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posted by Renegade1765
At the beginning of every new Pokemon adventure, you're ibingiay a choice of either a Grass/Fire/Water-Type Pokemon, as a way for you to understand how Pokemon battles, type match-ups and raising one works. For the most part, these are the Pokemon that you get attached to the most and your adventure. It either has the highest level on our team, or it's your paborito Pokemon to use, there's something special about each and every starter Pokemon.

I would make a "Top 10" list, but the thing is that in every generation, no matter the starter is, the apoy Starter is my always my favorite. I've been in pag-ibig with apoy Starters ever since I first saw the fight between Charizard and Blaziken, and made a apoy Starter loyalist. Plus, red is my paborito color.
In kamakailan times, I began playing the other versions, and chose a different starter from the apoy one, and was able to form bonds with them as well.

In this article, I'll listahan down which Starter trio I like best, based on thing such as: designs; stats; the way it battles; how much fun it is to use; its usefulness, etc.
If I put your paborito Starter Trio low on this list, keep in mind that I don't hate any of these trios and all of them have something to offer. This is most of a listahan of which one I like the most.

With that out of the way, let's begin!

7.The Johto Starters: Chikorita; Cyndaquil and Totodile.
I'm sorry Johto fans. I know you pag-ibig Gen 2 and its starters, but these three don't really appeal to me, aside form Cyndaquil.
Usually, in a Starter Trio, even though Fire's my favorite, I also like one of the other starters as well. The Johto Starters are an exception, because aside from Cyndaquil, Chikoria and Totodie, as well as their evolutionary lines don't really appeal to me.

Chikorita is quite possibly the worst Starter Pokemon of all time! Not only is it overshadowed sa pamamagitan ng better Grass-type Pokemon that do its job better, but it's even hard to use in its own game, since it's weak to the first Gym Leaders. Plus, Grass-types aren't useful at all in Johto.
I do like the designs - Chikorita is cute and I really liked Ash's in the anime, Bayleaf isn't very appealing in my opinion, and Meganium nice looking, but still not my type.

Totodile isn't much better. I guess the reason why I never picked Totodile is because Feraligatr is completely overshadowed sa pamamagitan ng Gyarados, of which you can get a Shiny one at the Lake of Rage. I like it's disensyo though, as well as that it's the easiest Starter to evolve and train. Unlike the other starters who fully evolve at Level 32 or 36, Croconaw evolves into Feraligatr at Level 30.

Cyndaquil is the best out of the free in my opinion, and a lot of people seem to agree with me. While it's disensyo isn't the most spectacular, it grew on me as I used it. It's closed eyes make it look shy, and it makes me feel like I have to protect it from harm.
I played through Johto many times, and every time I did, I always chose Cyndaquil. Because I picked it for so many times, I was able to form a close bond with it, especially with its final evolution: Typhlosion; of whom I have fond memories with.
Also, it's probably the best Starter to use against Whitney and her Miltank, because there's a clever strategy that you can use with it: use "Smokecreen" over and over again until Miltank's accuracy is completely lowered. Then use "Ember" on her until she's burnt, which also lowers her attack and slowly drains her of health. sa pamamagitan ng having its accuracy and attack lowered, as well as having her health slowly drained. It makes her a clear target and you can attack her head on.

I guess the the reason why I like the Johto Starters the least is because they're rather unremarkable. They're mono-type, are overshadowed sa pamamagitan ng better Starters and non-Starters, and their designs are way too simple and boring. But the thing is, that was the point.
The main theme of the Johto games is Japanese culture and mythology. Because of that, the Starters were made to be pure. Plus, in our current world where almost every Pokemon has complex designs, it's refreshing to see simple designs like these. However, that's a double-edged sword. sa pamamagitan ng making the designs madami simple and boring, it's hard for people like myself to be interested in them.

I plan on playing Soul Silver for the first time in a couple of months, and I'll choose Totodile as my Starter, for a change. But Cyndaquil will always be my favorite.

6.The Sinnoh Starters: Turtwig, Chimchar and Piplup.
While Generation 4 is my 2nd least paborito generation of all time, I actually really like the starters this time. I remember back in 2007 when Diamond and Pearl was introduced and I was excited about it. I remember seeing the starters and I really liked them. Of course, Chimchar was my favorite, and I even imagined myself with an Infernape as my partner.

The Turtwig line is my segundo paborito Starter line for Sinnoh. While Turtwig isn't the cutest, and Grotle looks okay, Torterra looks absolutely badass! I pag-ibig the detail of the puno growing on his back, and some Pokedex entires say that some Pokemon live out their entire life on its back, which I find very heartwarming. I remember Paul's Torterra, and my paborito scene with him was in the episode where Ash's Turtwig evolved into Grotle, Torterra helped Grotle out sa pamamagitan ng teaching him how to take hits and dish them out. He understood Grotle's situation, because he probably went through the same thing himself. I also liked Ash's Torterra, however, after Grotle evolved, it just started loosing battles after battles. Which is a shame, because Torterra is an awesome Pokemon.
I personally never picked one, because I never played any of the Sinnoh games, besides Platinum where I chose Chimchar. If there Diamond and Pearl remakes are coming, I'll choose Chimchar for Pearl's remake, Turtwig for Diamond's remake.

