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 Pikachu tagahanga Art
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Hey, Pokemon fans. I just want you to ipakita something about the wrong Hoenn Pokemon listahan being listed as part of the official National Pokedex list. Take a look.

252 Treecko
253 Grovyle
254 Sceptile
255 Torchic
256 Combusken
257 Blaziken
258 Mudkip
260 Marshtomp
260 Swampert
261 Poochyena
262 Mightyena
263 Zigzagoon
264 Linoone
265 Wurmple
266 Silcoon
267 Beautifly
268 Cascoon
269 Dustox
270 Lotad
271 Lombre
272 Ludicolo
273 Seedot
274 Nuzleaf
275 Shiftry
276 Taillow
277 Swellow
278 Wingull
279 Pelipper
280 Ralts
281 Kirlia
282 Gardevoir
283 Surskit
284 Masquerain
285 Shroomish
286 Breloom
287 Slakoth
288 Vigoroth
289 Slaking
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Ash, Brock, and Misty were passing through Ecruteak City for a damo Pokemon tournament. Erika was also taking part in the contest. Ash entered with Bayleef. Erika entered with her Tangela. They entered the stadium and began their battle. Team Rocket were outside the stadium discussing their plan. This could be our lucky day. sinabi Jessie Huh? What do you mean? asked Meowth What i mean is if we were to take part in this damo Pokemon tournament, we could win some Leaf Stones. sinabi Jessie Why win them when we could just steal them? asked James Oh yeah. That could be another option. sinabi Jessie...
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