" what do u mean??? u dont have to go u can ditch that afro puffed idiot prrrrinceton" he said
" what!!!?? he is no afro puffed idiot!!!! he is the bestest man in the whole world i am not gonna let u talk about my man like dat so u need to get urself together!!! jerk!!!" i explained
" chill out jenny" he said
" dont call me that!!!!! my name aint jenny its jenet!!!stupid head!!!" i said
" well i am gonna call u jenny and ur gonna call me big papa" sinabi diggy
" no i am gonna call u bye cause i'm leaven" i said
i got up from the bench but then i felt a
tight grip on my arm . i was pulled back down on the bench . " jenet i told u your not leaving!!!" he sinabi as he held a gun up to my head. " aaahhh!!!!" i shouted
at my house:
princeton is paceing around like a nervouse reck.
" where could she be!!!??? did he do somethin to her!!!"
" chill she probably realized that shes really inlove with diggy and they ran away together" sinabi roc

princeton threw a glass plate at roc. roc ducked.
" he got anger ittues" whispered t-t
" its ok princeton i will call her if that'll make yo nerves better" sinabi vickie
my phone rang in my pitaka .
" lets go to my house" he said

diggys house:

" like it babe???"
" y..yeah i....its a... amazing" i stuttered
" whats wrong r u scard????!" he asked
" yeah but not the fact u have a gun held up to me" i said
" want me to put it down sweety ???" he asked
" y...yeah" i stuttered
" when we get up to my kama room" he said
i started crying.

mean while at my house:

" thats it i'm going out to look 4 jenet" sinabi princeton
" wait princeton i wana go with u just incase u run into some trouble ." sinabi roc


" no one is here" sinabi princeton
" o look i found jenets bag" sinabi roc
" something tells me jenets in trouble" sinabi roc
" lets go roc we have to find her " he shouted
" i've gotta find her" sang roc
" where does diggy live???" asked princeton
" the only person who knows is sinag ray" sinabi roc

princeton called sinag ray
" yo sinag sinag where does diggy live???"

diggys house:
princeton threw open the door.
" jenet!!!!! " he shouted