The Chimchar line is of course my favorite. After Blaziken, it was weird seeing another Fire/Fighting-Type Starter, but Infernape was still awesome.
I remember when I was younger, my parents and I went to a shopping mall, where I bought a Pokeball toy that shoots out a spinning Pokemon figure like a Beyblade. The one I got was a Repeat Ball with an Infernape inside. I had a lot of fun playing with it, and I even imagined myself having Infernape as my partner.
I also remember wanting to watch a fight between Infernape and Blaziken, but I only found a Battle Revolution video, where Infernape won.
Ash's Chimchar from the anime was amazing - probably my paborito story out of any of Ash's Pokemon. I loved the idea of that Paul wanted to bring out Chimchar's true potential, but because he was rude and disrespectful towards him, he never could. Ash was able to do it, because he treated him with pag-ibig and care. I loved his arc, and unlike Torterra, Infernape was awesome. His fight against Paul's Electivire was amazing and still blows me away to this day.
The only Sinnoh game I played was Platinum, and of course, I chose Chimchar as my starter, and he was amazing. Not only does Infernape have a great typing, but has an amazing movepool to back it up.

Piplup is probably my least paborito Sinnoh starter, but I still like it. Piplup is probably the cutest, Prinplup looks okay, and Empoleon looks badass. One detail I pag-ibig about it is hat it's the same height as Napoleon Bonaparte, the man it's name after.
Because of the anime, and because I chose Chimchar, I always associated Empoleon with Barry, my Sinnoh rival.
I used to have an Empoleon toy, but I Nawawala it.

One of the things I loved about the Sinnoh starters is that they're all based on creatures from myth. The main theme of Gen 4 is the origin and myths of the Pokemon world, and the starters are representative of this. Torterra is based on the World Turtle; a giant pagong who floats in puwang and on its shell, there are elephants that hold up the entire world. Infernape is based on Sun Wo Kong, the famous character from Journey to the West, who also inspired Goku from Dragonball. And Empoleon has a face plate resembling Poseidon's trident.

5.The Kalos Starters: Chespin; Fennnekin and Froakie.
I remember back in 2013, when X and Y were announced, I was incredibly excited for them. They sinabi that they will be released worldwide, giving me hope that I'll finally get the chance to play them.
I personally liked these starters, Fennekin especially. I always loved Foxes, and and seeing a literal Firefox made me fangirl my own pants.

Chespin is my least paborito Kalos starter, but I don't hate it. Out of all of Kalos starters, Chespin was rather unremarkable. Although, I do like the detail of incorporating chestnuts into its evolutionary line. Quilladin looks absolutely ridiculous and s quite possibly the the stupidest and funniest looking middle-stage evolution of any starter Pokemon. Chesnaught isn't much better. I'm sorry, but in my opinion, Chesnaught is the most unappealing final evolved Kalos starter. But that doesn't mean I hate it. I pag-ibig that it has Juggernaut in its name, and I also like its signature movie, "Spiky Shield" that protects you and also damages the opponent.

Fennekin is course my favorite. I think she (And yes, I refer to the Fennekin line as a "she" because their designs are clearly female.) is the cutest of the Kalos starters, and is even a very good choice, because she was very useful through out my adventure in Pokemon Y. Braxien looks even better. I pag-ibig the detail that she keeps a twin in her tail, making it look like a witch's broomstick. And in Pokken Tournament, Braxien's even shown ridding her twin like a witch rides a broomstick. Delphox is of course my favorite. I know I'm going to get a lot of controversial looks from people, but I do genuinely pag-ibig Delphox, and it isn't because she's Fire-Type. I honestly don't get where the majority of Delphox's hate comes from. When ti comes to the design, I actually really like it. I think they did their best, since she's supposed to be a witch soro that controls fire. I think her disensyo is pretty great. My paborito thing is that she keeps her wand in her sleeve which I find pretty cool.
When it comes to battling, I don't think she's really that bad. The real problem is her ability "Magician" which steals the opponents Held Item if she's hit. The problem is that she's not supposed to hold an item, which is stupid on many levels, and the types she's weak to mostly center around physical moves, which she can't take because she has poor HP and Defense Stats. I think it would've been better if "Magician" had the ability to increase the power of Special Attacks, while decreasing all of the Physical she takes. Right now, "Magician" is a gimmicky ability at best. Her signature movie isn't much better.
While that is true, I had a lot of fun with her in my playthrough of Pokemon Y. You want you something interesting? In Pokemon Y, both of my starters fully evolved at Level 32/36 when before I even earned my third badge. When she fully evolved, she completely wrecked Korrina and her Fighting-Type Pokemon. It was a unique experience that I'll never forget. Speaking of which, it was a breath of fresh air seeing a Fire/Psychic-type, after three Fire/Fighting starters.
Because Delphox is my favorite, I tried to paghahanap for some fanarts of her, and I actually found a lot of fantastic fanarts about Delphox. There's a particular artist on Twitter named: GD-058, who makes fanarts about Delphox that shows her in a casual setting, giving her a sassy, confident, sarcastic and likable personality, which is the type of personality I associated my Delphox with. Here's his Twitter page: https://twitter.com/Gardear058/media
I'm honestly quite sad how little pag-ibig Delphox gets. Even Gamefreak seems to hate her. Why else would Serena's Braxien not evolve into Delphox, or why Braxien's in Pokken Tournament but not her evolution. If I were to make a listahan of Pokemon that everyone hates but I like, Delphox would be Number 1.

