Prince Michael Jackson Don't Let Me Go~ Chapter 5: June 25

PMJLOVER101 posted on Aug 17, 2010 at 04:53AM
Uhh, yeahh, I guess this would have been more appropriate like two months ago. This site just isn't part of my top priorities anymore.. :( And I HATED that last chapter, idk why I even wrote it. Sorry. :P So anyways, here is chapter 5. Enjoy. Heh, comment, please, I need some review.

Chapter 5: June 25

Prince POV
I didn't want to be near anyone. Not today, at least. I looked over at the clock to see 1:00 PM. I have been officially up for 5 hours. In that time, I cried. And cried, and cried..

"....Daddy was the best father you could ever imagine..." Rang in my head, over and over.

Blanket POV
I grabbed the doll from my bottom drawer. The simalarities were there. The doll just didn't have life, laughter, or the heart of my Dad.

"Through all his songs, the message was simple... Love."

I'm pretty sure my Dad sang for us. I just feel it.

Paris POV
I slowly ate the cheerios I had gotten. I could never think on this day. It was like time stopped. The horror in that day takes me back. So much. It kills me a little.

But I wonder.

Why does Prince take it hardest?

Maddie POV
I walked into the Jackson Estate. Like usual. Even those it is, TODAY. I have to treat it like normal. It's the best. I think. I rang the doorbell. Ohhh, snap. This probably wasn't a good idea. I stepped to turn around, but the door was already opening.

A puffy eyed Katherine Jackson opened the door.
"He's in his room. Upset. Try."

I sped up the stairs like it was a crime. I slowly turned the knob, and the darkness of the room depressed me.

"Prince, yo-"


I crept out and shut the door. I didn't realize the tears were coming down steady until I met Paris halfway down the stairs.

"Maddie, what's wr-"

"I'm okay. Really. Just don't call me later." My voice quivered. And I ran out the front door, into pouring rain.

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Nicely done!
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Thanks. :) I try, haha.
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Ahh! It's about time! Hahah just kidding. But I really like this chapter!(:
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cool, i like it
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Thanks, so much! I will try to write another chapter by Sunday, because school starts next week! So look out!
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Agh. I'm so sorry. I haven't been on this in months. But I didn't really get enough views.. So, if you guys want me to keep going, I'd be happy too. (: