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 Pokémon ORAS Mega evolutions
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omega ruby
alpha sapphire
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Source: i wonder if 5th generation is last?! :{
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posted by wallah2001
Me:hay this is my first pokemon fanfic! It's penguinshipping

Ash:nice to meet you!

Misty:yah! I read your fanpop bista sa tagiliran and you sound interesting!

Dawn:so like...you are coming up with this whole thing in your mind!?

Kenny:dee-dee I'm certin she is

Me:yah! I am!


Me:awe thanks drew!

Drew:I was being sarcastic

Me:(looks angrily at drew)

May:sorry! Sometimes drew is a big jerk

Me:it's ok anyways someone do the disclaimber!

Dawn:wallah2001 does not one pokemon

"hay dawn!"a certain 10 taon old blue haired coordinator turned to find her childhood freind kenny a kastanyas haired 11 taon old boy also...
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posted by StarWarsFan7
 May and Max in the car. (Picture May in her Sinnoh outfit.)
May and Max in the car. (Picture May in her Sinnoh outfit.)
"Alright everyone! Into the car to drop you two off for school!" Oh dad. Do you have to announce it like you just one the lottery? I clean my kahel and green outfit quickly with my hands. "Ok." I reply. My brother Max and I race each other to the maroon car but I lose. "Woo hoo! I beat-cha May!" Psshht. My brother is such a brag. "So what? You better make that win last because I'll beat you susunod time!" Max smiles deviously. "I'm sure you will May." The garahe door opens so the car can get out. My dad comes from the house door entrance. "Everyone. In the car." he tells us. I usually sit in...
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 Mondo came and gave us some food.
Mondo came and gave us some food.
The Glitches
A glitch is a very rare thing, only appearing sa pamamagitan ng doing things in a strange order. Probably the most famous glitches are MissingNo and 'M. People blame Team Rocket for them, but what do Rockets have to do with anything?

A Strange Encounter
"Finally, Viridian City! Time to win the Earth Badge!" I exclaimed.
"Y'all must be Pokemon Trainers, correct?" An old man asked us.
"Yes, we are." Max answered.
"I'll ipakita you how to catch a Pokemon." The old man replied. After that a Weedle appeared, and the old man told us how catch it, even though we already knew how.
"That was strange, lets just...
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