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This Pokémon litrato might contain anime, comic book, manga, and cartoon.

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 Gotts catch 'em all!
Gotts catch 'em all!
I personally wanted to do this listahan but I wasn't in the mood for it,but now that I am,let's start.
A lot of you know that my paborito franchise of all time is Pokemon,a series dearly beloved sa pamamagitan ng many.Few games claim to isingkaw it's gravitational pull.This golden gansa has soled millions upon millions of copies,spawned countless varieties of merchandise and touched the hearts of multiple kids and adults alike.How many franchises do you know the bridged the generational gap?
The creatures in the game are huge part why I pag-ibig it.There have been hundreds of Pokemon introduced over the years and...
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Here's how I divided into 6 different announcer ilipat phases:

<insert phase here> sa pamamagitan ng <insert ilipat here>:
Shadow Force(KO): Complete destruction sa pamamagitan ng Shadow Force!
Seed Flare: Ripped into sa pamamagitan ng Seed Flare!
Magma Storm (KO): Incinerated sa pamamagitan ng Magma Storm!
Crush Grip: Smashed sa pamamagitan ng Crush Grip!
Spacial Rend: Torn apart sa pamamagitan ng Spacial Rend!
Roar of Time: Ripped sa pamamagitan ng Roar of Time!
Head Smash: Slammed sa pamamagitan ng Head Smash!
Wood Hammer: Pounded sa pamamagitan ng Wood Hammer!
Stone Edge: Sliced sa pamamagitan ng Stone Edge!
Rock Wrecker: Demolished sa pamamagitan ng Rock Wrecker!
Power Whip: Lashed sa pamamagitan ng Power Whip!
Leaf Storm: Torn up sa pamamagitan ng Leaf Storm.
Draco Meteor: Pounded...
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Koshi is a coastal region,based off off of Kyushu Island in Hapon (Here:link).The region itself sits in the oceans southwest of Kanto.As far as the land itself,it is similar to that of a Tropical forest Biome,and there are many dirt paths and forests all across the region.

All cities and towns in the Koshi region are primarily named after flowers,as a sort of nod to the variety of plant life on Koshi,and the surrounding smaller islands.The islands surrounding it are known as the Shikoku islands.

The professor of the region is named Alain(Pronounced "Allen") Hawthorn,based off of the Hawthorn...
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