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 Mega Sceptile
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Source: http://www.revogamers.net/noticias/nintendo-3ds/trailer-presentacion-cinco-mega-evoluciones-y-dos-po
Omega Ruby
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This Pokémon litrato might contain anime, comic book, manga, and cartoon.

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EG360 here! Sorry for the wait on this article, but I have been busy out of my mind >_< And wooh hoo! I have been waiting for a chance to write about Kris! Hope you enjoy!

6th Place:
Kris (Crystal)

About Kris: There is absolutely no doubt that Kris is probably the most underrated female character in the main Pokemon games. This is mainly because Pokemon Crystal version was released in 2000 on GameBoy Color. You know, that time where not all kids owned a portible gaming system (my first hand held gaming console was a Gamboy Advance SP, hense I haven't played Crystal either)....
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Mifoxus: The apoy soro pokemon
Type: Fire

When Mifoxus is super pumped for a battle, or when its about to lose a battle, and it has the determination to win, the flame on its tail grows super large!



Sharmilade: The damo chick pokemon.

When Sharmilade is about to be attacked, it uses its leaf-like tail as a shield, like how an Owshawott would use its shellchop.



Cargonice: The Water slug pokemon

When Cargonice is attacked with an electric ilipat like thunderbolt, it can redirect it with the stone edges on its head and back But it can't redirect all elec. moves. like it can't redirect a ilipat like Volt Tackle, or Shock Wave.
 Misanko Region Starter Pokemon!
Misanko Region Starter Pokemon!
UPDATES: YAY! I finished puso Gold! So now, I can get back to regular updates! I'm still working on Pokemon Esmeralda after the crash. First up, after multiple failed attempts on Yellow Forest, I tried getting a Pika holding a Light Ball. That had some strange results. Also, I decided to put up the stats that MissingNo has in R/B. And a way to sneak into Sinnoh Safari Zone for FREE! So, let's get going on our susunod Glitch Journey!

We are loaded with glitchiness in this edition, so to start things off, here is part of my hunt for a Pikachu holding a Light Ball!

So, starting in Eterna City (With...
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Number 1) Wooper. reason: other than cuteness, I like wooper because of nostalgia. gen 2 was and still is my favorite, and wooper was one of my first Johto Pokémon.

Number 2) Togedemaru. reason: because of the cuteness!

Number 3) Bidoof. reason: well, it's so cute! how could someone not like Bidoof? *because they're everywhere...*

Number 4) Rowlet. reason: damo type? check. Owl? check. sphere? check. starter? yesssss…

Number 5) Chespin. reason: why else? if anyone remembers the XY anime, I'll just let you take a guess.

Number 6) Mew. reason: Pokémon: the first movie. what an adorable Pokémon....
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Drawing video of Togepi, Misty and Celebi from Pokemon
pokemon go
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