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Ash was excited to finally have fun after a long and serious week of training. He went walked to the tabing-dagat with Cilan, Iris, and his beloved Pokémon, pikachu. On the way there, he ran into Misty the pokemon trainer. She asked him if she could walk with him. Of course he sinabi yes. He was excited to see Misty in a bathing suit- not because he was perverted or anything, but because he wanted to see what she'd say. After all, Misty is always judging other people, he wondered if she'd judge herself. The way there was very awkward for Ash. Misty kept bringing up all the good times. Ash wondered...
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Don't like Conjunction Shipping but end up pagbaba it and don't like it no HATE comments please.

Mars:Whats the susunod mission…?(looks bored at Cyrus)
Cyrus:Mars be gone you don’t have a susunod mission!
Jupiter:Well well you always land in the garbage Mars!
Mars:None of your business Jupiter!
Jupiter:You never learn do you?
Mars: (gives Jupiter a death look)Get lost!
Saturn:What are you two arguing about now?
Mars:Like you care Saturn!
Saturn:Mars…Jupiter what did you do this time?
Jupiter:You know I winded her up again.
Saturn: (sighs) You really need to stop doing that…
Mars:Runs away...
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