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 Yvetal and Chesnaught, Delphox, Greninja
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Georgia gets in dead meat

Courtneyfan6: Okay, class, today's behavior card day. We'll start from best to worst; ginto to black. Here are the cards.
(Gold: Ash)
Ash: Yes! I got a ginto card!
Courtneyfan6: Good job, Ash. You are the best student ever and the best Pokémon master! Please go to the Principal's office to make her proud!
(Silver: May and Max)
May: Yes! Me and Max got silver cards!
Courtneyfan6: Good job, May and Max! You get a taon off! You're my first paborito siblings ever! Go to the Principal's office!
(Pink: Serena)
Serena: Yes! I got a kulay-rosas card!
Courtneyfan6: Good job, Serena! You...
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Ash, Brock, and Misty were walking along the road to the susunod town when they saw someone riding past them on a Rapidash. Outta my way! sinabi the mysterious figure Who do you think that was? asked Misty Beats me. sinabi Ash Whoever it was, we should go find out who it was. sinabi Brock When everyone arrived to where they saw the mystery person go, they were surprised to find out it was Lara Laramie. Lara Laramie! sinabi Brock, Misty, and Ash at the same time How'd you three know it was me!? sinabi Lara Laramie I'm just messing with you. I had this disguise on so no one would know it's me. sinabi Lara Laramie,...
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pokemon xy
pokemon x and y
So, I’m going to a Pokémon tournament tomorrow, and it’s really confusing. This is to help out anyone who wants to go to one, but has NO clue what to do. Every time I go to a different kind of tournament, I’ll edit. This is for card game ONLY. Without further ado, how to prepare for a Pokémon tournament.
1.    Bring a 3ds.
Now, this is for waiting for the tournament to start. You could bring a book or something as well, but I prefer something you can play Pokémon on.
2.    Bring extra money.
This is always a good idea. When I went, there...
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