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posted by Princetonlove01
Mya wakes up and find Kesha on the floor crying.

M-watz the matter kesha? K-I am in pain sissy. M-oh ok where ur pain pills? K-there in da bathroom in the conner of the sink. M-ok. Mya runs 2 da bathroom and get the pill bottle. M-here eat dis piece of tsokolate bar so u can take dis pill. Kesha eat s and yungib take her pill. M-feel better boo? K-yae thnx sissy. M-Ur welcome babe. K-so i see princeton got u a new promise item. M-lol yea it a neckless he really pag-ibig me. K-well watz u gonna do after all of dis we gotta go back tahanan wat if u meet someone new while u and princeton r apart? M-well he told me he lives in california and we live in maryland so i guess we gonna hav 2 travel alot. K-where u gonna get da money from 2 see him? M-well i gotta new job and i got it before we left maryland. K-ok datz means? M-i get paid 200 bucks a week to juz answer the phone and say “hello you reach fashion week may i take your call”. K-well u gonna be able 2 see ur man almost every two weeks. M-i am afraid. K-why? M-that princeton will break up wit me cuz he sinabi that long distance relationships don’t work. K-well dats is some mess cuz u kno that u pag-ibig him and he pag-ibig u and if yall got so much pag-ibig 4 each yungib yall would do anything 2 see each other. M-datz wat i sinabi to him. K-well he must be on something then. they laugh together Aaliyah-gud morining u guys me and prodigy are leaving soon i am gonna miss yall so much. M-aww liyah we gonna miss u 2 mommy i hope u and him hav great fun i will be da first 2 see yall come off da plane before any of da girl i luv u so much liyah. A-i luv u 2 MiMi don’t u ever change while i am gone.M-trust me Mya the crazy and wild will still be here wen u get bac pooh. Prod-alrite baby i sinabi bye 2 guys and sa pamamagitan ng to yall imma miss yall. M-imma miss u 2. K-yea imma miss u 2 curtis. The bus stops and Aaliyah and prodigy get off and bored the jet and fly away. M-imma miss her so much. K-me 2. P-so yall hungry. M-i guess i could eat. K-i could she stops. M-kesha u ok? Kesha run to da bathroom and throws up. M-hey kesha u ok. K-sick voice itS morining sickness i am goin 2 kama wake me later. M- uy babe can you help me pick up kesha and put her in da kama wit ray-ray plz. P-here i come baby boo. They pick her up and put her in da kama and she falls asleep. M-thnx boo. P-sur no prob. M-i pag-ibig u boo lets look at a movie.P-ok i made u something thou. M-watz is it? P-i made u eggs tusino and ur paborito halaya toast. M-u saved it from ihop didn’t u. P-yess but i re-heated it for u. M-thats so sweet thnx baby. P-ur welcome baby. M-here hav some boo. They feed each other and they finish and put the plate in da sink and get ready for them 2 watcha movie. P-so wat u wanna watch? J- i guess all about da benjamins.P-ok. They watch the moive. *they start 2 halik and fall asleep.

so sorry itS so short i am sleepy i will tell what happen susunod chapter.WATCHED THE BET AWARDS LAST NIGHT SLEEPY

pag-ibig princeton all da way
plz comment.
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mindless behavior
added by mizzdd
" i am sorry i just cant do this." i cried as i ran out of the store. i got in the car driven sa pamamagitan ng antonio t-t's cousin ." whats wrong cousin???" he asked ( antonio calls me his cousin because me and t-t are like sisters.) " princeton was at the mall." i sinabi " y' know jenet i can teach him a lesson. knowone messes with my cousins sister." he sinabi " thats ok antonio......" i said. when i got tahanan i stayed in my room and watched opra . thats all i could do. i was filled with devistation . now 3 weeks had pasted since i left my room and since i talked to princeton. i was kind of okay. i finally...
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 The dress Tobe weared.
The dress Tobe weared.
Destine: Okay. I'm gonna throw some stink bombs, and they'll go away.
Roc: You scared of the police?
Destine: *In Madea voice* Boy I ain't scared of the po po!
Roxie: What you gonna do now?
Destine: This! *shooting the cops*
Alana: Great! madami dead cops!
Destine: Don't worry. They'll decay!
On the wedding day....
Pastor: Let the wedding begin.
The bridesmaid walked in with the groomsmaid.
Tobe walked slowly across the isle.
Roxie: Work it girl!
Destine: Shh!
Pastor: We're gather here 2day 4 this Holy Mantrimony. Now the bribe-2-be and the Groom-2-be will exchange their vows.
Tobe: I, Tobe, take you, Craig,...
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posted by MsRight12345
For all you girls that are hurt sa pamamagitan ng words and think your nothing. don't think that cause i felt that way and i know how it hurts and it hurts alot.but i realized thoughs people that put you down every araw is going threw something too.I get irritated when teachers and parents say stuff like that.But i just ignore the words.. i know it's hard too ignore hurtful words but that's all i can do.Being bullied is hurtful, horrible and pretty much bad... so girls that are unsatisfied with your self,well all i can say is stay strong,stay mindless,and have courage,cause i don't have courage and it's hard for me to ipakita who i really am which is a couragous beautiful African American just like Bruno Mars song you are amazing just the way you are...

