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youngpretedner posted on Jul 26, 2011 at 09:57AM
Reasons why I say Ezra:
At Mona’s party when Hannah got hit by the car, Mr Fitz was at that party as he was there to see Aria. The car that hit Hannah looked alot like his.. Also they received at text saying “ She Knew To Much ” If this wasn’t about Allison then it must of been that she knew about her and Aria so she tried to hurt her? When she was in Hospital someone wrote on her leg saying “ Sorry I took it to far ” Or something like that meaning that the person that ran over her, must have been ‘A’
The letter typed to Aria’s mother was written on a typewriter, who has a type writer you are thinking? Yes. Ezra. All through that episode the camera is scanning on the typer writer. Suspicious hey?
When Ezra had his book reading it said about everything the ‘girl’ had known drifting into the summer sky. Who died in the summer? Ali.
Ali had a thing for older guys and well, Ezra is going out with a sixteen year old.. seems like he has a thing for younger girls...
Ezra was at Ali’s funeral? How did they know each other? He never had any lessons with her, he didn’t even teach at the school while she was there. :S
During the finale the producers said that one of the girls would have some sort of altercation with Ali’s killer. If Ian didn’t actually kill Alison like he said then what about the fight with Aria and Ezra?
And The bead lady, Ah Golly. Well she said ‘A’ had good eyes. And remember when Aria accidently sent that text to her mother instead of Ezra about his gorgeous eyes.. Mmmhm. What are you thinking now? Well I have more points on other people.

- source; f*** yeah pretty little liars tumblr

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