The Froakie line is my segundo paborito one, for obvious reasons. Everyone can agree that Greninja is the best starter Kalos, and that it's a genuinely awesome Pokemon. I may preffer Delphox, but I also pag-ibig Greninja. He was awesome in the anime, especially in X,Y and Z, where he kicked major ass! However, I am quite sad that Greninja is the only one of the Kalos starters that got a cool semi-Mega Evolution, where they take on the characteristics of their trainer. I actually think "Battle Bond" should've been an exclusive ability for the Kalos starters, and who knows, maybe Delphox and Chesnaught would've been madami beloved.
Back to Greninja, I'm currently playing through Pokemon X for the first time, and all of my team members are fully evolved my Greninja is an awesome team member. And like Delphox and Venusaur in Y, both my Frogadier and Charmeleon evolved into their final forms before I got the third badge.

Like the other Starter Trios, the Kalos trio follows a certain theme. Each of them represent different warrior classes in RPGs. Chesnaught represents the knight or templar. Delphox represents the wizard or witch. And Greninja represents the thief or ninja. I think it's quite fitting, because Pokemon X and Y had a lot of Medieval undertones to it, due to being based on France.

4.The Unova Starters: Snivy, Tepig and Oshawott.
Back around 2011, my pag-ibig for Pokemon started to dwindle because I was so tired of seeing Generation 4 over and over again. Plus, because they introduced so many new evolutions to older Pokemon, I thought that this was going to be the last Generation of Pokemon. However, that all changed once I discovered Pokemon Black and White. I was blown away sa pamamagitan ng the Unova Pokemon, and it instantly became my paborito Generation. I loved the Generation 5 Pokemon so much that I bought a spiral math notebook, and drew every single one of them in it. I of course also loved the disensyo of the starters. A lot of people seem to dislike them, but I actually pag-ibig them. When I was younger, I imagined myself choosing Tepig, and wrecking house with Emboar.

Snivy is my least my paborito out of the three, but I still really like it. I pag-ibig how smug and confident if looks, while also looking cute. Because I always chose Tepig, I often associate Snivy with my in-game rival, Bianca. Even though she chose Tepig in the anime. Speaking of the anime, I really liked Ash's Snivy in the anime, and she was one of the only few good things about the Black and White anime. I also really like Servine it's not as cute as Snivy, but it keeps the smug and confident look. Serperior's also really cool, too. Though, I would've preferred if Servine evolved into a Grass/Dragon Pokemon. But I understand why they didn't do that. Still, I pag-ibig the regal snake look. The yellow striped on it create good contrast, and while I never used one, I still think it's a cool Pokemon.

