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Misty had been at her gym, waiting for something to do. Suddenly she got an idea I have an idea! I can call up Serena and maybe Dawn, May, and Iris will want to come along with me too. sinabi Misty After making her decision, she began calling Serena. Serena! sinabi Misty Misty! What's up? Did you want to hang out? asked Serena Yeah. I actually wanted to have a night out on the town. sinabi Misty Okay. There's Lumoise City that has lots of shops and restaurants for us to check out. sinabi Serena Yeah! That sounds like a good city to check out! sinabi Misty Who else did you want to invite? asked Serena...
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(I wrote this a long time nakaraan and decided to put it here. Okay? Okay.)

Pokemon is a game that is considered violent sa pamamagitan ng many parents. There are many Pokemon battles throughout the the game, including Gym Battles, Elite Four battles, Champion battles, Trainer battles on routes where you can’t escape them (Of course there are some that you can escape, but many people enjoy battling them anyway), and, of course, wild Pokemon battles. But Pokemon doesn’t always have to be looked at as violent. Yes, Pokemon battles can be violent at times, but there’s a low chance that will actually affect...
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Hello Everybody And Welcome To My Channel. Thank you all for watching and I hope you enjoyed.
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