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This Powerpuff Girls wolpeyper contains anime, comic book, manga, and cartoon.

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Ok, I'm gonna ipakita you guys how to use a base and make it look cool, different, yet realistic! to start off, you'll need these things:

this base:

and, a image editing program like Paintdotnet,Gimp,Or adobe photoshop.For those who don't have any of these, heres a link to the Paint dot net download website, which as advertisments to GIMP( both of course are free to download)

Now when your done with all that, LETS GET STARTED!

step1: open up your software and open up the base to the image-editing software. it should look like this:

got it? good.

step 2: carefully do your best to fix...
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*note:the ppgs and rrbs are 13 years old*

Narrotor: the city of Townsville! Where there is nothing to do.....

Brick: Man I need to punch!! i havent fought anything since the when we were bad guys!

Boomer: why dont you do what Butch does and piss offButtercup? Thats sure for you to get a good fight

Brick: hmmm thats not a bad idea...plus Ive never fought Buttercup before so itd be new to me...haha i bet she'll be lame at fighting just like Blossom was!

(Brick flys over to the powerpuff girls house and crashes through the windows.Bubbles was drawing,Blossom was reading,and Buttercup was eating candy...
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