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posted by lillymango1
since evry one is getting there own puff i would like to make one fill this fourm in ok
eye coler:
hair coler:
styele of hair :
age: teen kid adult
clothes :
puff or ruff
ok so if you got that
yeah it hb vbcujhvchvbnv cbh c mvc bvbbbb bbv bbb
bbbb ddd d dx dsd d d ddd d wed s sdf df d vdf sa ds ds d s b b b b n b b fnfd v fdgdffvsvsd dfs dc vxc vcx v cv vcx vc vc c b cv b cv v bc vb vccb bdbcvbngbv
 my bro jorden
my bro jorden
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posted by leahrose99
PPG and RRB story:

(The Girls Part)

It was a cold winter morning when three girls came walking up to Pokey Oaks Middle School.

Those girls were none other than the Powerpuff girls. But, at the same time, they weren't.

The girls were not the Powerpuffs. Because they were getting kidnapped too many times sa pamamagitan ng Mojo, Him, and The Rowdyruff boys, the Professor gave them the belts.

What are the belts you ask? Well they're Transformation Belts, so the girls can live a normal and ligtas life...

The Rowdyruffs did the same, but only so they could hide out better when the Police were looking for them.

But, we're...
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posted by daisylove
Hi, i could draw a pic of a ppg character or fan
character on microsoft paint for you, im not
very good at it but i can try, just give me this


ppg, rrb, or other:

eye color:


outfit colors:



hair color and style:

then i can start working on it for you, here are some i have done before

i need to write madami so tyutftyjdcyfikuy6rstdgjfhcydsjfgybtudyjfhtrsdfhgyt
dfgyvugctdugfbtgdtfgb vfgsrggbntg5rsd5tfglkgtfrsdfydfugtuftdkftygfdgtffv
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posted by ppgFireball
ok so i learned about this game called Kill the Powerpuff Girl a couple of months back, when i saw it, I thought it was terrible! what idiot hates PPG so much they want to kill them. and here's a fact, it's called CHILD ABUSE. besides they're 5, 5 DAMMIT! i nearly cried when i saw them kill Bubbles. even some little kids watched the video on accident and had nightmares! since i'm becoming a teenager soon i've just figured that killing children just because you hate them is wrong. WHOEVER MADE THE GAME, YOU ARE VERY IMMATURE AND A DANGER TO KIDS! i stopped killing Dora after my mom sinabi "What...
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Song (Start at 2:50): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V0okuhdmOG0

Blossom: *Flies out of the house with Bubbles, and Buttercup* Time for another good araw at school.
Tom Kenny: Or so they thought.
Mojo Jojo: *Operating a robot, shooting missiles at people, and buildings*
Bubbles: Blossom, look!
Buttercup: Forget school, let's take him down!
Blossom: Right. Hit him with everything you got girls!!

They took off at lighting fast speed to attack Mojo Jojo.

Mojo Jojo: *Switches to machine guns, and fires at the three girls*
Powerpuff Girls: *Using laser vision to melt the bullets, making them fall directly...
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powerpuff girls
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