Hey, Pokemon fans. I'm so sorry for not making any Pokemon related artikulo here at Fanpop. But here I am now.

Anyway, least year, we have alternate type reprints in the Pokemon TCG. It was first introduced in Ultra Prism. Alternate type reprints is a type of reprint that contains a different type. Example: a Psychic Croagunk from Ultra Prism has an alternate type reprint of Fighting from Forbidden Light.

Now, I'll be taking about a predecessor to alternate type reprints called alternate weakness reprints. What it does is that alternate weakness reprints will feature a different weakness on a reprint.

For example: a Water type with a damo weakness will be reprinted with a Lightning weakness. Why? Because Water's weaknesses are damo and Electric. Now I'll be talking a about Blastoise from Team Up. As you may know that Blastoise's weakness is Grass. Why? Because Blastoise is a pure Water type and its weak against Grass. So what if Blastoise can be reprinted with a Lightning weakness as a promo. The reason I think Lighting weakness should be Blastoise's weakness on a reprint is because Blastoise is weak against Electric attacks just like in the video games. That way, the Blastoise card from Team Up will have a damo weakness while a promo reprint for Blastoise will have a Lightning weakness. Pretty cool, huh?

Now then, the reason alternate weakness reprints are perfect for Lightning weak Water cards is because most of them are weak to damo nowadays. So how about a Lightning weakness on a Water reprint. This will make Lightning decks super happy. Especially with the rise of ElectroPower and Thunder Mountain while damo hitting Water for weakness has been declining for a little while. Good thing Gyarados, Empoleon, Volcanion and Flying Water cards like Wingull have a Lighting weakness. So I'm happy with that.

Another good example is a Darkness weakness on a Psychic reprint. Especially stuff like Espeon and Hoopa. The only Darkness hitting for weakness these days is Ghost version of Psychic cards. Poor Darkness. Darkness cards were really good and yet Darkness cannot hit Psychic for weakness. Psychic is not Psychic's weakness it has got to stop immediately. At least Lunala did get a Darkness weakness. So kudus to that.

One last example is Ho-Oh GX. Remember Ho-Oh GX from Burning Shadows? It has a weakness to Lightning even though Ho-Oh is a apoy Pokemon. Well that's because Ho-Oh is also a Flying Pokemon. So it does have an Electric weakness and thus Ho-Oh GX is weak to Lightning. So what Ho-Oh GX does is to get a reprint with a Water weakness as Water and Electric are both Ho-Oh's weakness due to its apoy and Flying typing. So a Water weakness on a Ho-Oh GX weakness will do the trick. That way, the original Ho-Oh GX will have a Lightning weakness while a reprint will have a Water weakness instead.

Bottom line, alternate weakness will be a game changer for weakness and this will allow weaknesses to diversify. So what do you think about my idea about aliterate weakness reprints? Do you like the idea of an alternate weakness reprint? Sound off below!