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 Staraptor and Trainer
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Part 2: Deceit Uncovered! Starless Chasm's Training
But that fog would only be the beginning of the darkness the Starless Chasm would spread. They began, like the Hidden Realm, converting Pokémon left and right, though they were madami discreet. Little did they realize that they would be found out, not sa pamamagitan ng a Hidden Realm legend, but sa pamamagitan ng an ordinary Luxray named Drake.
Damion(Torterra) Kenzie(Staraptor) Niko(Graveler) Janie(Happiny) Sean(Sneasel)
(P.S. Sarah W., on the off-chance you're pagbaba this, thank you so much for the use of your Pokémon from your games as characters. It means a lot ;) )...
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posted by DragonAura15
Part 1: Countdown to Showdown
Hidden within Pokearth is a place well beyond the reach of most humans and Pokémon, where legends reside. Only a choice few know what it is, and how to get there. It's called the Hidden Realm.
Now, facing what may be the greatest danger to Pokearth ever, a golden Riolu stands, waiting for the appearance of his trusted second-in-command. Those who know of this Riolu call him the Golden Aura, a guardian of light.
However, there is a flip side to all things. Like the Hidden Realm, there is a place for the darkest of the dark, known as the Starless Chasm. To face this...
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posted by YolentaShield
The Fairy-type match-ups has been revealed. Now, you can understand how effective the Fairy-type does. This is the match-ups for Fairy-type:
Fairy-type moves
Super effective against Fighting, Dragon, and Dark-type Pokémon.
Not very effective against Fire, Poison, and Steel-type Pokémon.
Fairy-type Pokémon
Weak to Poison and Steel-type moves.
Resistant to Fighting, Bug, and Dark-type moves.
Immune to Dragon type-moves.
My information about fairies:
Fairies dislike boxing, dragons, and something related to darkness. mga engkanto using magical ilipat to stop boxing, defeat dragons, and remove darkness. Fairies'...
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ASH: A very determined and strong character. proves the proverb 'there is a will there is a way' correct......

Does not train hard enough or he could be a better trainer.

MISTY:Can be very optimistic at times.

Is a hot head and a stuck up character.(i actually hate her......)

BROCK: A great cook,breeder , referee..............etc

Falls in pag-ibig with girls a little too often...

MAY: Showed a lot of development throughout the series and is a great big sister.......

doesn't trust herself and is a bit of a scaredy cat....

MAX:Not too annoying for a little brother.and is a whizkid

Relies too much on books....
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posted by YolentaShield
 The partial screenshot of Fleur's phone.
The partial screenshot of Fleur's phone.
A character from The Story of François and Bella, Léon Olivier, who knows Pokémon, sent e-mail to all mga engkanto in France with his tablet. The content is:
My name is Léon Olivier, I'm the founder of my electronic company, and a billionaire, alerting you for the new Pokémon, Dedenne, a cute Electric/Fairy-type rodent Pokémon. Because it'll use Electric-type moves, it'll make you get an electric shock and make you paralyzed. So, beware that Pokémon, OK?
The e-mail was sent on 9th August 2013 at 13:00 UTC (15:00 CEST). The mga engkanto smartphone, tablet,...
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posted by meloblossom
Hi guys. If you haven't seen my other funny picture artikulo go check those out. This time I'm doing my Sylveon one. I made it on the same app. This time it will be on the bottom so it will fit.
The picture comes from the Japanese trailer for Pokemon X and Pokemon Y, and I just took it from Google larawan and edited it. If I could make a move, it would be that ilipat indeed. All those pretty Pokemon could learn that move, but in order to do that Gardevoir would have to make it female only lol sometimes I imagine Gardevoir all woman like and the Pokedex says male Gardevoir are possible :p. I hope you think it's funny!
posted by meloblossom
 So? Is this funny?
So? Is this funny?
Is my picture of Jigglypuff funny? I made it on an app they call Aviary. It's a picture of mad Jigglypuff. I think it's in a Jhoto episode. I think it comes from the episode with the girl that sings the same song in all her concerts but something goes wrong Brock takes her place lol. Brock's song is about girls, and the girl's song is about fun times in summertime. Oh, yeah, the girl had two Igglybuff which Jigglypuff obviously hated (Well, it is actually not that obvious.). I hope you think the picture is funny!
This is considered a theory. This is also non-canon. Ok the ending would be this. This is years into the future. Ash is either married to Misty or Dawn (way madami likely Misty) and haves a daughter. Ash is not in the video (link below).
Well the Dawn thing would make no sense so I will explain.
In the beginning of the video, on your right is future Misty. On your left is future Dawn (possibly). And the middle is Ash's daughter. Well if you are still confused about the Dawn thing you can see that on your right in the video it's a woman in blue hair. It's obviously Dawn (likely).