Peace, pag-ibig ,and Happiness 143
During the night
No pls leah I pag-ibig you why are you doing this to me I can't live without you he mumbled in his sleep as he kicked and punched then roc woke him up and told him he was having a nightmare but at the same time I was having a nightmare too
I was in a very small dark room all alone until princeton came up to me and we started halik the sinag sinag came in came up to me and started halik my neck then princeton started beating him up then he picked up a kutsilyo from his bag and stabbed sinag ray.
Me: "RAY RAY" I screamed in a high pitch voice
Me: I started panicking "you killed him " as...
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the susunod araw my mga kaibigan came over to my house and we talked for a while
Alisha: are you ok leah you look a bit down.
Me: yeah im fine it's just ..........then my phone starts ringing I let it ring.
Kelly: ain't you gonna answer
Alisha: but it's princeton
Me: I know it's just...I dont wanna speak to him right now
Kelly: why? have you lot had a fight
Then my phone starts ringing again and I answer
Prince:hay babe why aren't you answering my phone calls,and why did you run out yesterday have I done something wrong
Me:No it's just that I have alot on my mind right now,sorry
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The susunod morning the nurses let me leave but sinabi I must go tahanan and rest whilst being supervised sa pamamagitan ng someone so Jacob slowly helped me get up and we started walking then I stopped and sinabi "o know I haven't told my mum or dad why I'm in hospital"
Jacob" Don't panic I have told them everything they couldn't get a flight straight away so they have to get one tommorow"
Me" o ok ... Wait what you told them everything" then he put his hands on my shoulders and said
Jacob" Leah calm down stop panicking I didn't give to many details"
We carry on walking until we get to the car I get in the car and see...
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"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa" I screamed as I got woken up sa pamamagitan ng alisha. tears kept falling from my eyes I tried to stop them but it wasn't working,she gave me a hug and sinabi "was it to do with jacob"
Me: "I need to talk to him" so i ran upstairs and called him then I looked at the time and I quickly hung up the phone not knowing he was awake because of the same reason as me, Then I looked on my dressing mesa and saw jacob's poem that he wrote for me, I grabbed it off the mesa and ripped it up then I stopped and started breaking all the things he bought or wrote for me then I sat in one corner...
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Just before the boys were about to leave me,alisha and kelly went to go and meet up with them.When we got there alisha ran ahead and kissed roc "what did you lot just kiss?"
Alisha: "Um yeah were kinda going out now?"
Me: "why didnt you tell me this?"
Alisha: "Because we didn't know how you would take it ,you know cos of all the things that has happened"
Me:"alisha that would of cheered me up a whole lot more"
Then I see jacob walking behind roc,ray and prod,so I run up to him give him a big hug and say "this isn't the end" I release my arms slowly when I relise that he was in pain,"sorry...
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posted by princess_pink
I was so squashed in the car i couldn't even reach into my pocket now i was annoyed "i didnt even want to come on this stupid camping trip i hate camping and why couldn't i bring my phone with me i say angrily "because we're meant to be anjoying nature" kelly answered i galre at her then stare back out of the window

Some time passed

"Finally were here" says alisha "yay were here" i say sarcasticly then we all got out of the car and got to our camping spot once we were there we started setting up our tents when we were just about finished i quickly and secretly walked off into the forest to explore...
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A few minutos later there was a giant crowd around me, I still felt really weak but I got up and forced my way away from jacob
Jacob " leah you cant just walk away, you just fainted come back...please
I stop " im fine I just need some time alone"
Jacob " Im not leaving you alone, not whilst your like this"
I turned back round towards him and sinabi " I actually thought you were different, but your exactly like aidan , and now were done and I don't ever want to talk to you ever again!
I walked away and got my phone out of my pocket and called Josh
Josh "hello"
Me " dayami josh please can u pick me up...
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posted by Princetonlove01
::Mya POV::

Finally we all got on the bus and were on our way to the zoo. The teacher sinabi that as we traveled we have to do a worksheet as we go along. I sat in the front of the bus sa pamamagitan ng myself looking outside the window. I could feel my lip throbbing. I could feel someone staring at me. I looked to my right to see Jacob on the upuan right across from me. See, I told you this chico doesn’t give us easily. I wish I could’ve gotten to know him madami though. Oh, who am I kidding?! He doesn’t want me just like Briana said! He only feels bad. Speak of the devil, I turned to my right and saw Briana...
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posted by Princetonlove01
after Mya and kesha finish talkin they got in da paliguan and got dress They wore: link. Mya:cute jeans mommy. Kesha:can you stop callin me mommy until we find out if i am one.Mya :sure. They walk in da store and find a the test on da first section. Mya:found one and it will tell if ur pregenate it 10 min. tops. Kesha:ok lets get dat one. Mya: lets go. Kesha start 2 cry. Mya:hey,hey,hey pooh madala watz the matter? Kesha:i am scared babes wat am i gonna do. Mya:well we not tellin ur mom cause she really don’t give a dang about u and i feel as ur sister i am the one takin care of u and my grandmother...
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I was with my girls Jada and kiki we were hanging out jus us girls and was waiting for my cousins to come over for our family reunion. Well I can wait till liya come ya maybe we can hook her up with sinag sinag so he wont be alone and all in our bussiness with us and our boos kiki added naw defiantly roc she likes roc and it would get him of my chest I sinabi mimi can have sinag sinag I explained o ya true. Jada added wellwat r we waiting fornkiki asked its a girls night out today.woahhh we cheered wait wat r we planing on doing? I asked u wanna stay tahanan get some papkorn and a movie and talk. O ya kiki...
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