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 Pikachu and mga kaibigan
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This Pokémon litrato might contain stained glass window, anime, comic book, manga, and cartoon.

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#101 Electrode/Marumine

#102 Exeggcute/Tamatama

#103 Exeggutor/Nassy

#104 Cubone/Karakara

#105 Marowak/Garagara

#106 Hitmonlee/Sawamular

#107 Hitmonchan/Ebiwalar

#108 Lickitung/Beroinga

#109 Koffing/Dogars

#110 Weezing/Matadogas

#111 Rhyhorn/Sihorn

#112 Rhydon/Sidon

#113 Chansey/Lucky

#114 Tangela/Monjara

#115 Kangaskhan/Garura

#116 Horsea/Tattu

#117 Seadra/Seadra

#118 Goldeen/Tosakinto

#119 Seaking/Azumao

#120 Staryu/Hitodeman

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The susunod day, kendi woke up to arguing around the meadow. “Wha….” She muttered, “What has everyone so worked up?” She ran out of the rock house to see Luno, a Leavanny, and a bunch of other Pokémon, and it looked like they were arguing. “Maple,” Luno snarled, “I thought I told you not to invade the Dazzling Meadow.” “I told him he should have put on alarms,” A shiny Flareon sighed. This can’t be good, kendi thought, and she was right.

The Leavanny, who must’ve been Maple, just laughed at him. “Since when do I follow YOUR rules,” she asked. “They aren’t just...
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You will not believe how many female eevees I found on Monday. I was playing Pokemon X on my 3DS, when I decided, "I want a female eevee". I got my Sylveon, Hunter, out of the PC so I could get a female eevee. I tell you, CUTE CHARM WORKS WONDERS. I got a female Jolteon the following week. The others were pretty easy to get, until it became nighttime. Then I said, "If I'm getting an Umbreon, I'm getting one tonight". I stayed up until 2:00 am trying to get an Umbreon. Persistance pays off. I got an Umbreon that night. Getting Espeon was hard, but not as hard. Now, 4/7/14 will forever be known as eeveelution day.
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This is an artikulo that is ALL about Electric pokemon, so if I miss any, please let me Know in the comments section below. Now, let us begin!

Pikachu: It raises its tail to check its surroundings. The tail is someyimes struck sa pamamagitan ng lighning in this pose.

Raichu: When its electricity builds, its muscles are stimulated, and it becomes madami aggressive.

Voltorb: It was discovered when poke balls were introduced. It is sinabi that there is some connection.

Electrode: It explodes in response to even minor stimuli. It is feared, with the nickname "The Bomb Ball".

Electabuzz: Electricity runs across the surface of its body. In darkness, its body glows a whitish blue.

Jolteon: Every hair on its body starts to stand on end if it becomes charged with electricity.
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