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1. You spend an oras going through pics of that shipping.

2. When you refuse to like any other ship

3. When you end up going through hints of that ship on youtube all day

4. When you get steaming mad when someone insults your paborito ship.

5. (Continuation of 4) when you watch some hints of the ship the other person likes, and you realise its not that bad, and you go in depression.

6. You almost die of boredome while listening to a friend talking cuz all ypu want to talk about is this shipping info you found the night before

7. You spend your summer readng summarries of your ships fanfiction.

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A new game? Pokemon of fifth generation?! What da... you ask in your minds. And the answer is... YES! Finally arrived the new Pokemon game that sent in delirium all the Pokemon's fans!!! Pretty cool, eh? In this artikulo I will speak all about Pokemon Black and White.
Pokémon Black Version and Pokémon White Version are the primary paired versions of the upcoming Generation V. They will be, like Generation IV's games, on the Nintendo DS. Black and White, at this stage, appear to follow the trends set up sa pamamagitan ng nakaraan games in the series. Two player characters (one male and one female) travel...
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posted by RajaionTagami
n the beginning there was Arceus. Arceus grew weary of maintaining time and puwang while also maintaining its form, so it created Dialga to rule time, Palkia to rule space, and Giratina to give everything a shape. Arceus then decided that puwang needed madami than four beings to fill it; and so it created Uxie the representation knowledge, Mesprit the physical manifestation of emotion, and Azelf the embodiment of willpower.
When Uxie, Mesprit, and Azelf met their energies combined to form Mew, the first life-form. Arceus recognized that Mew needed madami than empty puwang to survive, so it created...
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So, tommorow Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver come out in The United States of America! The new Pokemon packs the exciting Johto Region in with the Kanto Region! I own the Pokemon Crystal Verison and still enjoy plaing it! So, when I heard that they were creating a Remake of it I screamed! I have since downloaded the Rom onto my computer, with a DS emulator of cource. (Oh a Rom is an illegalaly downloaded game/software, and an emulator is what you play the game on.) So I have a taste of what the game is an feels like. They made a huge improvment on the graphics, and the layout of the menu (Which...
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Few things are as predictable in Pokemon (excluding Brock chasing after girls) as the Team Rocket Motto. Our paborito villains will always appear at least once per episode and recite their infamous kasabihan (usually before getting blasted away sa pamamagitan ng Pikachu or another Pokemon). You know it's coming as soon as you hear that famous theme music signifying the "Prepare for trouble!" "And make it double!"

Team Rocket loves to pose and recite their bit of nonsense whenever possible, especially at inopportune times (like when they're attempting to sneak into a building). Meowth is skeptical of the motto's...
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posted by AKetchum01
After competeing in all the reigon's Elite 4 and Grand Festivals, Dawn and I headed to Cinnabar Island in Kanto.
"Wow, I can't wait to see the Sea Temple!" I said.
"It must be amazing, I always loved Water-types!" Dawn replied. Our dreaming was over, the bangka came to a sudden standstill. "What was that? I asked.
"Look at the sky!"Dawn exclaimed. It was getting dark, but my poketch sinabi it was still morning. Suddenly the eerie quiet was shattered sa pamamagitan ng a loud CRACK! noise followed sa pamamagitan ng a glow on the water! A ghost-like creature appeared out of nowhere!
"No, it can't be!" I said.
"You know what that...
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This new pokemon movie is abot the new legendary pokemon, Arceus. It is about when Ash, Dawn and Brock arrive in a little town called Michina. Little did they expect that they would once again run into Dialge, Palkia and Giratina. There is a conflict between them and a girl named Sheena saves them and she can communicate with a pokemon's heart. She tells them that her ancestor Damos and that the betrayed the Legendary pokemon, Arceus sa pamamagitan ng stealing the jewel of life and sending it to a rage and slumber.After a small conflict, Arceus awakens and uses his strongest ilipat judement to distroy Michina....
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posted by raichu-rules
 A ScreenShot From the new games.
A ScreenShot From the new games.
Ok. You may or may not have heard, But The classic Pokemon games ginto and Silver are being Re-Made. So I have decided to compile this article, and put in it as much news regarding the new games as I can find.

First up. It Is now Possible for every single Pokemon out of all 493 to follow you around in the Field. Sort of like Pokemon yellow, only without the Pikachu. Well I suppose it could be a Pikachu following you if you want it to! For those of you who have only just started playing since Diamond, Pearl and Platinum, Its a bit like the Amity Square system.

Secondly. There are Rumors that Arceus...
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