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posted by Dasher472
Hello my name is Dasher and I'm going to ipakita you a sneak peek of my new comic series that I've been Pagsulat for a long while now I am representing it to the series here's a quick look at what you're going to be seeing in the future.

Kanto region.

Scientist: how long until a Serum is ready?
Scientist 2: it'll almost be done we just need a test subject to test it On
?: get your human hands off me!
Scientist 3: calm down
(Eevee bites scientist)
Scientist 3: he bit me!
?: he's an eevee cage him!
?: touch me and I'll bite your fingers off!
(Eevee is locked up)
?: looks like I found Your test subject.
posted by thetankmoment
Daylight could hardly wait. Her segundo Eevee was about to be born. Icicle, her husband called Laila the Eevee over. "Laila, your sibling is about to be born!" She rushed over as quick as a flash, hoping she wouldn't be too late. When the Eevee was born, Daylight cried, "Oh, this has to be the best araw of my life!" "Well," Laila sighed, "THAT feels NICE!" However, as Daylight peeked closer she saw that the Eevee was a strange color. "Wait," Daylight asked, "Why is it gray?" When it opened its eyes, a blue shimmer swirled across its eyes. "It's...SHINY," Icicle cried. Daylight let out a gasp of delight. "We're blessed!"
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posted by PeterMWou
Here are the trivias for the specific Pokémon generation. Enjoy.

Generation I Trivia

Of all the generations, Generation I introduced the most moves to the series, with 165.
Excluding Generation III's FireRed and LeafGreen (as they are remakes), Generation I is the only generation so far whose mascots are non-legendary Pokémon.
As far as release dates go, Generation I is the shortest generation in North America, partly due to the fact that Red and Blue were not released until 1998, while in Japan, they were released in 1996, and their successors, ginto and Silver, were released closer together,...
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posted by 15sturmelle2
The episode starts out with Ash, Misty, and Tracey on an island known as Murcott Island, known for its bug type Pokemon population, as well an injured Scyther that Ash almost catches when Tracey stops him and suggests Ash let him catch it. Tracey sends in Venonat, which despite being afraid of Scyther at first, manages to stop Scyther with Sleep Powder. After bringing it with him, Tracey has Nurse Joy look after Scyther, which unexpectedly takes a turn for the worst, as Scyther refuses to rest and it leaves to defend its clan, which Team Rocket trapped with glue globs in retaliation for Jessie'...
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The owner of this video has no copyright intended... and neither do I... enjoy :D
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