Tepig is of course my favorite. I think it's one of the most adorable apoy starters. It's alike a combination between a piglet and a rabbit, it even looks like it's wearing swim trunks. Ash's Tepig was also really adorable and cute, and while his backstory was almost the same as Charmander's, it's still quite different, and probably even madami tragic. Charmander was left out there to die, but Tepig was tied down, escaped, and almost starved to death. And I pag-ibig how he stood up against his former trainer sa pamamagitan ng evolving and defeating his Emboar. Because of that, Tepig became my Starter for Black and Black 2. Pignite's kind of lame, but I remember having a lot of fun with him, and it slowly grew on me. I was sad that Ash's Pignite never fully evolved, but he already has two other fully evolved apoy starters, so I guess that they want Ash to only have those. I also like the detail of having it look like it's wearing a weight lifting singlet.
Emboar is awesome in my opinion. While it may not be the strongest Fire/Fighting starter,it's my segundo favorite. disensyo wise, Emboar looks badass. I pag-ibig the combination of red, orange, yellow and black, and I pag-ibig how it looks like it's wearing a wrestling belt. I also pag-ibig that it has a beard made out of fire. It makes him look even madami badass. While Emboar didn't appear that much in the anime, I do remember Bianca's Emboar, and I really liked his fight against Trip's Conkeldurr. Especially the scene where he grabbed all of Conkeldurr's stones and used "Fling" to throw them back at him.
I chose Tepig 6 times in the past. I chose it when I replayed Black 4 times, I chose it when I played Black 2, and I chose it during the post-game for Pokemon Omega Ruby. Every time I did, I was able to form a close bond with Emboar, making it feel like a signature Pokemon of mine.
Emboar also has an amazing movepool, with Fire, Fighting, Electric, Ground, Rock, and even Water. A lot of people find it weird that Emboar can learn the ilipat "Scald", which is a Water-type ilipat where they shoot a water so hot at the opponent that it burns it. It's actually meant to be a joke, because Emboar is based on a pig, and pigs are cooked in scalding, hot waters. It's ability "Reckless" is pretty good, since it increases the power of moves that have recoil.
My only problem with Emboar is that its stats could've been better. Emboar's supposed to be a bulky mixed attacker, but in my opinion, it should be a bulky physical attacker. It already has great HP and Attack. If they reduced its Special Attack and Speed stats, and gave him madami Defense and Special Defense, then it could've been a madami beloved Pokemon.

Oshawott is my segundo paborito one. In my opinion, Oshawott is the cutest Water starter, ever. It even has freckles. I also remember Ash's Oshawott, and he was hilarious. Everything seemed to go wrong for him, no matter what, and his crazy reactions to it were a lot of fun to watch.
I also really like Dewott. It keeps the cuteness of Oshawott while also becoming even cooler. And Samurott's awesome! I may not like it as much as Emboar, but Samurott's definitelly one of my paborito Water starters.
Ever since I was a little boy, I loved samurais, and being a samurai hayop ng oter makes it automatically awesome. I pag-ibig how it can use its shells on its legs as swords, going from a quadroped to a bipedal Pokemon. I remember playing through Pokemon Black 2, my in-game rival Hugh had a Samurott, and he also had a Samurott in that animated trailer for Black 2 and White 2. Because of that, I always associate Samurott with Hugh.
It also has a decent ability in "Shell Armor" which protects it from Critical Hits. Before playing X, I started playing Pokemon White, and I chose Oshawott. Right now, I have a Samurott and he's an awesome team member. Once I finished X, I''l go back and finish White. I'm planning on playing White 2 in the future, and I'll chose Oshawott again. I'll also choose it again when I'll play Alpha Sapphire.

One of the things I pag-ibig about the Unova starters is that each of them represent a country. Remember when I sinabi that it would've been better if Servine evolved into a Grass/Dragon Pokemon? Well, the reason why it didn't is because Serperior is meant to represent France, and is made to look like French royalty. Hence why it looks so smug and snooty. Emboar represents China, because of the Chinese markings on its belt, the red coloring, and being based on the pig demon Zhu Bajie from the Chinese tale "Journey to the West". Samurott represents Japan, with it being based on a samurai, and its tail resembling a Japanese war fan. This is supposed to be a reference to the diverse population of New York city, which the Unova region is based on.

3.The Alola Starters: Rowlet, Litten and Popplio.
Being the most kamakailan starters, I had a hard time warming up to them. I remember when they were revealed, I remember thinking to myself "And they sinabi the Unova starters looked weird." Rowlet was cute, I loved Litten but the cartoony mustache looked weird, and simply didn't like Popplio. But now that I've played all four Alola games, I must say that I feel in pag-ibig with them.
Rowlet's probably the cutest damo starter, ever. It's also my segundo paborito Alola starter. The round shape, the bow tie made of leaves, the fact that it can rotate its head, it was just too much. Its also one of the most unique starters, because it's the only starter besides Bulbasaur to have a segundo typing, being Grass/Flying, only of it to change to Grass/Ghost.
I haven't seen much of the Sun and Moon anime, but I have seen Ash's Rowlet, and he's a perfect angel cinnamon roll.
Datrix looks really funny with its hair and how it hold out its wing like a butler. In fact, Datrix looks like a butler hipster owl.
Decidueye is awesome. Not only does it have an awesome typing, but its disensyo is amazing too. I pag-ibig how it uses its wings as a bow that he can use to shoot arrows out of. It even looks like a Duel Disk from Yu-Gi-Oh. I also pag-ibig that it uses its hood to hide its face. With all of this, it makes the Decidueye line look like an angsty teenager. I really like it's signature ilipat "Spirit Shackle", it has a solid power of 80, and it has a great effect of preventing the opponent from escaping. I also pag-ibig it's Z-Move, which allows it to soar high into the sky, then descent down with a raid of arrows behind it. Because I chose Litten in Sun and Ultra Sun, I'm used to seeing my in-game rival Hau with a Rwolet, and I think it bumagay him better. I chose Rowlet as my starter for Moon and Ultra Moon, and while he wasn't the best starter to chose, he was still very good team member.

