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 RE: Bubbles emerges from the shadows
Like I sinabi I would, I redid that picture of Bubbles and the shadow!
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posted by lillymango1
brick knocked dextor out for killing his girlfriend dede saw bes she was ok but a voice came hi sinabi a littel voice whos there sinabi brick its me blossem blossem your alive sinabi brick no sinabi blossem i am not you just imageing me but you were my pag-ibig tell buttercup i am going awaysaid blossem okay sinabi brick a girl came that the owner of bradon came hello brick she sinabi whos there he sinabi its me kampanilya and bradon she sinabi hello sinabi birck what happend she sinabi blossems gone brick sinabi meanwile dede came and took bes tahanan to ppgs tahanan kampanilya was blossems and bricks best pal ever when bubbels came...
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posted by Bella-Utonium
"oh no run" bommer yelled. "go" bubbles pick up bella "wat is it" the kit ask "its a mean cat run" boomer sinabi running for a tree. "up here" "its coming" bella yelled. the cat jump up the puno and grab bella. "mom help me" she cried "im coming bella" boomer yell he bite the cat but it hiss and bring bella away. "we have to save her" bubbles wail "no use" boomer creid with tears "hes going to kill her" "no" bubbles cried she sat down. "no i knew we should never left" "it okay bubbles at least we still have bryce" another kit came out "who are you" he ask bubbles. "your mother" she mew "why you crying" bryce ask "a cat took your sister away" "i have a sister" bryce ask "yes" bubbles meow "but she gone"

to be contiueide
 oh no
oh no
posted by Bella-Utonium
it was a dark night and bubbles was sitting in a kama with her house folk. her mate and one of her kits were wild while her and the other kit stayed with people. "dinner time" one of the persons called. "mmm tuna" the kit bella said. "i pag-ibig tuna" "ive had it to many times" bubbles sinabi looking at the tuna. bella ate it while her mom pushed it away. "you can have mine" she sinabi and went back to sleep. the susunod morning bubbles woke up and went outside. the birds were sitting on the fence tweeting she tried to catch one but it flew away. "i want to be free" bubbles sinabi sitting in the grass. "bella...
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posted by boomerlover
Brick looked questioningly at his brother. "What? What do you mean?" "You know what I mean," The green one answered, holding Boomer in the air. "We wouldn't have to hear his annoying babbling all the time anymore," Butch pointed out. "Besides, madami room on our bed!"

"True," Brick thought. "But what about when we leave for the day? We can't just take him with us."

"You're right," Butch moaned. The boys floated down to the ground and set their mutt brother on the floor. "For now," Brick sighed. "Let's just take him home."

The boys set Boomer on the couch. Boomer laid down, and yawned. Maybe he would...
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posted by lillymango1
 m pag-awit to yeah yeah yeah -clere
m singing to yeah yeah yeah -clere
*sorry for the long wait guys*
bella:lets sing our theme song

clere: we dont have one

bunny: yes we do

*singing kimonomon *

bella: here we are in safari island i can get all the monstaers

bunny: im gonna get alot of monters yeah

*still pag-awit *

clere: thats it im pag-awit to yeah yeah yeah

bella: here we are in safari island i can get all the monsters

bunny: im gonna get alot of monsters yeah

jay: shut up !
clere: thats it im pag-awit to yeah yeah yeah
pag-awit jappinese vershon*

clere: SHUT UP

bella: sorry

bunny: ok look a monster is destroying baby city

bella: should we help

clere: yesss

*thay atack the monster*

monster: rawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwrr

*after that oras the girl fly in *

bunny: im tired

*thay transfourm down *

to be countinud
posted by lillymango1
one araw a girl named bella was playing with some chemacls she dident know when she pored all of them on her she was called a ppg toddel *tramforms into best bella* ohhh i can talk cool i can fly too this is cool *flys out of room* bumps into a boy who looks like her friend clere*who is a girl* whats a sisy todel doing out of baby city dayami u cant juge me im very smart u know. well my names ibon ng dyey my names bella
so sinabi jay
what she sinabi looking into his eyes
take this*spits in her face
grrrrrr sinabi bella
*at bunnys house*
ohh whats this dadys boght new since stuff sinabi bunny
oh dayami add the to ower cup...
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The sound is messed up. I should of sped it up a little when her was running away. Yup, my brother's voice in this. I tried my best Bubbles impression, but it's horrible. I hope you like it, even though it's short.
rrb kitties
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ppg kitties
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boomer and bubbles
bubbles and boomer
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