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 Solgaleo and Lunala
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Source: illustrations sa pamamagitan ng the pokemon company
mga wolpeyper created sa pamamagitan ng me (1920x1080)
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Sometimes you'll have a crush who likes poke'mon. You see i loved Poke'mon, and i thought we would be the perfect little couple or even just be Best Friends!!! You see i was playing with my little Poke'mon group, when he came towards Us!! He wanted to challenged me, and when I pulled out my cards he would choose his weakest Poke'mon and let me win. You see every araw we would do that, i would win, he would loose. But something was still in my head...... does he actually like me??!! So one araw at the end of the school taon i finnally was going to ask him. But he wasn't there. Or the susunod day....... or the susunod day...... or the next. I finnally asked my teacher what happened to him. She sinabi that he transferred to another school. I was sad. My point is that if you don't tell someone that if you like someone tell them. Because it might be to late. Just say " Will you be my poke'mon? Because I choose you."
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Chapter 5-3: A Unfortunate Cacturne Of Events!

After Dawn's first contest win, we are all heading to Oreburgh Town, site of my first official Gym Battle! Again, we encountered Team Rocket, but they didn't look like Jessie or James. Who were they?

"Prepare for trouble and make it double!" Someone said.
"To infect the world with devastation" Someone else said.
"Look James, it's goody-two-shoes Cassidy!" Jessie said.
"And twerpish Botch!" James added.
"MY NAME IS BUTCH!" One of the other Rockets said.
"Jessie, James, do you know who these two are?" I asked.
"Yea, we know them too well! They are Botch..."...
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Source: 大澤空 cv:花澤香菜 from Pixiv
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 Jirachi Wish Maker
Jirachi Wish Maker
(some sort of wind sound)
(music starts)

When daytime turns to night
When the moon shines bright

When you're tucked in tight
When everything's all right

Slip softly to that place
Where secret thoughts run free

There come face to face
With who you want to be, so...

Swim across the ocean blue
Fly a rocket to the moon

You can change your life
Or you can change the world

Take a chance, don't be afraid
Life is yours to live!

Take the chance and then the best has yet to come!

Make a wish!
It's up to you!

Find the strength inside
And watch your dreams come true!

You don't need a shooting star
The magic's right there in...
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