Litten is my favorite. I remember when he was first revealed, I didn't like the mustache because it made Litten look silly, but it honestly didn't bother me when I used on in Sun/Ultra Sun. I live on a farm and we have a lot of mga hayop at our house. Including a lot of cats. I was always both a dog and cat person, and seeing a cat apoy starter made me want to have one as fast as possible. When I got a New Nintendo 3DS Xl on December 29th 2016 for Christmas, I loved it! It had 5 games installed onto it, two of them being Pokemon Sun and Moon. I of course played Sun and chose Litten. I had so much fun I couldn't even describe it. Remember when I sinabi that Emboar feels like a signature Pokemon of mine? Litten feels madami like it, especially because of its Pokedex entry that says: "It doesn't allow its emotions to be easily seen. Earning its trust takes time. It prefers solitude." Which I can totally relate. It feels like this Pokemon was made for me.
Torracat is also really cool. I like the little kampanilya on its neck that resembles the bells you see on cats. It's also supposed to be it's organ, which I guess justifies it. I remember when I did my damo Trial against Totem Lurantis. I was afraid because many Poketubers sinabi how hard it is. But my Torracat beat it in just two turns. I used the Z-Move "Inferno Overdrive" on it, then finished it off with "Bite". Same thing happened in Ultra Sun.
I also like Ash's Torracat, especially because if his backstory of being raised sa pamamagitan ng a Stoutland, only for him to die and be left alone on the streets.
Incineroar is amazing! I pag-ibig that it looks like a Fire/Fighting-type, but it's actually a Fire/Dark-type. That's because Incineroar is based on a heel wrestler. Being a tagahanga of professional wrestling myself, it's like watching an action movie happening live! It's a story of bayani vs villains, and that's what heels are. They're the villains - they backstab, disrespect the opponent and the audience, use cheap tricks to win, fight dirty, and are known to even beat up the ref. That's what Incineroar does as well. Incineroar breaks all the rules, attacks the opponent with no concern and is even known to attack the trainer and disobey its own trainer. When the crowd breaks out into cheering, he feels overjoyed and is pumped up even madami to fight. However, if the audience doesn't cheer, it will fight very poorly. But despite having a cold demeanor outside, when children admire him, Incineroar's overjoyed. It also has no interest in fighting weaker opponents.
I also pag-ibig it's design, especially the wrestling sinturon made out of apoy that it shoot apoy out of. Which gives me the image of Incineroar peeing fire.
I chose Incineroar twice before and he was a beast. I remember defeating Ultra Necrozma via Incineroar's Z-Move "Malicious Moonsault", which has Incineroar create a giant ring, then jump high into the sky and drop itself onto the opponent like a wrestler. I also pag-ibig the little animation before the attack, where it shows Incineroar with a malicious grin.
Incineroar's also supposed to be the signature Pokemon of Professor Kukui and his alternate persona, The Masked Royal, since they're both wrestlers, and is even shown using Incineroar in the anime.

Popplio's is my least favorite. In fact, she (And yes, I refer to Popplio as a "she" because Brionne and Primarina have clearly female desings). is one of my least paborito Water-type starters. That doesn't mean I hate her, but as in the first stage, she's very unremarkable and boring, in my opinion. I do like the that she's supposed to have a playful personality and that she loves ipinapakita off and entertain people. This is further proven sa pamamagitan ng her evolutions, resembling someone that loves the attention and wants to make people happy.
Brionne is a far better looking Pokemon then Popplio, and I do like the little dress she has.
Primarina also looks very good. A lot of people confuse her of being based on a mermaid, but she's actually based on a Selkie, a mythical creature from Keltic mythology. They're seals that sometimes discard their selyo skin and turn into beautiful human women. They even live their lives on dry land and are even known to getting married and start families. However, they can only survive for 7 years, and if they don't put on their selyo skin and go back to the sea, they die. However there are stories that the men sometimes keeps the skin away from them, or even burn it.
Primarina fits the Selkie perfectly: is a female creature that's very beautiful; can sing beautifully; live in the water; and are known to even call upon the souls of the dead with their magic, hence the Fairy typing.
I also pag-ibig her Z-Move "Oceanic Operetta", where she stands up on her fin, creates a giant ball of water through singing, slowly pushes it at the opponent, pops it sa pamamagitan ng pag-awit which creates an explosion, and then she takes a bow. I pag-ibig it!

One of my paborito things about this Trio is that they have a lot of personality: Decidueye is shy but also very polite; Incineroar is brash, rude and boastful; and Primarina is an elegant opera singer. Another thing that iugnay these three together is that they each represent an alchemic element. Rowlet with that round body and the bow tie that looks like it separates it, makes it looks like the element of Salt; Litten's markings look like the element of Sulfur; and when you look at Popplio face-on while she's "standing", you'll notice that she resembles the alchemical symbol for mercury. This fits in well, because Gen 7 has an underlying theme of alchemy, family, and new traditions.

