/Poison, Level 15

Gulpin: Poison, Level 19

-Cody, Leader of the Iron baya Gym:

Steel and Electric types


Klink: Steel, Level 22

Magnemite: Electric/Steel, Level 25

Jolteon: Electric, Level 25

Emolga: Electric/Flying, Level 23

-Ed, Leader of the Slate City Gym:

Dark and Fighting types


Machoke: Fighting, Level 28

Combusken: Fire/Fighting, Level 26

Mightyena: Dark, Level 29

Liepard: Dark, Level 28

-Alice, Leader of the Glass tabing-dagat Gym:

apoy and Ice types


Camerupt: Fire/Ground, Level 33

Quilava: Fire, Level 31

Vanillish: Ice, Level 35

Sealeo: Ice/Water, Level 33

-Jeff, Leader of the Springtown Gym:

Ghost and Psychic types


Dusclops: Ghost, Level 38

Gengar: Ghost/Poison, Level 39

Espeon: Psychic, Level 36

Sigilyph: Psychic/Flying, Level 38

Medicham: Fighting/Psychic, Level 37

-Kevin, Leader of the Light Harbor Gym:

Water type pokemon


Wailord: Water, Level 42

Empoleon: Water/Steel, Level 41

Seismitoad: Water/Ground, Level 40

Blastoise: Water, Level 42

Octillery: Water, Level 43

Milotic: Water, Level 45

-Sarah, Leader of the Cold baybayin Gym:

Dragon and Ice types


Shelgon: Dragon, Level 48

Gabite: Dragon/Ground, Level 50

Kingdra: Water/Dragon, Level 46

Bearctic: Ice, Level 47

Mamoswine: Ice/Ground, Level 49

Abomasnow: Grass/Ice, Level 46

The Elite Four:

The Elite Four are on different islands and can be challenge in order at anytime.

-Chilly: Ice and Water pokemon

Lapras: Water/Ice, Level 54

Dewgong: Water/Ice, Level 53

Samurott: Water, Level 54

Kabutops: Rock/Water, Level 52

Feraligatr: Water, Level 55

Articuno: Ice/Flying, Level 55

-Tara: damo and Bug pokemon

Leavanny: Bug/Grass, Level 58

Volcarona: Bug/Fire, Level 60

Armaldo: Rock/Bug, Level 57

Meganium: Grass, Level 59

Serperior: Grass, Level 57

Virizion: Grass/Fighting, Level 60

-Hannah: Electric and apoy pokemon

Electivire: Electric, Level 64

Zebstrika: Electric, Level 63

Raikou: Electric, Level 65

Magmortar: Fire, Level 62

Darmanitan: Fire, Level 60

Charizard: Fire/Flying, Level 65

-Isaac: Dark and Psychic

Houndoom: Dark/Fire, Level 68

Zoroark: Dark, Level 66

Tyranitar: Rock/Dark, Level 68

Alakazam: Psychic, Level 70

Reuniclus: Psychic, Level 67

Latios: Dragon/Psychic, Level 70

The Acton Region Champion:

-Malcolm: Multi-type trainer

Rhyperior: Ground/Rock, Level 78

Braviary: Normal/Flying, Level 75

Emboar: Fire/Fighting, Level 77

Sharpedo: Water/Dark, Level 76

Venusaur: Grass/Poison, Level 78

Zekrom: Dragon/Electric, Level 79
The Acton Region