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 colour in shaymin
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colour in shaymin
kasanayan ng tagahanga
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 Pokémon Horoscope!
Pokémon Horoscope!
Want to know which pokemon are you according to the horoscope?

Find out!


March 21-April 19 - VULPIX.

April 20-May 20 -GROWLITHE.

May 21-June 21 -EEVEE.

June 22 -July 22 -MEW.

july 23-August 22 -WIGGLYTUFF.

August 23-September 22 -DRAGONAIR.

September 23-October 22 -PERSION.

October 23-November 21 -PIKACHU.

November 22-December 21 -CLEFAIRY.

December 22-January 19 -HUNTER.

January 20-February 18 -BULBASAUR.

February 19-March 20 -LAPRAS.


POKEMON astrolohiya SIGNS

Vulpix – You are very energetic,courageous and quick...
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The first araw of Pokemon trainer highschool in the Unova region.

*at Warren and Hilda's house* *At 7:30 am*

Warren: *sleeping*

Hilda: *yells up the stairs* uy mom says wake and get dressed or your gonna be late!

Warren: *wakes up* ugh fine tell mom I'll be down in five minutes!

Hilda: *yells up the stairs* what ever!

Warren: *gets out of kama and gets dressed* ugh why is she such a loud mouth *walks down stairs*
*In the kitchen*

Mom: now both of you eat breakfast and choose one of your pokemon to take to school

Hilda: we can only have one pokemon?

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brocks playing a game boy .......

GAME BOY: ... Wiled Officer jenny has apperd !

brock uses charm!... it doesint effected officer jenny .

offecer jenny uses tackel! critticle hit!

brock fainted... offecer jenny won! offecer jenny got 1000yen for winning...offecer jenny leved up to level 7! (XD IT WAS A LEVEL 7 ALL THS TIME! LOL!)

......... brock ran to the hospital safely

latter at the hospital... nurse joy apperd!

brock used charm! ... but it failed!

nurse joy used run but nuse joy is comfused...nurse joy conflicted dammedge on itself!

brock use mean look! nurse joy cant escape now!

nurse joy use...
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