2.The Hoenn Starters: Treecko; Torchic and Mudkip.
I remember when I was a a boy, I wasn't aware that the Johto starters were actually starters because I didn't watch the Johto anime from the beginning. So I basically considered the Hoenn starters as the "new starters".
When Blaziken and the other two were introduced, I was blown away sa pamamagitan ng them. They look amazing!

Trecko is my segundo paborito Hoenn starter. The first Pokemon I ever played was Pokemon Sapphire back in February of 2014, when I discovered the site "Game Oldies.com". I chose Treecko because i wanted to save Torchic for Ruby and Emerald. I broke three of my rules here: I didn't play the version I wanted, I didn't pick the apoy Starter, and I nicknamed my Pokemon. I named my Treecko "Jack" because I think it suited him. Later I replayed Sapphire last Summer and chose Treecko again. I'm also planning on playing Alpha Sapphire and choosing Treecko, once I finished White.
I loved Ash's Treecko in the anime. He was a badass and I loved when it was able to go toe-to-toe with Brandon's Regirock, May's Blaziken, and even defeated Tobias' Darkrai.
Grovyle is also really cool. I pag-ibig that it has literal blades for arms, that the giant leaf it has for hair. The combination of light green, dark green and red creates good contrast, making it look very appealing.
And Sceptile's awesome! Without a doubt my paborito damo Starter, ever! I even had a Sceptile toy that I bought at a fair when I was little. The figure came with a DVD that had the first couple of episodes of the Hoenn anime. I still have it, and it's sitting on my book shelf as a decoration. It's disensyo is the perfect combination of slick but badass. The only problem I have with it is that when I was little, I always thought that those yellow balls on its back are supposed to bloom or something.
And Mega Sceptile's even madami awesome! Now it's a Grass/Dragon-type, has the "Lightning Rod" ability which makes it immune to Electric attacks and raises its Special Attack if its hit sa pamamagitan ng one, and can shoot out its tail like a rocket!
In the anime, there's a character named Sawyer who was one of Ash's rivals in the Kalos region, and had a Mega Sceptile of his own. I really liked him as a character, and his Sceptile was awesome.

Torchic is my favorite. I remember first seeing Blaziken in the anime, and saying to myself "I want one!". The Torchic line is partly responsible for making me pag-ibig the apoy starters!
Torchic is very adorable. I'm used to taking care of and watching little chickens, to which Torchic reminds me of. I really like the yellow crest on its head; it reminds of a crown.
Every time I played through Hoenn in the past, I chose Torchic as my starter. My playthroughs were cut short and had to restart the entire game again, and each time I did, I chose Torchic. However, I only managed to fully evolve into Blaziken one time on Game Oldies.com. Because of that, I have fond memories with the little kahel chicken.
I also remember that event Torchic distribution, where you can get a free Torchic that already has a Blazikenite and you can Mega Evolve it. Sadly, that event's been cancelled for years. It was also a nice teaser for ORAS.
Combusken is freaking weird! It looks like a penis, and I can't take it seriously because of that. However, it did help me out a lot when it came to Gym Leaders, like Wattson and Norman, since its apoy and Fighting-type moves were Super Effective against them.
Blaziken's probably my segundo paborito apoy Starter, ever! I loved it ever since I first laid my eyes on it back as a little boy. Everything about it just screams awesome! The red and yellow coloring looks beautiful. Plus, with it being a apoy bird, it makes it looks like a martial arts phoenix, even though it's based on a rooster.
I also remember how Blaziken was the only non-legendary Pokemon to be in Ubers, which just shows how amazing it is. In fact, some people considers it the best Starter Pokemon ever, and they're not wrong.
I've had Blaziken's on my teams before, the most kamakailan one being from Omega Ruby that I played and finished back in March of this year. I also had one in Ruby and Emerald, and he was an amazing Pokemon. I remember back in 2014, when I beat the Pokemon League for the first time on Game Oldies, all of my other team member were fainted, so Blaziken was my only Pokemon left, and he swept Steven Stone's entire team!
In Pokken Tournament, Blaziken shouts and makes noises similar to that of Bruce Lee or Kenshiro from Fist of the North Star, which I find both hilarious and awesome!
Mega Blaziken is even madami awesome! I pag-ibig the detail of the flames coming out of its arm, and the shape of the crest changing. On its face, it looks like a mustache, similar to what martial art masters have in movies. Its ability "Speed Boost", increases its speed even madami every turn, making it a fast and powerful sweeper.
I simply can't stress enough how much I pag-ibig Blaziken! It's close to being my paborito apoy Starter, and I pag-ibig using it in battle.

