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 Froakie and Greninja
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This Pokémon litrato contains anime, comic book, manga, and cartoon.

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Last time on Pokémon Adventure!

Three children, Torian, Charlotte, and Quincy, all receive a Pokemon from Professor Oak. After some payo and parting words, the three all head to route one, where charlotte asks if they can travel together. After Quincy declines, Torian and charlotte tell him they understand. As Quincy departs, Torian challenges him to a battle.

(Chapter 1 is here-


(Also, i noticed i forgot to state Torian's appearance in Chapter 1...heh heh...well, he has messy black hair, redish brown eyes, and wears black cargo shorts and a short sleeved black and red jacket, and black...
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Before I start with this, just wanted to let everyone know that these are just my opinions and you don't always have to respect them :p

Hullo pokefans, I ish Alexis! I'm making this listahan of the tuktok five best legendaries in the Pokeman- I mean Pokemon universe!
This listahan goes from generation to generation mostly, I guess.

5- Zygarde: Even if he's pretty weak, DAT disensyo doe. Frikkin badass disensyo and he has a pretty cool reputation to me.

4- Arceus: FUCK NO NOT ARCEUS. It's Victini godamnit. Victini is a tiny little thing that has wings on its ass, but its Sig ilipat is aweshum and his typing, meh....
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Leon yawned,stretching his legs and arms as his eyes fluttered open.He looked out of the window, momentarily blinded sa pamamagitan ng the sunlight,before hopping out of bed.He looked in his mirror,a grin plastered on his face."Finally!I'm gonna become a trainer today!"He shouted,probably waking the entire neighborhood in the process,before rushing to change out of his pajamas.A few minutos later,he looked in the mirror again.He had on blue shorts and a black t sando with a blue blazer over it,and some blue sneakers.After picking up his black bookbag,he dashed down stairs."Hey Mom!I gotta go!Bye!"He ran...
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The best thing I have seen all day...
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This is a let's play (commentated walkthrough) and in this video I am on the way to the elite 4 so check it out
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*draws shape in air* WTF!??!?! Where are my Pokemon noodles?????
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