Here is the link: link
EG360 here! So, the wait for these artikulo started off with me being extremely busy, but now I have fallen to laziness. That, and well, I don't have much to say about this article. Enjoy!

 Again, the elegant way Dawn holds her pokeball reminds me of her Adventures counterpart, Platina.
Again, the elegant way Dawn holds her pokeball reminds me of her Adventures counterpart, Platina.
5th Place:
Dawn (Platinum Version)

About Dawn: Once again, there is nothing much to say about Dawn. She is niether very liked nor hated in the games. However, her anime and manga counterparts (Dawn and Platinum) are very liked, and the act of a tagahanga judging the playable character sa pamamagitan ng her counterparts is not rare....
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EG360 here! Sorry for the wait on this article, but I have been busy out of my mind >_< And wooh hoo! I have been waiting for a chance to write about Kris! Hope you enjoy!

6th Place:
Kris (Crystal)

About Kris: There is absolutely no doubt that Kris is probably the most underrated female character in the main Pokemon games. This is mainly because Pokemon Crystal version was released in 2000 on GameBoy Color. You know, that time where not all kids owned a portible gaming system (my first hand held gaming console was a Gamboy Advance SP, hense I haven't played Crystal either)....
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EG360 here! Welcome back to the third artikulo for these exciting polls. I have nothing to say for myself this time, except I hope you enjoy!

 Dawn looks so much like her Adventures manga counterpart sa pamamagitan ng the way she is holding the pokeball. I suppose Dawn has the same elegance as Platina.
Dawn looks so much like her Adventures manga counterpart sa pamamagitan ng the way she is holding the pokeball. I suppose Dawn has the same elegance as Platina.
7th Place:
Dawn (Diamond and Pearl)

About Dawn: There is nothing much to say about Dawn and her fans. She is often judged sa pamamagitan ng her anime counterpart, who is the main girl in the Sinnoh seasons.

Living with her mother who has big dreams for her daughter, Dawn starts off in Twinleaf Town. She and her best...
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EG360 here! I was going to name out all of the characters in one article, but then I decided that it would be an overly long article... so this is the way I will do it (and then an artikulo about the presinto all together.)

 Lyra actually has quite a nice vs figure.
Lyra actually has quite a nice vs figure.
9th Place:
Lyra (HeartGold and Soul Silver)

About Lyra: As most Pokemon fans know ... unfortunately, Lyra has never been very popular. Many fans judge her sa pamamagitan ng her anime counterpart, who is even madami unpopular with the fans (except for the hardcore pearlshippers who were probably like "Hell yes!" for the cute teasing she did).

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Welcome to the Misanko region! The Misanko Region is known for its beautiful and exotic Pokemon, and thick wonderful forests and oceans.

The Misanko regions, has its set of its own pokemon, and lots of other pokemon from different regions also.

The gym leaders are known all around the Pokemon world, and have single battles up to quadruple battles! Depending on how many pokemon the trainer has.

The first Town you will encounter in the Misanko Region is Maxus Town.

In Maxus Town you find:

Prof. Holly's lab
-You are able to pick a starter from the Misanko starters. Mifoxus-Fire, Sharmilade-Grass, and...
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posted by Espeongirl360
-What do you get if you put a loro into a washing machine?

A poliwhirl !

-Knock Knock!
Who's there?
Squirtle who?
Not me!
(Squirtle = Squirt on)

-What's Meowth's paborito snack?

Pay Day!

-What is Pikachu's paborito food?

Pepperoni Pika! (EG360: ... uh... isnt this canabalism? XD)

-What Pokémon is most likely to have a brother?


-Why did Misty say that Ash and Psyduck were alike?

They are both very dense in the head.

-How did Team Rocket get its name?

Well, they blasted off so many times. May as well call em Team Rocket.

-What did the judge say when a Skunktank came into the court?

Odor in the court!

-I Pikachu while you sleep. I probably should Raichu an apology letter.

-What three Pokémon are always getting hired sa pamamagitan ng the Mafia?

Hitmontop, Hitmonlee, Hitmonchan.
Many May fans have complaint that, because of the time limit, Dawn won the contest (I think that's how she won) and due to that a lot of May fans felt angry. If you ask me, in my opinion, I actually wouldn't care any less who won If it wasn't for stupid filler episodes. If May had won instead of Dawn than Dawn would have needed to compete in another four or five madami contest and we would have had to deal with madami boring filler episodes. Although, I like the Sinnoh saga, many of the episodes were like boring. It was like watching the boring Johto-saga all over again and Johto was when I was even mature enough to be able to remember as many Pokemon episodes as possible. When Pokemon first came out, I was way too young to remember most of them. Considering how much I could remember all the boring episodes of Johto just bugs me. But either way I still decided to re-watch them online. Anyway, what's your opinion.