Mudkip is cute, but it was never one of my favorites. I liked Brocks from the anime, but because it never fully evolved, he didn't really impress me.
Because I chose Torchic so much, I associated Mudkip with my in-game rival May, which is kind of funny when her actual partner is supposed to be Blaziken.
Marshtomp is alright. I have no opinion it. I never used one, and it's just an okay Pokemon.
Swampert's really cool, though. I pag-ibig the combination of blue, orange, black and white on it, combined with an awesome design. It's definitely the best Water/Ground-type Pokemon, and it's a shame I never used one. While it was never one of my favorites, I do understand why people pag-ibig it.
Mega Swampert looks pretty funny in my opinion, because it has these giant, swollen biceps, but these stubby little legs that don't look like they can support Swampert's massive body. Talk about skipping leg day.

What I pag-ibig about the Hoenn Starters is that each of them look both slick and awesome. These are the most popular one for a reason. They have great and unique typings, and because they came out during the early 2000's, many children of my age picked these as their very first starters, and thus have nostalgic feelings towards them. Plus, they represent what Gen 3 and Hoenn was about: nature. Each of them look like the belong in a territory or habitat in the Hoenn region. Treecko looks like it belong on the rainy and went tall damo that can be found on Route 121; Torchic looks like it lives in the bulkan of Mt. Chimney; and Mudkip looks like it belongs underwater or in the rainy environments. Which makes them feel madami realistic.

1.The Kanto Starters: Bulbasaur; Charmander and Squirtle.
Having been around the longest, it's no surprise that I got to form madami memories with these guys. It also doesn't hurt that like the Hoenn starters, they re-appeared in Gen 6 with new awesome Mega Evolutions, giving madami reason to raise them. People call them overrated; I call them timeless classics.

Bulabsaur is m segundo favorite. There are dozens of memes around how unloved, unpopular and unwanted Bulbasaur and damo Starters in general are. It mostly has to do with the fact that the Gen 1 games released in the USA were "Red and Blue", and that the main character Red has a Charizard, while his rival Blue has a Blastoise. Believe it or not, but there's a glitch in the Gen 1 games where you can battle Professor Oak at the and, and he uses the starter that you and your rival didn't pick. Which I find very heartwarming.
In kamakailan years, Bulbasaur started to grow on me. I chose it as my stater for Leaf Green, and I chose Bulbasaur in Y to Mega Evolve. It's also very unique, because it's the very first Starter Pokemon that already has a secondary typing.
I remember Ash's Bulbasaur in the anime, and I really liked his personality, especially how he didn't want to evolve because he wanted to be strong without evolving.
Ivysaur is okay, but it's just a slightly larger Bulbasaur who's bulb bloomed.
Venusaur is awesome! I pag-ibig it's creative design, being a giant plant dinosaur that has a giant bulaklak on its back that it can use to shoot "Solar Beams" and poison out of.
In Leaf Green, my Venusaur kicked ass! In fact, Venusaur is probably the best Starter to choose for Kanto. It's super effective against: Brock; Misty; and Giovanni; it's resistant to Lt. Surge's Electric Pokemon; Erica's Grass-Types and Koga's Poison Types; and many of the Pokemon that Team Rocket uses.
In Pokemon Y, I had a female Bulbasaur and she was my team's Mega Pokemon, alongside Lucario. She absolutely destroyed Fairy and Water-types Plus, her ability, "Thick Fat" made her resistant to apoy and Ice attacks.
People say that Bulbasaur is unloved, but I highly disagree, as it's my segundo paborito damo Starter and Kanto Starter.

Charmander is not only my paborito Kanto Starter, but my paborito Starter Pokemon in general.
Despite all the hate that Charizard got over the years, it's still my segundo paborito Pokemon of all time. It was my paborito as a young boy and I have a lot of memories with it, even if I didn't play the games as a kid. I remember the fight between Charizard and Blaziken in the anime, and ever since them, I became a apoy Starter loyalist. Even the starters that people tend to dislike, like Emboar and Delphox, I still pag-ibig them because of Charizard. (Though, I recently started playing older Pokemon games that I never played before and chose different starters aside from the apoy one.) I also loved dragons as a kid and still do as an adult. Plus, red is my paborito color, and apoy is the closest element to red. Even if Charizard isn't technically a Dragon-type, it's still a badass apoy dragon in my eyes. Plus, its Mega Evolutions are amazing! I especially pag-ibig Mega Charizard Y, though I never had the chance to have one.
If I was ibingiay a choice to choose a starter out of the current 21 Starter Pokemon, I'd pick Charmader in a heartbeat.
Out of nay of the Starters, Charmader is the one I picked the most. Mostly because whenever I tried to play Pokemon apoy Red, something always happened to crash the game and made me restart from the very beginning. That is until Summer of 2016, when my old laptop's palaso keys weren't working properly, and I couldn't play any of the games on it anymore. I decided to download an emulator on my tablet, as well as ROMs on it to play. One of them was apoy Red, and I finally manged to fully beat the game. I also beat it back in Summer of 2014, but only the main game; because after I became champion, my game reset to the very beginning. Because I chose Charmander the most, I was able to form the most bond with it. Heck, I even have a Charmander plush toy that I bought when I was little.
And of course, Ash's Charizard in the anime was awesome. I like how it didn't obey Ash in the beginning, to ipakita that he still has room to grow as a trainer. After he tamed him, he became an awesome member. I also really liked how they brought him back in the Unova anime, however, I think they only did that as a cheap way to keep people watching, because they knew that the Black and White anime sucked. The also blew their chance, because Mega Evolutions were coming up in X and Y, and they should've saved Charizard for the X and Y anime, so he could have a Mega Charizard Y, whereas his rival, Alain had his Mega Charizard X. Ash Greninja's awesome too, but I would've preferred a "Mega Charizard vs mega Charizard Battle." There was such a thing in the anime, but it wasn't with Ash and the fight was rather lame.
I also remember Alain's Charizard in the anime was awesome too!
I'm currently playing through Pokemon X and I chose Charmander. Now I have a Charizard that can mega Evolve into Mega Charizard X and he's awesome!
Last week, I went out for a walk, and I had this mental image of Mega Charizard X and Mega Blaziken fighting, and both using "Flare Blitz", that turns into a blue, apoy dragon for Charizard and a red, apoy phoenix for Blaziken.
Many people complain about why Charizard got two Megas, but Venusaur and Blastoise only got one. My theory is that the other two were used competitively and were useful. But Charizard got the short end of the stick, and found itself in "Never-Used". The two Megas gave Charizard a chance to rise up and become awesome again. I pag-ibig how distinct and different both of them look. Mega Charizard Y is a fast Special Attacker that has the "Drought" ability, which summons the sun for a few turns. Meaning it can knock out Water and Rock-types with a first-turn "Solar Beam". And Mega Charizard X is a bulky Physical Attacker that has the "Tough Claws" ability, meaning that it increases the power of physical, contact moves. Which makes moves like "Flare Blitz" and "Dragon Claw" even madami powerful.

The Squirtle line is my least favorite, but I still like it.
I remember the Squirtle Squad in the anime, and they were a lot of fun to watch. I also liked Ash's in the anime.
I remember the fight between Ash and Gary, and the fight between Charizard and Blastoise was also pretty awesome. It made me think of them as opposites.
Before I played any of the Gen 6 games, I wanted to choose Squirtle for my team for Y. However, after I saw how little pag-ibig Bulbasur got, I changed my mind and chose Bulbasaur instead. That doesn't mean I hate it. In fact I think Blastoise is awesome. If in the future I get the chance to choose the Kanto starters again, I'll definitely pick Squirtle.
Mega Blastoise is also ridiculously cool! It has a giant water kanyon on its back! I bet it can shoot water at such power, speed and pressure, that it can cut through steel and rock. It has an ability called "Mega Launcher", which powers up aura and pulse moves. Which means that moves like "Aura Sphere", "Water Pulse" and "Dark Pulse" are much madami powerful than before.

One of the reasons why I pag-ibig the Kanto Starters isn't because of nostalgia, because this was the first trio where I picked all three of them. You may think that's a weak reason, but hear me out. While I'm not a big tagahanga of the Gen 1 games, I did play Yellow to get that original Kanto experience. What made Yellow stand out amongst all the other games that came after it is that you can have all three of the starters on your team! This is the first time something like this happened to me, and this is one of the reasons why I pag-ibig them the most. Because of that, I tried to recreate Red's team from the final battle at Mt. Silver, with the only exception being a Hypno instead of an Espeon.
And like the other Starters, they represent what their respective Generation is about. With Gen 1's main theme being genetics, experimentations, and mutations. All three of them are reptiles that adapt to their surroundings. Bulbasur's bulb bloomed; Charmander grew wings; and Squrtile developed giant water cannons on its back.

One of the appeals of Starter Pokemon is that they're the first Pokemon you choose on your journey. They're the ones who assist you the most on your adventure, grow the most close to. They're like your best friend or you even start looking at them like they're your family. You either pag-ibig how cute the first stage looks, like the middle stage better than the first of final form, or you think the final form is aweomse and is worth getting if you didn't like the nakaraan two forms.
I always found Starter Pokemon interesting. The Rock, Papers, Scissor mechanic is a big part of the Pokemon franchise, and nowhere near is it represented better than in the Starter Pokemon. Plus, the three stage evolutions allow for you to grow closer to your Starter on your journey. Because of that, Starter Pokemon hold a very special place in people's hearts. That's why when people talk about their paborito Pokemon of all time, they often include one or madami Starter Pokemon, because that's how much they mean to them.

As always, Smell ya' Later!
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